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Oh my gosh? One Man Coffee has their third outlet opened at Fusionopolis (@One-North)?! Are we meant to be? They’ve expanded to their second outlet near my home, at Serangoon Gardens, and now NEAR MY SCHOOL?! We MUST be meant for each other! The first outlet shares the space with CRUST at Upper Thomson by the way!

But wait, if you’re coming here to their newest outlet and expecting to have their usual brunch items, you won’t be able to find them because of the no kitchen agreement thingy they had with the management. Fret not. No french toast and gashouse eggs, nevermind. What they are offering here may just make you decide to skip work one day to come down to one-north to try them out! Assuming if you’re not one of the lucky people who are working in that area, because One-North is seriously becoming a foodie haven with the likes of Envy Coffee, Bread Yard, Daily Cut, etc etc.

The Place
Photo 29-9-15, 2 41 57 PM
I apparently suck at taking pictures of places, but you get the idea of how it looks like can already. Okay lah, I was also paiseh to take because eh everything glass leh, can see me from the inside. I shy.Photo 29-9-15, 2 51 08 PM
A REALLY small space with just one communal table, which can probably sit up to 5 pax, and a “standing bar” by the side. But in my opinion, still REALLY PRETTY LAH! And all that natural lighting, with the wall outside, and the pretty mural inside.

The outlet at Fusionopolis is designed to be more of a “take out” concept, especially with the bustling office crowds. That explains the limited seating. But shiok what, can dabao food, and sip some quality coffee at your desk, sounds like a perfect lunch leh. Okay please dont kill me for saying that, I know you all sit in office until sian.

The Menu
Photo 13-10-15, 11 58 05 AM
They do not have a physical menu per se. They have the prices of coffee up on the board. I really love the pastel colors in there, by the way. This outlet serves a range of bread-y stuff like scrambled egg with BACON JAM burger, ham and cheese croissant with truffle thingy, lamb sandwiches, pork belly sandwiches etc. ($6 – $8), and their latest healthy creations like the pumpkin salad, soba noodles and couscous ($8)! I think you can click on the picture and zoom in on the items to look at the prices!

The Food

On my first visit, I only got an Iced Matcha Latte ($7) because they were still not serving food then!
Photo 29-9-15, 4 16 21 PM
So pretty right?! Everything is so pretty omg. The matcha latte was a little too milky for my liking, but still satisfied the matcha craving I had, so… NO COMPLAINTS!Photo 13-10-15, 12 00 26 PM (1)
I got my favorite Iced Mocha on the second visit, and of course it was pretty good! Don’t say I bojio, the barista there is pretty good looking 😉 And makes really good coffee too! I hope they don’t see this post, otherwise next time I go there, I will be very paiseh.

On to the brand new menu One Man Coffee is serving at this outlet! I really wish they would get these items on their menu at their other 2 outlets though. SO GOOD.
Photo 13-10-15, 12 33 57 PM
Well.. I have to admit that the sandwiches aren’t the best looking sandwiches I’ve seen. I had a hard time thinking about how to make the ciabatta covered sandwich look appealing, but I have obviously failed.

Looks aside, this Bacon, Mushroom and Cheese Ciabatta ($8) was… OMG. A cheese lover’s haven. LOOK AT THAT STRETCH. Photo 13-10-15, 12 38 42 PM
I know looks damn unappetizing but let me tell you, this was AWESOME. THAT CHEESE. LOOK AT THAT CHEESE. And the cheese not only tasted good, it held the mushroom and bacon together as well, and all these ingredients went in PERFECT harmony. One bite into the fluffy ciabatta (WA FIRST TIME EAT CIABATTA THE BREAD NOT ROCK HARD), and the flavors just burst into my mouth like an orchestra. I damn dramatic, I know. But cheese gets me excited. And mushrooms. And bacon. Oh my.

The second sandwich we got, because I need MEAT, was the Vietnamese Pork Belly Ciabatta ($8)!Photo 13-10-15, 12 35 48 PM
This one had their oh so crisp and fat pork belly, topped with pickled vegetables and the bread, layered with sriracha mayo. I LOVED the addition of the sriracha mayo, which gave the sandwich just a little kick with the heat and savoriness. The pork belly slices were generous and had just the right amounts of fat, while the pickled vegetables fitted in just nicely and met my Chinese tastebuds needs.

I thought the ciabatta bread felt like a little mismatch in this sandwich though. According to my Chiense tastebuds again, I would very much have preferred something softer, like a MANTOU. KONG BA PAU you know? Hahaha! Nonetheless, this was a pretty good protein mix for me! I LIKE.

We were also given a chance to try their new creation – Chilled Soba ($8)Photo 13-10-15, 12 55 44 PM
Don’t be fooled by the simple presentation because THIS BOWL is not only HEALTHY, it packs A LOT (ALOT ALOT) of flavors in there too! I honestly did not expect myself to fall head over heels with soba, because it’s just soba lor, but… this one left me contemplating if I should dabao one back for dinner, and return for lunch the next day. Photo 13-10-15, 12 54 45 PM
Let’s take a closer look – Corn, Sakura Ebi and Sesame dressing. 3 ingredients with the cold, smoooth soba pack more than just a punch. The Ebi also a bit spicy one hor, so it really elevates the entire dish for us!Photo 13-10-15, 12 56 36 PM
A downside of this bowl was the price actually. $8 might be a little steep, without MEATS, for a meat lover like me! But after considering the quality of ingredients used, because we all know aiya Japanese ingredients all expensive one!, and the preparation needed for these bowls, I think $8 is actually okay lah!

Closing Remarks

I really, sincerely enjoyed the new offerings and AWESOME SERVICE 😉 at OMC, and I really hope that they expand the menu in their other outlets to include these too! Okay lah, actually include the soba good noodles can already! Hahaha! I can eat bowls after bowls and convince myself that it’s okay because it’s healthy. HAHA!

As they cater to the working crowd, it’s really a pity that they are only opened on weekdays from 8am to 5pm! Working cafehoppers can’t head down here to try out their menu, and THAT’S WHY I SAY, PUT THIS ON THE REGULAR MENU TOO. I think I gave this suggestion THRICE in this post. Hahaha! That shows how badly I want it huh? HEHE!

How to get there?
4 Fusionopolis Way
#01-15 Kinesis
Singapore 138635

Opening Hours
8am to 5pm; Weekdays

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