Review: Roll Up @ Circular Road

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I honestly haven’t had any solid Kebabs in my life before, because I’ve always thought that kebabs are just like subway wraps, but with Indian spiced proteins like Chicken tikka or tandoori chicken. YES I’m shallow like this ok! But technically.. For a Chinese girl who have been in a Chinese school for her primary and secondary education, and made her first and only Indian friend in JC, it’s really about the same lah!

But me, being Explodingbelly, I LOVE trying out every kind of cuisine and food possible. The sound of Roll Up got me really excited because YAY I get to try some Indian wraps now!

The Place

Photo 10-10-15, 5 09 34 PMLocated along Circular Road, in between O’Comptoir and Dojo, lies ROLL UP! Even though they occupy just a single unit, with a rather small space, I thought it was hard to miss them with their huge sign board, and those bold words that read KEBABS. They should make it flashing though. It’d be really funny.

I didn’t take any picture of their interior but it is probably a 25-seater at max? At night, there will be more high chairs and tables placed on the roads too, Robertson Quay style. Hehe!

The MenuPhoto 10-10-15, 5 26 09 PMKebabs and craft beers. That’s enough for me. They currently offer 2 chicken options, 1 mutton (lamb) and fish, of course, the vegetarians are not neglected here! I felt like ordering off the menu, but I touched my belly, and decided not.

In a week’s time, Roll Up will be rolling out 😉 more chicken wrap options for us to enjoy, like a REALLY spicy one, black pepper and something else, I forgot. HAHA! If you’re conscious about your carb intake ( me? HAHA), you can choose to ask for a “wrap-less” option, so you get ALL DA MEATS, and veggies. I heard they are also looking to do their rendition of salads, so STAY TUNED. I’m really excited because their indian rendition of their fries brought me back to India with that MASALA mix! Wow. So good. Really good.

The Food

Okay, let me start with the drinks first actually. For people who want a beer but not a really beer person (does this even make sense?), this is for you!
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GINGER BEER ($15)! For me, it’s ICKY, YUCKY. I hate ginger. HATE. However, my partner was pretty okay with it! You can even see ginger bits within the drink! YUCK, but yeah, pretty cool lah!
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Order this for novelty’s sake, because it reads FUCKING HELL ($15). Haha! I would recommend this who do not like the yeasty taste of beers? Because this tasted pretty light and smooth without the super beer-ish after taste. If you know what I mean! I’m apparently pretty bad at describing beers huh?
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I would recommend this – Brewdog Punk ($15), an IPA beer. SO SHIOK. Just get this lah, especially since it is the best-seller of Roll Up, and I could clearly see why!

On to the KEBABS!

1) Pistol and Mortar ($11) – Chicken Tikka
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This kebab was CRAZY flavorful. I’ll tell you how good it is. I was talking to this gentleman from Middle East while waiting for Roll Up to open, and he ordered one of this. He told me that he hasn’t found any good kebabs in Singapore. He heard about Roll Up and decided to try it, and GUESS WHAT. He took a first bite, and his eyes lit up, and went like DAMN THIS IS DAMN GOOD.

It is this good. Hahaha! These chunks of boneless chicken are marinated in a slightly fiery mix of indian spices and marinated for at least 24 hours in the Tandoor, and you could really taste the flavors and tenderness of the chicken chunks. SO DAMN JUICY, and so flavorful. While we’ve been warned that it is spicy, I thought the spice level was rather okay and even, adequate to give the kebab an extra kick! I can’t. The wrap is also smeared with mint sauce to give the entire kebab a slightly sweet balance. This is amazing. Really. I don’t think I’ve praised any food on this blog so much right? OKAY LAH I HAVE, but this is awesome.

2) Creme Poulet ($11)Photo 10-10-15, 6 21 30 PM
This is the non-spicy version of the chicken tikka – instead of the fiery spices, this is marinated with a yogurt cheese based marinade. I thought the flavors of this were a little mild. While that was probably because I had the Chicken Tikka first, and hence this paled in comparison, however my partner who had this first, says that this is GREAT. LIKE DAMN AWESOME.Photo 10-10-15, 6 36 31 PM
Okay I’m not saying that this was bad, but I thought this was GOOD but not as impressive as the spicy one did for me. LOOK AT THE AMOUNT OF MEAT IN THIS. This was from half the wrap, which dropped out while I was eating, and guess what, there were somemore chunks of meat in the wrap. That’s just HALF of the wrap. Can you imagine how generous the portions of meats are? A probable 85-15 ratio of chicken to greens.

Oh my how can I forget about the Masala fries ($3 ala carte). It was the BEST, BEST fries I ever had. I would have some masala fries over truffle fries ANY DAY. That’s how much I was in love with the fries.

I don’t know how to explain the flavors, but it is a mix of spices, and it is THAT masala taste I loved when I was in India. The MASALA LAYS CHIPS there were awesome. Haha!

3) Mughal Mouton ($14)Photo 10-10-15, 6 23 26 PM
I think I’ve mentioned on this blog that I’m not a fan of lamb and mutton, because of the gamey taste, but these days I’m becoming more receptive to the thought of having mutton because I’ve been having SO MANY GOOD MUTTONS. Just like this one!

Made with minced lamb that are infused with their in house spices, this lamb had ZERO gamey taste. ZERO. And it was so flavorful. Because it was minced, it was slightly dry for me, and did not feel as juicy as the chicken tikka obviously. But it was still pretty damn awesome! A word of caution though, this kebab has spice, and it’s probably spicier than the chicken tikka, but the amounts of heat gave a good kick to the entire dish. Wow.

Closing Remarks

Guess what? I’m already planning my next trip down to Roll Up just to try out their new items, and have that lamb or chicken kebab. I wish I worked in this area so that I can come to Roll Up everyday! Before I forget, Roll Up also has their lunch special, with the chicken kebabs going at just $9 and the mutton at $12. WHAT IS THIS SORCERY! So affordable for that REALLY GENEROUS amounts of proteins within the wrap, and that mint sauce with the masala fries… I CRY. It will make me so FAT, but it is okay. It is worth it.

Roll Up is the BEST kebab place in Singapore I’ve been to so far, and Explodingbelly guarantees that. Hahaha!

How to get there?
76 Circular Rd,

Opening Hours
Monday to Thursday: 12pm to 11pm
Friday: 12pm to 1am
Saturday: 6pm to 1am
Closed on Sundays

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