Palladium Cafe – EB X JB

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Right after we visited JWC – The Factory 30, we continued with our search with Palladium Cafe, after making a wrong turn at the start of our journey. Just in case, you’re so intrigued by the looks of the place and can’t be bothered to read about the review, here’s how to get there:  use WAZE and insert Eco Summer and Eco Spring Show Village.

This place is NOT  found on Google maps, and please don’t type in Eco Village or Eco World, which would bring you to the other end of I don’t know where (honestly), but it took us a good 45minute detour because of that. SO, use WAZE. Look for ECO SPRING SHOW VILLAGE.

The PlacePhoto 3-10-15, 3 14 15 PM (1)This place looks like it popped out from a fairy tale. In fact, it is inspired not by a fairytale, but a Jay Chou MV. I could hear you fangirls squealing in delight and saying some Chinese title that I probably won’t understand. YES IT IS FROM THAT MV, I’d say. But I’ve absolutely no idea what you’re talking about.

It’s pretty but the interior probably sits like.. 6 people. Thank goodness for the number of al fresco seating though. It was pretty horrible for us on our visit because it was HAZY, and it rained after that. Otherwise, I’d think it’s a really nice place to just chill, and look at that amazing view.

Photo 3-10-15, 3 30 12 PMPhoto 3-10-15, 3 30 18 PM

A really honest word of advice. I would say you HAVE to visit it before I visited the place, because it’s SO PRETTY but.. After visiting it, I thought, if you’re there in JB to cafehop, and just wanna eat and not OOTD, don’t waste your time here, because the time taken to travel here is a little bitch, and it’s really not that big of a deal honestly! Come only if you’ve the transport and time, so you could just really chill and soak up the atmosphere! They will be here till mid November though, so do catch them before they disappear!

The Food

They have a rather limited range of beverages and cakes. I did not manage to capture a picture because it was just too crowded and packed in the small little glass house. Basically they have your usual coffee menu, with some cakes on display.

I was being recommended the Iced Chocolate by a friend who just visited the place, and hence Ice Chocolate, it is. My traveling companions made a weird drink order, and got the fresh milk. I judge. But they drive me here, so I cannot openly judge. We also got a Hazelnut Brownie to share!

Photo 3-10-15, 3 28 55 PM
Ooo, the entire place is really a stunner. I would gladly have sat there to chill. However, the chocolate milk I had, wait did I say chocolate milk? Yes, the Iced Chocolate tasted just like chocolate milk. Boy, was i disappointed. I expected it to be GAO. Not as gao as Angelina, but NOT CHOCOLATE MILK LAH. Also, the milk that my friend ordered.. Was skimmed milk. The one they used to make your coffee. When I order milk, I at least expect it to be fresh milk lah. I also never ask for non-fat milk.  Photo 5-10-15, 3 34 14 AM
Three of us shared this decadent looking brownie. Looks can be deceiving they said. They were right. This was dry, like sandpaper. It lacked the chocolatey notes a chocolate brownie should have, and the saving grace was… Uh none.

Closing Remarks

A horribly disappointing experience to Palladium. To think we wasted so many hours trying to locate this pretty looking place. The cakes and drinks here were a huge let down. HUGE. Just come here if you really need to. But, haiya don’t waste time.
Photo 3-10-15, 10 30 07 PM

How to get there?

Eco Spring Show Village, 81100 Johor Bahru

Opening Hours

Daily; 11.30am to 9.30pm


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  1. April 24, 2016    

    The unique shape of the building caught my interest at first sight!
    Haha, I love reading your blog – you should totally do a JB shopping series!
    I always hear about Singaporeans travelling to Malaysia to do shopping (lol since everything is cheaper) but I never know where to go. Whenever I go with my family, the only place we ever go is City Square (the shopping mall right next to Immigration, haha). I’d squeal with joy if you could write a series/list of awesome/secret shopping areas in JB :)

    • Clara Clara
      April 24, 2016    

      I SHALL TRY! But I’ll be starting work soon! STUDENT LIFE WAS THE BEST. DA BEST I TELL YOU. But I’ll keep your idea in mind and try to make it come true! Hehe thanks for reading my blog though!

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