Review: Tenkaichi @ Marina Square

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If you guys haven’t noticed, I’ve NEVER blogged about buffets because I think it’s very difficult to blog about them as I’ve the tendency and urge to describe and review about everything I eat. There are just too many dishes on a buffet line, I cannot. And yes, this will be my first ever buffet review, and why? Because there will be a limited time discount I want to share at the end of this post.

Also, because every one I know has been going gaga over the pictures I’ve posted about Tenkaichi, and I realized that all my friends are actually carnivores, and LOVE beef and sashimi a lot. Since Tenkaichi is known for their WAGYU beef buffet, I think I should share the love to everyone lah.

Okay, let’s go! My first ever buffet review – Tenkaichi!

The Place

If you feel that Tenkaichi sounds really familiar to you, but no, you’ve never seen them in Marina Square, that’s because they’ve moved from Beach Road, and have just relocated to Level 3 of Marina Square. Just beside the brightly lit Milk and Honey yogurt place!

Photo 4-10-15, 12 32 31 PMThey have a really nice interior with all that natural lighting flooding in, and they give me this very zen feel with all the different textures and shades of wood used in their furniture.
Photo 4-10-15, 12 34 15 PM Photo 4-10-15, 12 44 59 PM
You not only get to enjoy good food, there’s a pretty good view as well! Not bad lah, some more that day was quite hazy! Haha! Okay I’m more excited to talk about the food!

The Menu

Tenkaichi is an ala carte buffet place, so don’t expect to see the buffet line of food, even though they do have a limited selection of them on Weekday dinners and on Weekends. That’s because they don’t want their food to get cold, and icky. So they would rather you order it and they make them ala minute for the guaranteed freshness. Some examples of the food you can find on the buffet line are a limited selection of sushis, chawanmushi, rice, and some fried items. But seriously, just save your tummy space to eat ALL THAT WAGYU. Photo 4-10-15, 3 51 48 PM
Wa wa wa so many details, you lazy read I know. Just know that you could do an ala carte order on any of their dishes if you wish. They have a ala carte lunch menu too! If you are wondering about the prices for the buffet, scroll down a bit more. Photo 4-10-15, 12 34 41 PM
Photo 4-10-15, 12 35 52 PMPhoto 4-10-15, 12 34 49 PM Photo 4-10-15, 12 34 59 PM*These items on the PREMIUM WAGYU BEEF BUFFET will not  be available in your Deluxe Buffet. P.S. Besides the Wagyu, the giant scallop is a good reason for you to just go for the PREMIUM BUFFET!

Here are the buffet prices:
1. Deluxe Buffet ($44.80++) from Monday to Thursday (Lunch and Dinner)
– Friday to Sunday and PH ($49.80++)
The Deluxe Buffet includes everything except for their wagyu beef and selected items on the wagyu beef menu (see above)! A good option for those who don’t like beef (WHO?!) or can’t eat beef for religious reasons!
2. Premium Wagyu Beef Buffet ($69.80++) from Monday to Thursday (Dinner)
– Friday to Sunday and PH (Lunch and Dinner; $74.80++)
3. Drinks +$5 for the refillable option
4. Haagen Daz Ice Cream +$10 for the unlimited option

I found the additional charges for drinks and ice cream a little overboard honestly, because when I pay for a buffet, I would just want to have my drinks and ice cream free. Okay maybe free drinks at least, since they provide quality Haagen Daz ice cream. But a top up of $15++ for both…. It’s a little too much.

The Food

Of course we went for the Wagyu Beef Buffet because that is what they are known for. And it’s wagyu beef, of course we have to have our fill of ALL THE BEEF IN THE WORLD!

They have a selection of sashimi as you can see from the menu as well. This is one serving of each, and 2 servings of the salmon sashimi. Wow I’m hungry already. Photo 4-10-15, 10 18 16 PM
The sashimi was pretty average, definitely don’t expect the high end sashimi quality kind of sashimi in here. But for a buffet, this was slightly above average in my opinion.

