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Review: Victor’s Kitchen @ Chin...

Photo 29-10-15, 12 47 24 PM

I’ve heard so much about Victor’s Kitchen and its XLB, since the days before I started food blogging (ok that’s not too long ago, but.. yeah), and since the days I go crazy over dimsums, and making trips to Yi Dian Xin and Kowloon Dim Sum, besides my favorite haunts – Swee Choon and Mong Kok […]

Review: Symmetry @ Jalan Kubor (Dinne...

Photo 21-10-15, 8 29 38 PM

Symmetry celebrates its THIRD anniversary this month. WOW. As a cafe/restaurant/bistro, aiya food establishment at the cafe clad Bugis area, and actually doing well for all 3 years, it’s a huge deal really. I’ve heard so much about Symmetry and seen them on probably a weekly basis on my Instagram feed, especially for their signature […]

Review: Tsukada Nojo (Beauty Pot) @ C...

Photo 18-10-15, 8 40 19 PM

BIJIN NABE? Tsukada Nojo? Aiyo I don’t know nabe what nabe, I swear this place has the most confusing name ever because up till now, like omg what should I geotag you on my instagam? You may not know what nabe or Tsukada Nojo, but I’m pretty sure you guys have heard so much about […]

Menu Update: FATCAT Ice Cream Bar

Photo 26-9-15, 1 27 04 PM

Since my last visit to FATCAT to have their mojito spheres and their charcoal waffle with SALTED EGG YOLK SAUCE, which were what seemed like their only specialties. They’ve grown so much since then, and instead of just serving ice cream, limited portions of waffles and limited selected plated desserts, they now have a NEW menu, which […]

Review: District 10 @ Suntec City

Photo 30-9-15, 8 04 35 PM

Here’s another BEEF/STEAK post for you carnivores! Yes, explodingbelly is on an indulgent streak and blogging streak until she has to meet her prof on Monday. District 10 has opened their newest outlet at Suntec City Tower 2 and this time, they are focusing on impressing your palates with their Dry-Aged Meat. Huh what dry […]

Review: Joo Bar @ Tan Quee Lan Street...

Photo 23-9-15, 1 02 28 PM

There will be a couple of posts on the Menu Updates of various establishments these days, because it is AWESOME for cafes and restaurants to have something NEW to be added into their repertoire, and surprise us! Just like Joo Bar! Previously I’ve blogged about their dinner menu, which still remains kinda unchanged by the […]

Review: Masizzim @ Somerset 313

Photo 7-10-15, 7 37 30 PM

From the same people who I BELIEVE led the whole Korean Fried Chicken wave in Singapore, Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory, comes Masizzim. WALAO NOT ANOTHER KOREAN NAME, which I’ll make a fool out of myself when I try to pronounce it. SIAN. Why Masizzim? “Masi” in Korean, means delicious, and “jjim” means stew! Hence, Masizzim, […]

Review: Tenkaichi @ Marina Square

Photo 4-10-15, 2 13 49 PM

If you guys haven’t noticed, I’ve NEVER blogged about buffets because I think it’s very difficult to blog about them as I’ve the tendency and urge to describe and review about everything I eat. There are just too many dishes on a buffet line, I cannot. And yes, this will be my first ever buffet […]

Review: One Man Coffee @ Fusionopolis...

Photo 13-10-15, 12 55 44 PM

Oh my gosh? One Man Coffee has their third outlet opened at Fusionopolis (@One-North)?! Are we meant to be? They’ve expanded to their second outlet near my home, at Serangoon Gardens, and now NEAR MY SCHOOL?! We MUST be meant for each other! The first outlet shares the space with CRUST at Upper Thomson by the […]

Review: Sinpopo Brand @ Joo Chiat Roa...

Photo 19-9-15, 6 19 17 PM

Sinpopo Brand has always been on my list to visit cafes, but they just sound so out of the way, because JOO CHIAT ROAD. Where the hell is Joo Chiat road? Ever since I graduated from VJ and moved out from the East, every where related to East Coast feels like going to JB. I […]