Review: Sinpopo Brand @ Joo Chiat Road

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Sinpopo Brand has always been on my list to visit cafes, but they just sound so out of the way, because JOO CHIAT ROAD. Where the hell is Joo Chiat road? Ever since I graduated from VJ and moved out from the East, every where related to East Coast feels like going to JB.

I was glad that I had to visit the Joo Chiat area on one Saturday and you’ve NO idea how thrilled I was then I found out that Sinpopo was just down the stretch. Unlike the usual me, I didn’t even bother to check out the menu before heading down, because this cafe is like bucket list cafe, man.

Being an old-time cafe, I was quite surprised that the place was PACKED, and had a queue to enter when it was before dinner time!

The Place

I didn’t really take pictures of the place, umm aiya leg pain lah. HAHAHA I got this excuse for one year okay? But this cafe is one of the more spacious ones these days. Just like how older HDB flats seem to be bigger than the current ones. Same logic. I liked how the entire place screamed OLD SCHOOL, from the tiles, to the menu, and to the.. Everything.

Let me see if my dining companion did take some pictures of the place. Anyway, she’s my favorite person, my friend for 13 years (??) – and I call her fatty, I mean Chew Shian. And NO, she didn’t take pictures of the place. ANGRY. But she did take pictures of some of the retro items they have in the cafe!

(Credits: @chewypompipi)
Nice cups! And yeah, everything old school! Wait till you look at the menu!

The Menu
Photo 19-9-15, 5 57 58 PM Photo 19-9-15, 5 55 33 PM12029582_10207098010596088_2432574975705448734_o
OMG ATTENDANCE SHEET LEH! Last time the class monitor (that bitch) always carry around during assembly one. That coveted honor I never had the chance to feel.

Photo 19-9-15, 5 55 10 PMPhoto 19-9-15, 5 55 14 PM

The Food

I was immediately drawn to the Nasi Lemak for 2 ($25++). Umm guys, is it me or.. /- doesn’t mean that it’s NETT price? I thought that meant a + or NETT, but in the end, we were charged ++. I am confused. Photo 19-9-15, 9 02 51 PM
Doesn’t this look just DAMN AMAZING? 6 dishes with that DAMN FLAVORFUL nasi lemak rice and THAT sambal. Free flow rice and sambal, by the way. We’ve got a refill of a PLATEFUL of sambal, because I was content to eat it just with the rice on its own. F…..ANTASTICALLY AWESOME.

Here’s a breakdown of the side dishes, in case you guys are curious!Photo 19-9-15, 6 20 07 PM
This is a rojak thingy. You’ve got your youtiao, rojak sauce and peanuts. I’m not exactly a fan of rojak, this didn’t quite appeal to me, especially with the damn soft and soggy you tiao with the sweet rojak sauce.Photo 19-9-15, 6 20 14 PM
FISHBALL! I don’t like fishballs too, but this one appealed to me, because of the SAMBAL. Otherwise it’s just fishballs lor!Photo 19-9-15, 6 20 20 PM
MA LING CRISPS – Luncheon chips, sliced damn thinly like potato chips. If only all the potato chips in the world were made like this. So damn good and addictive, I couldn’t stop. The BEST spam chips I’ve had so far. Photo 19-9-15, 6 20 31 PM
Harjeong Gai, prawn paste chicken? Looks weak honestly, but wow. Within its meek appearance, these wings were bursting with flavors and chicken juices. BAGUS. Photo 19-9-15, 6 20 38 PM
Pork something. Damn shiok lah this one. Sorry I’m not good with pork parts, but this one is fried pork belly is it? It is just damn good lah, the portions were generous too!Photo 19-9-15, 6 20 46 PM
Curry with potatoes. Mmm. I LIKE.

I could actually order one more plate of rice with just the sambal because I’m just so blown away by it. I’d actually return for this despite not being a rice person. Like honestly, if you guys want to come here, COUNT ME IN.

We also had 2 desserts because we fat like that. I insisted on the Doughnuts and Gula ($8++) and we unanimously decided on a Durian Pengat ($9++). You’ll see why I insisted on the doughnuts.

Photo 19-9-15, 6 48 55 PM
Please please, stop squealing, I know it’s damn pretty. HEHE! 8 doughnuts, served with a side of gula meleka sauce and an affogato. Photo 19-9-15, 6 48 59 PM
The server kindly offered to help us do a pour shot like this, and I was pretty impressed with the service! So sweet! Like the gula meleka!Photo 20-9-15, 9 36 17 PM Dang. I know.Photo 19-9-15, 6 56 13 PMOkay, so most importantly, how did it taste? No, just no. Don’t order, but you’re still going to order it anyway, I know, because it’s so pretty. You superficial creatures. I didn’t get the point of adding the affogato on the side. It’s like huh? Besides, the doughnuts were just plain fried dough, that lacked any form of taste on its own. I thought the gula meleka or the affogato pairing could salvage it, but, NO. These additions didn’t seem to work with the doughnuts cohesively. Putting them together just felt like different entities. No they don’t belong together. Did they even try this when they decided to put this on the menu? 

But well.. At least the pictures turned out nice!

Photo 19-9-15, 6 50 34 PM
Residing in the neighborhood of Serangoon Gardens, this durian pengat just didn’t do it for me, because my taste buds have been spoilt (eh not literally lah, don’t be mean) by the durian mousse dessert from THAT dessert place. I don’t even know what it’s called. I’ve had better durian pengat honestly. The coconut ice cream gave me some excitement when I saw it on the menu, but the flavors were just meek. The durian taste was diluted as well, and not as gao as I wanted it to be.


Closing Remarks

Even though the desserts were sort of a let down for us, our spirits were still not dampened because the nasi lemak was so damn good. I heard the beef horfun is shiok also, so seriously, JIO ME THERE LAH. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. I heard some good reviews about their other dessert offerings as well, so perhaps we were just really unlucky that day.

Well.. The desserts were not THAT bad, honestly. I believe the nasi lemak has got our expectations sky rocketing above the earth’s atmosphere, and the disparity in the desserts, just caused them to defy gravity and come crashing down. Y’know? Haha! Nevertheless, I highly recommend Sinpopo Brand for a different cafe experience, because we are all really sick of waffles, egg benedicts and don’t know what you youngsters drink nowadays like the over the top milkshake.

How to get there?
458 Joo Chiat Rd
Singapore 427671
(Opposite i12 mall, kinda. Near Awfully Chocolate)

Opening Hours
Monday to Thursdays, and Sundays: 12pm to 10pm
Fridays and Saturdays: 12pm to 12am

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