Vitagen LESS SUGAR – Now with Collagen too!

VITAGEN Less Sugar needs no introduction or review, as we all know how it tastes like,right? This used to be my favorite cultured milk drink when I was younger because I liked the flavors in VITAGEN more, and EH IT IS BIGGER BOTTLE RIGHT? Haha!

VITAGEN comes in 2 versions: LESS SUGAR and LESS SUGAR with COLLAGEN.Photo 11-9-15 7 31 37 pm

VITAGEN LESS SUGAR ($3.05), like any other VITAGEN versions, comes with Probiotic cultures and are high in prebiotic fiber, most importantly, with less sugar for those who are concerned with their sugar intake!

VITAGEN COLLAGEN LESS SUGAR ($3.85), combines the goodness of VITAGEN LESS SUGAR with the addition of collagen peptides and vitamin C!

Each bottle of this VITAGEN COLLAGEN LESS SUGAR has 500mg of collagen peptidesand 30mg of vitamin C. Now you can get your beauty needs while taking care of your gut health!

In case you’re not sure what collagen does, it is a protein in connective tissues, bones, tendons and SKIN! SKIN. It helps to maintain skin strength and elasticity –> LESS WRINKLES BRO, and also help to maintain healthy human body joint function!!

While I tempt you with my food and feasting, it is important for all of us to look after our gut health! Now here’s some facts about the Goodness of VITAGEN!

  1. Probiotic Cultures

Every bottle of VITAGEN consists of billions of live probiotic cultures, which can withstand stomach’s gastric juice and bile, and go ALL THE WAY to our intestines ALIVE to FIGHT OFF THE HARMFUL BACTERIA!

Fighting off these bacteria helps us to
i) maintain a healthy digestive system,
ii) suppress the growth of harmful bacteria, and

Perfect for us right after a HUGE meal! It makes me feel better when I have VITAGEN Less Sugar after my meals, because it makes me feel less guilty about my feasting habits! HAHA!

  1. Prebiotic Fiber (Dietary Fiber)

Every bottle also has 7.5g of dietary fiber which help to support the growth of good bacteria to maintain a better intestinal health, and makes up ALMOST 28% OF OUR RECOMMENDED DIETARY INTAKE.

  1. Healthier Choice by Health Promotion Board

Yes! They have been awarded the Healthier Choice logo for meeting the guidelines of having less than (or equals to) 1% of fat per 100ml, and less than (or equals to) 10g of sugar per 100ml!Photo 11-9-15 7 46 01 pmEven my dog APPROVES OF VITAGEN.

With all the benefits provided by VITAGEN, the collagen, prebiotics and probiotics, I don’t see why we shouldn’t get our bottle of VITAGEN Less Sugar after our meals!


While skipping the weekend feast is not an option. Maintaining your gut health for it, is!


Speaking of Weekend Feast, VITAGEN is running a contest! Instagram, tweet, or upload your feast photos with the hashtags #sgweekendfeast and #vitagensg for a chance to dine with Chefs Sam and Forest Leong at an exclusive BBQ! You also get a chance to win weekly and daily prizes such as holidays abroad, private yoga or pilates classes and more!

Hurry EAT AND POST YOUR PICTURES from NOW till 4th October 2015, for a chance to win! Head on down to for more details!

This post is brought to you by VITAGEN Less Sugar!

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