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Photo 5-9-15 3 15 02 pmI’m one who never believed in paying hundreds of dollars for a good pair of earphones when I have my trusty iPhone earphones.

But, all these changed when I received my first pair of Sudio Earphones. Wow. How wrong have I been all these while – listening with the earphones that DO NOT do the artistes justice! Haha!


Currently, there are THREE models available on the Sudio Sweden website:

1. Vasa ($110)
Photo 5-9-15 3 00 44 pmTheir latest earphone model, with a jaw-dropping, saliva-inducing (I’m gross, I know) sleek design – White, Black, Pink and Blue are the colors available, and trust me, I had an incredibly difficult time choosing my preferred color. You can ask the closed ones around me – yes stop rolling your eyes at my indecisiveness!

VASA features a 10.2mm driver, which really lets you hear EVERY detail in every song. When I first put on these earphones, I was amazed at how clear everything sounded, it was WORLDS apart from my previous “TRUSTY” iPhone earphones. And at the price tag of $110, I thought it was pretty affordable, as compared to the ones that cost like $300 (!!!).

One qualm that I had with regards to this pair of earphones is the fact that the length of the earphones is at an awkward length. It was uncomfortably long, which leaves me vulnerable while commuting on a crowded train. Imagine a scenario when some woman decides to shove her bag into me, and my earphones get stuck on her handbag. That’s how inconvenient the length is. Haha! Wish there’s a way to solve that problem though!

2. KLANG ($75)

This showcases the stay in ear feature with one longer cord, so that it can go behind your neck. That prevents your earphones from being yanked out. Besides, this also allows Klang to be worn as an accessory! How chic and thoughtful!

3. TVA ($55)

These earphones are light-weight and yet packs a powerful punch for its price! Featuring a 14.2mm driver, I think it’s pretty worth the money!

With every purchase of earphones from Sudio Sweden, it includes a pretty box with VASA earphones with 4 pairs of extra sleeves, Owner’s Manual & Quality Assurance Card, Genuine Leather Carrying Case and Metal Clip!
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Have I mentioned? FREE SHIPPING IN SINGAPORE TOO! Now, you can get ’em quality earphones at even more affordable prices!

Choosing Sudio as my earphones was one of the best decisions I’ve made because they look SO GOOD, and never fail to perk me up with great sounding music while I enjoy my tea break everyday!
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This post is brought to you by Sudio Sweden!


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