Did you know that, BESIDES fishy sashimi, they do have BEEF SASHIMI TOO?
Photo 4-10-15, 1 35 04 PM
Every time when I get exotic options on my menu like that, I’m SOLD. I was so excited to just eat these. As raw as they look (ok they are raw), but they are VERY EDIBLE. So they have the wagyu beef sashimi, wagyu beef yukke (Marinated wagyu beef with yolk) and a wagyu tataki (lightly grilled wagyu beef sashimi)!

Oh just in case you’re wondering about the grades of the wagyu, they range from A3 to A5, depending on your luck really, because they all come in blocks!


If you don’t feel adventurous enough to try these beef sashimi, I BEG YOU TO TRY THE WAGYU BEEF YUKKE. I would’ve ordered 5 more bowls of that if I’m not conscious of my fats. It is really good, and add on the side of sesame sauce they’ve provided, it’s really gosh, so awesome, I can just live on eating that raw beef all my life  week!

Photo 4-10-15, 1 59 56 PM
On to the wagyu beefs that has to be cooked. They’ve got the Karubi (short rib), Rosu (eye cap), Nakaochi Karubi (rib intercoastal), Tan (tongue). I would suggest that you order ALL to try without reading the descriptions, because when I read it, I got go a bit eeeee… But once you cook them, you can’t really taste where they are from? You just EAT. And it is GOOD. Except for the tongue, for me. I would say it’s an acquired texture, but I love pig tongue though. This ox tongue is a little crunchy which I CANNOT. My mum would love it though!

And look at the scallop, IT IS SO DAMN FAT. AND HUGE. And it is VERY GOOD.Photo 4-10-15, 2 16 09 PM
Here’s us cooking our meats. One GREAT thing about Tenkaichi is that, I don’t get as smelly as being at a Korean BBQ place. In fact, I left the place without even smelling like anything. Fresh and clean, and nice smelling like I first entered the restaurant. You can get some veggies to go along with your meats too! Photo 4-10-15, 2 00 46 PM And of course, Tenkaichi has other offerings as well, like the chicken, pork, normal beef and even sea bream and salmon, that you can cook with! And they were all EQUALLY good. Honest review. Haha! Really very shiok, we ordered one of each of the pork thingy, and I was literally devouring every bit of it cause it was so good! But for the sake of this post, I think I should focus more on their wagyu offerings because it is not EVERYDAY you get wagyu on your buffet menu, and in so many other variations too!

If they only offered the other proteins without the wagyu, I would have been impressed already, but WITH THE WAGYU, it’s like my gosh, just TAKE MY MONEY.

They also have their share of Haagen Daz ice cream – the flavors available that day were yuzu, strawberry, salted caramel and matcha. Photo 4-10-15, 3 27 24 PMSorry all melted liao because we take damn long to take pictures and make nice nice. Okay more like THEY take damn long to take pictures and make nice nice, cause I was just busy stuffing my face with the MATCHA and SALTED CARAMEL ice cream. I had like 10 scoops I think. DAMN SHIOK.

Closing Remarks

If you’re looking for an indulgent option for a meal, and you’re just feeling carnivorous that day, just come over to Tenkaichi to have all the meats you want. Like I said, it’s not everyday you get free flow wagyu and taste WAGYU SASHIMI. These are also hand sliced by their chef with every order, and the freshness in here, unlike some of the buffets we go to, is GUARANTEED. Everything comes out from the kitchen fresh, hand sliced and most of all, DELICIOUS.

Give them a try, and with that price tag, I would really think it’s pretty affordable compared to visiting any other run of the mill “atas” buffet tasting the same old cooked food and mediocre offerings. Tenkaichi is the real quality deal and FRESHNESS OVERLOAD!

LIMITED TIME OFFER (NOW till 22nd October)

Like TENKAICHI facebook page to enjoy:
1. 10% off their BBQ buffets (both of them!)
2. Top up only $10 for BOTH free flow drinks and Haagen Daz ice cream (U.P. $15)
3. 20% off the ala carte menu

How to get there?
6 Marina Square Shopping Mall
Raffles Blvd, 039594

Opening Hours
Daily: 11.30am to 10pm
(Note: Yakiniku buffet only available from 6-10pm daily, and also 11.30 to 2.30pm on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays)

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