Review: Tapas 39 @ Duxton Hill

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Tapas 39 is located at the ground level of Club 39, a members-only club. Fret not, you’ll get all access to the bar, and have a taste at their delectable offerings, as well as meticulously designed cocktails. A perfect place for some after-work drinks and dinner!

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Do not judge a book by its cover. Even though Tapas 39 looks though and through like a bar, this place do serve up your much needed breakfast and coffee in the morning, and also offers lunch and dinner. They even have a brunch menu on weekends! Now, now that’s another place to add on to your list of Sunday brunches!

The Menu

You can find there full menu here – Breakfast, Brunch, Tapas, Bar and Wine menu!

Photo 5-10-15, 12 49 59 PM Photo 5-10-15, 12 50 05 PMThis is their dinner tapas menu that we’ve tried!

The Food

We kick started our dinner off with some drinks, of course. And here are some of my recommendations!

Photo 5-10-15, 12 57 37 PM  (Photo credits: Chewypompipi)
The Spiced Pumpkin Old Fashion from their tipples menu, blew me away with the spiced pumpkin buffalo trace bourbon, maple syrup and walnut bitter – a happy kind of sweetness. If you are in need of something refreshing, I would suggest the Melon Ball – botanist gin soaked with honeydew, midori, lemon juice and pineapple juice! So good and it’s probably what you need to kick start your night after a long day of work. If you’re feeling a little mellow, and you know, it’s one of those days when you’re not in the party mood but still in need of a drink (because everyday is a day for drinks), you can find the NERVOUS|CALMING drink from their tonic menu – Chamomile tea with honey and ginger frozen ice, tonic and osmanthus flower spray. Perfect. If you need your very own mix, do let the bartenders know, because they would do just that for you!

Photo 5-10-15, 12 58 21 PM
(Photo credits: Chewypompipi)

Now, on to the food they offer on their tapas menu! Do note that as this is a tasting session, most of the dishes are of the tasting portions!

  1. Pan Seared Scallop with pork jowl, truffle parsnip pureePhoto 5-10-15, 12 54 09 PM
    Wow. This was so good. The scallop was perfectly seared and succulent. This was the first time I’ve had pork jowl with my scallops, but everything just went so well together in terms of their textures and flavors. The light crispness from the pork jowl gave way to the succulent scallops, and finally ending off with an aromatic truffle-y flavor from the parsnip. Mmmm. Oh did I mention about the popping goodness from the caviar!
  2. Sea Urchin au Gratin with ChampangePhoto 5-10-15, 12 52 54 PM
    This is usually more beautifully presented with the Sea Urchin shell. This was also my first time having Sea urchin/Uni after lusting for one since forever. This was great! It was savory and very palatable! If you’re looking to try some Uni for the first time, this may just be the right one for you because it’s might taste friendlier!
  3. Octopus, chorizo oil, Ikura and Mashed potatoesPhoto 5-10-15, 12 46 04 PM
    If I had to pick a must-order dish from Tapas 39, this would be it. Succulent octopus that wasn’t overly chewy, and weeeee popping goodness from the ikura. It was definitely the best dish of the night, and that freshness of our friends from the sea! MMM.. HEHE!
  4. Squid Ink Acquerello rice & Sicilian red prawnPhoto 5-10-15, 12 52 03 PM
    This rice has been aged for SEVEN years. I don’t usually eat rice but when I do, it’s aged for 7 years – That was what my partner said to me HAHA! This tasted and felt like squid ink risotto done perfectly al dente. It was so addictive, I just couldn’t stop nibbling mouthfuls after mouthfuls! The prawn served together with the rice is just slightly seared and is of sashimi grade. Wow. Another dish you would have to try when you’re here!
  5. Gourmet PizzaPhoto 5-10-15, 12 51 12 PM
    This is not the pizza we expected. Flat bread topped with prosciutto. Hmm.. the bread is made in house, in fact everything is made in house and prepared by the Executive Chef Rodrigo Guerrero! If you do appreciate a simple and back to basics dish as part of your tapas experience, this is probably what you need!
  6. Lamb Skewer, mint cous cous and muhammara saucePhoto 5-10-15, 12 49 33 PM
    I am not a fan of lamb because of its gamey taste, but this one had less than a hint of it, and I wish there were more of the muhammara sauce which elevated the dish for me. I did not quite get where the cous cous fitted in this dish, but I was really impressed by how well the lamb skewer was dealt with!
  7. Iberian Pork Burger, piquillo pepper, apple and cadamom alioliPhoto 5-10-15, 12 47 40 PM
    I LOVED the brioche buns. It was SO FLUFFEH within and crisp on the outside. The perfect brioche bun! The Iberian pork patty was so juicy and succulent, I wish they gave me the entire burger even though I was so stuffed!
  8. Petit threesPhoto 5-10-15, 12 46 46 PMI’m not sure if this is served on the menu but this was what we ended the tasting session with. Caramel sticky sweet, marshmallow with moscato and chocolate truffles. From the creativity and quality of these sweets, I can only imagine how good the rest of their desserts are!

Closing Remarks

This was an eye opening experience for someone like me, who have always thought that tapas only consisted of like skewers. This was definitely more than that! A great place for drinks and dinner if you’re looking for something different for your dinners!

I loved how Chef has managed to incorporate so the technique and cook of the different world’s cuisines, like the indian muhammara sauce with lamb, and yet ensuring that the star of the dish still remains as the dominant ingredient! Tapas 39 is definitely a great place for drinks and dinner if you’re looking for something different!

How to get there?
39 Duxton Hill
Singapore (089617)

Opening Hours
Daily; 11.30am to 12 midnight

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