Just Want Coffee – Factory 30: EB X JB

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Okay, after EB has finished ranting, she goes back to do her blogging.

I just took my very first road trip around JB last Saturday! It was SUPER FUN, HOT, HAZY and ugh, HUMID. In our quest to look for the temporary pop-up cafe, Palladium, we took a good 1.5 hours traveling all around, going in opposite directions and missing exits at roundabouts. It was all fun though, and visiting Just Want Coffee – Factory 30 was on my to-visit list for the day, so we decided to pop by the cafe before continuing our search!

The Place

They were not kidding when they called themselves Factory 30, because we had to maneuver through a couple of workshops and smelt thrash before stumbled upon JWC!Photo 3-10-15, 1 44 40 PM Don’t worry you’re not lost if all you see are flattened cars and containers. With google maps and perseverance, you should be able to find them. At least now you know they are a red building.Photo 3-10-15, 1 45 01 PM
You’ve no idea how proud we felt when we found the place. It’s like oh my gosh, SQUEALS!Photo 3-10-15, 1 45 27 PM
This one not the entrance hor. The entrance is the glass doors to the left of this pseudo entrance! Photo 3-10-15, 1 49 20 PM The dark, cosy interior. WA THIS PLACE IS DAMN BIG! And it is 2 storeys high!Photo 3-10-15, 1 53 42 PM
The gurney sacks hanging from the ceiling! Photo 3-10-15, 2 40 18 PM
And they have their coffee counter! You can watch the baristas at work here!
Photo 3-10-15, 1 57 32 PM
The unmistakeable sign once you enter the cafe! If you don’t see this, you’re probably intruding someone else’s workshop. RUN!Photo 3-10-15, 1 58 11 PM
I should have videoed the place down because, this place is massive! Besides this area, there are more seats behind me! I really can’t imagine a queue coming into JWC, like what I’ve read from the other blogs. We were there at 1pm, lunch time on a Saturday, and it was not packed at all!

The Menu
Photo 3-10-15, 1 59 03 PM Photo 3-10-15, 1 59 35 PM Photo 3-10-15, 1 59 41 PM Photo 3-10-15, 1 59 56 PM Photo 3-10-15, 2 00 03 PM
They do not have an exceptionally extensive menu, so if you’re looking to have a good brunch with lots of options, JWC is probably not the place for you! They have pretty okay coffee though, and a wide array of beverages! A good place to chill, and talk over CUPS and CUPS of coffee! HAHA!

The Food

When at a cafe with explodingbelly, order Mocha. Yes that’s what I did, and to my excitement, their Iced Mocha came in a cold brew bottle. This is the Classic Cold Mocha (RM16, ~S$5.30). 
Photo 3-10-15, 5 52 39 PM
One advice, shake it and mix it really well! We shook it so much, but our first cuppa was still pretty milky, and tasted like chocolate milk instead. Photo 3-10-15, 2 04 23 PM
With more vigorous shaking, mmm.. This was a pretty good cup of mocha. Slightly too milky for my liking though, and lacking of the taste of coffee like I usually prefer my iced mocha to be! But it’s good enough!

We went ahead to order 2 of their mains to share amongst the 3 of us! My sister and I are HUGE fans of scrambled eggs and mushrooms. So.. Photo 3-10-15, 2 19 04 PM
The Smoked Ham and Egg Sandwich (RM26.90, S$9) caught our eye immediately! Look at that scrambled egg!Photo 3-10-15, 2 19 33 PM
All their mains come with bagels and a side of nachos with a thousand island/ranch sauce. We wish it came with cheese sauce though. It would be 100x better. Otherwise, the dish really had nothing to shout about, it’s just egg, mushrooms and bagel basically. Haha! Homely lah, very homely. Moreover, the scrambled eggs were done pretty well, so KUDOS for that!

We wanted to order the Norwegian Smoked Salmon but they ran out of it then! So we were recommended to have the Homemade Egg Benedict Bagel (RM25.90, ~S$8.50).Photo 3-10-15, 2 20 51 PM
Similar ingredients, just drizzled with Hollandaise sauce, and a poached egg instead of screambed eggs! Photo 3-10-15, 2 23 24 PM
Their hollandaise sauce seemed to have an additional slight garlicky kick, which was what made it better for me! Hahah! Otherwise, it’s really a girl next door dish. An egg next box dish? Haha! Photo 3-10-15, 5 39 54 PM
Our spread for the day and these only cost us less than S$25. Really, really affordable in comparison to our brunch fare here, BUT do not harbor high hopes for the taste of these dishes. They are not bad per se, but just not impressive! Your very average brunch fare, enough for you to satisfy your hunger pangs and brunch cravings!

Closing Remarks

Umm.. This place is really hard to get to without a car? Haha! I really don’t know JB well enough to give any legit directions but Google Maps helped a lot. If you’re looking to cafehop without any form of transport, do try the Jalan Dhoby area!

How to get there?
30, Jalan Mutiara Emas 5/3,
Taman Mount Austin,
81100 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

Opening Hours
Daily, 12pm to 12am (midnight)

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