Review: Stellar at 1-Altitude

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If you’ve got a date to impress, Stellar at 1-Altitude is definitely a place to consider. Amazing view from the 62nd storey overlooking the business district of Singapore, with some unique food from their Constellations Menu to boot! It is bound to take you off on an amazing gastronomic adventure! Check out my previous Dessert Art experience with the very talented Jasmin Chew here!

As I’m a sucker for pretty views, I just gaped in amazement for the entire time when I was there, and busy snapping pictures, and realized that wow I’m really bad at taking non food picturesPhoto 3-8-15 6 44 51 pmHere’s my view, but the glass so reflective sobs.
Photo 3-8-15 9 59 55 pmWell, if the eating of solid food ain’t your thing, head on up to the 63rd to enjoy your liquid diet with this SICK view. Taken with my iphone, so.. Can you imagine how amazing it is in real life?!

Thank goodness for the help of The Red Marker – I can stop worrying about taking pictures of the place and enjoy my food photography! Look, VIRTUAL TOUR OF THIS AMAZING PLACE:

On Google Virtual Tours, contact The Red Marker

The Food

We tried the Autumn Constellations Menu, whose offerings may change with the season due to the availability of ingredients. The Constellations menu is designed to bring you on an adventure with YOUR very own 6, 7 or 8 course tasting menu from the dishes available on the Constellations. The different items include Toro Truffle Miso, Diver Caught Scallop, Wagyu Beef (Top up $30) and Twice Baked Guyere Souffle.

Every meal will be kick started with the chef’s selection of Amuse-bouche (literally translated from French as “MOUTH AMUSER” HAHA!). These are bite-sized servings, off-the-menu items that are served according to Chef Miller’s liking to prepare you for the feast and a sneak preview of Chef’s skill and approach to his food!Photo 3-8-15 6 49 32 pm
This was the first amuse bouche item – Foie Gras macaron (or what I thought it tasted like, pretty sure of my palate *flicks hair*), capsicum crisps and a dollop of Parmesan tofu. The foie gras macaron was a surprise – sweet and savory all in one, and I especially loved how the strong flavors of the foie gras cut through the tinge of sweetness of the macaron shell.Photo 3-8-15 6 49 52 pm
Have a second look at this beauty! Photo 3-8-15 6 55 11 pm
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The second dish was the Capsicum puree thingy that was tangy enough to whet our appetites to start devouring the entire tasting menu. #truestory.

APPETIZERSProcessed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset
Diver caught Scallop: inspired by the scallop carbonara dish. You’ll see the essence of a carbonara in here with these fresh, succulent Hokkaido scallops – Parmesan Cream, Bacon Ash, Poached Quail Egg and Crispy Milk Skin. This was the definition of party in my mouth, with its play in textures and flavors. Quite amazing isn’t it? I didn’t even know you could do such things to milk and bacon. HAHA.

Photo 3-8-15 7 45 41 pm
The second appetizer was the Wood Fired Cauliflower. THE most unassuming dish, and wow we were absolutely blown away by how juicy and flavorful this cauliflower was. I really expected it to be really hard and hard to bite, but I was wrong on so many levels. In here, there is Tahini, Pomegranate, Persian Feta and Pistachio. I liked how the cauliflower had the barbecued taste while staying moist, and the addition of persian feta gave a good savory kick. A surprisingly pleasant dish! Photo 3-8-15 7 30 11 pmThe third appetizer was the King Prawn with Tarama Clouds, ikura, and wild asparagus. Tamara cloud was basically a potato puree. I wasn’t too impressed by this dish, as the star of this dish – King prawn, was slightly overdone, leaving it with a slightly dry, chewy texture. Nonetheless, ikura always saves the day with its popping goodness.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset This was our first main of the night – A FINE SWINE. Indeed. Look at those cute piggy platters!Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 presetThis was a platter of Suckling Pig, Iberico Pluma, and Kurobuta Pork Belly, garnished with chorizo jam and pickled apples. Indulgence at its finest. I love pork, and I loved this dish. We tried pig’s ear too – and it was well.. like that lor, some crispy thing.

Photo 3-8-15 8 42 06 pm
The sequel to indulgence: A5 Wagyu with Bone Marrow custard and bread crumbs. Wow. I just can’t. The Wagyu was nothing short of melt in your mouth good, then again, OBVIOUSLY RIGHT? Was I expecting any less from the top most grade of all beef? No.  This requires a $30 top up in the tasting menu!Photo 3-8-15 8 40 58 pm The bone marrow custard tasted amazing with the bread crumbs. I honestly didn’t know what I was eating but it was amazing.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 presetThis was our pre-dessert: Raspberry Granita. Refreshing, tangy – think Raspberry icicles.Photo 3-8-15 9 04 13 pm Then comes the most exciting part of dinner. Jasmin came out to do our dessert platter personally – something you would expect when you indulge in their tasting menu. Watching food made into art, and its evolution in front of your eyes will be an amazing, amazing experience. Photo 3-8-15 9 06 59 pm (1)Frozen Strawberry Parfait and compressed apple with lime gel. This was refreshing and light. I love the good amount of tanginess in the compressed apple and lime. The strawberry parfait melting on your tongue was probably one of the best gastronomic sensations ever.

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Valrhona Macas Chocolate Ganache with Orange Rum. Chocolate can never go wrong. Everything with chocolate is just perfect. I loved how this was not overwhelmingly sweet and the addition of orange just elevated the flavors with its complexity. Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 presetVanilla Blancmange with passion fruit, and Almond Croquant. I LOVED THE ALMOND CROQUANT – So crisp, sweet and YUM. Not forgetting the edible flowers too!

Photo 3-8-15 9 14 02 pmOooooh did I just send you squealing in excitement? I know. Me too.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 presetThis was the final presentation of the Dessert Platter. I’m amazed at how amazing it looked in a span of just 5 minutes. Check out my experience with Jasmin here!Photo 3-8-15 9 36 08 pm This was the post-dessert. The last thing you’ll be served at the end of your gastronomic adventure. I kinda forgotten what it is called but this was like love letters with a more smoky flavor. Photo 3-8-15 9 39 36 pmYAY THANKS FOR THE TAKE HOME GIFTS!

Oh before I forget, SKIP THE MOCKTAILS. Go for the wines.
Photo 3-8-15 6 51 44 pm

Closing Remarks

This is by far the most indulgent dinner I’ve had, and coupled with the great ambience and view, it just feels absolutely amazing. The food served were obviously a notch different from the usual fare I’ve had, and it was an incredible experience for me as I’ve never thought I would ever try CRISPY MILK SKIN, or CAPSICUM CRISPS or like, FOIE GRAS MACARON. Haha!

This is definitely the place to go if you’re looking for a nice place for a good dinner or a celebration of some sort!

How to get there?
Level 62
1 Raffles Place
Singapore 048616

Opening Hours
Weekdays: 12 – 2pm, 6 – 10pm
Weekends: 6 – 10pm

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  1. Matthew Green Matthew Green
    December 21, 2015    

    Fantastic 10th anniversary at Stellar at level 62 here in Singapore at One Raffles. The food was amazing, the staff was incredible the view fantastic….what more could you ask for on the 10th anniversary:) Many fine dinning restuarants shy away from children….this one total embracement and made that experience amazing:)

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