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From the same people who I BELIEVE led the whole Korean Fried Chicken wave in Singapore, Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory, comes Masizzim. WALAO NOT ANOTHER KOREAN NAME, which I’ll make a fool out of myself when I try to pronounce it. SIAN.

Why Masizzim? “Masi” in Korean, means delicious, and “jjim” means stew! Hence, Masizzim, ya cause masi + jjim somehow becomes masizzim. After the success of bringing Korean Fried Chicken to Singapore, they have set sights on bringing MORE South Korean dishes here to Singapore, to showcase what South Korean has to offer! YAY I’d like that because I love Korean food!

The Place
Since they are managed by the same folks behind Chir Chir, Masizzim is located just beside Chir Chir at B3 of Somerset 313! Oh my, I just realized that I didn’t take a picture of the interior of the place, I’m such a horrible food blogger these days, I ought to be shot I know.

It’s a relatively big space, not as big as Chir Chir though and has back-to-back booths to fit different groups of diners! It takes on a very minimalistic touch with my favorite kind of textured grey walls. Not as cutely design as Chir Chir (a chicken coop leh!), but it’s still feels pretty cosy! They also have the service buzzers on every table where you can just call for any one of the servers without flailing your arms like some retard, only to be ignored (cause that always happens to me). There are also K-pop music videos in the background that might whet your appetites while waiting for your food.

The Menu
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They offer a range of stews, rice balls, korean pancakes and other dishes that I’ve never seen before like SPICY CHEESE FRIED RICE. WHAT.

Photo 7-10-15, 7 06 58 PM Photo 7-10-15, 7 07 11 PM

The Food

Since Masizzim is a delicious stew place, I’ll first introduce the stews on their menu! These stews are available in single or double-sized portion, I would think the single one is enough for one, don’t scared not full cause THE INGREDIENTS IN THERE ARE SUPER GENEROUS!

Within each of these pots, there are meats like the Australian mixed pork ribs, Australian beef short ribs and Mixed chicken parts for the pork, beef and chicken stews respectively, and each well-marinated overnight and then slow-cooked in Masizzim’s secret proprietary sauce for at least 6 hours! WA NO WONDER THE MEATS AND THE STEWS WERE ALL SUPER SWEET! And confirm no MSG, cause I didn’t feel thirsty at all after having them!
Photo 7-10-15, 7 37 30 PM
Spicy Chicken Stew ($16 individual /$29 double) – This is SHIOK, with the level 2 spiciness, and the chicken was so tender, I just squealed in delight. Photo 7-10-15, 7 40 38 PM
Beef Rib Stew ($18 individual/$32 double): Available in non-spicy option as well! This beef rib stew with spicy base, which is made with gochujang (red pepper paste) gives the beef a beef rendang kind of feel. I like beef rendang lah, so I approve. Haha! Photo 7-10-15, 7 39 55 PM
Pork Rib Stew ($16 individual/$29 double) – In the non-spicy version, the soup is made from an umami blend of soy sauce, pineapples and korean pear. SO SWEET, so good. I would suggest for 2 to share a spicy and a non-spicy stew for a more varied experience because this non-spicy stew is not just “AIYA NO CHILI ONLY LOR”. It’s… DIFFERENT.

In your stews, you also have the choice to add Korean glass noodles or udon, because we Asians embrace our carbs. For an additional kick, you can choose to add CHEESE ($2) (WA CHEESE WITH THE SPICY SOUP SOUNDS DAMN SHIOK) or/and toppoki ($2). GO FOR THE TOPPOKI I SAY, because I like toppoki!

Also, there are FOUR levels of spiciness you can choose for your soup base. For someone with low tolerance, I’d think level 2 may be a tad bit spicy, but if you love the HEAT, just go for it. Level 4 lah. I heard it not only gives you a tingling tongue, you’ll probably suffer the next day too 😉 HAHA!

Besides the stews, Masizzim are also really proud of their “SIDEKICKS”, especially their rice balls and korean pancakes!

First, the rice balls which consist of medium-grain white rice, Korean black rice, barley, seaweed crumbs, crushed chili padi, and finally your choice of either Tuna (with mayo and fried kimchi) or Anchovy

1) Rice ball – Anchovy ($8):Photo 7-10-15, 7 08 37 PM

2) Rice ball – Tuna ($8)
Photo 7-10-15, 7 09 20 PM

HUH WHAT RICE BALL?! You typo is it? Rice BOWL you mean?

No lah. Not typo lah. BE PATIENT, look at the following pictures. (I like to talk to myself a lot these days).

These rice balls from Masizzim are DIY rice balls! Don on the gloves that they will provide you and off you go, mashing and mushing those ingredients together and then forming it to any shape you want! For old people like us, we just stuck to the rice ball, partly because we can’t wait to eat also. Photo 7-10-15, 7 13 22 PM
Photo 7-10-15, 7 19 58 PMPhoto 7-10-15, 7 19 28 PM

I personally preferred the Tuna one to the Anchovy, because the anchovy got sharp sharp feeling that keeps scratching me I don’t like it. Moreover, I really LOVE tuna and KIMCHI, so that combination just did it for me. I forgot that they were rice balls, and kept popping it into my mouth then I went “OH SHIT CARBS LEH”.

The last item that I would LOVE to introduce to you guys will be the KOREAN PANCAKES!

CRISPY CHEWY SAVORY PANCAKES, not like those sweet sweet fluffy fluffy ones cause this is made KOREAN style!Photo 7-10-15, 7 55 24 PM
Tomato Kimchi Cheese ($13): Fried kimchi and minced beef-infused batter, topped with tomato paste and mozzarella cheese! I kinda liked this one, IF AND ONLY IF the kimchi taste was stronger. I couldn’t taste much of each of the components because they are muted by the tomato paste! I’ll BE BACK TO TRY THE IMPROVED VERSION!Photo 7-10-15, 8 08 24 PM
Potato Pancake ($12): POTATO LOR. Potato lovers, you will LOVE THIS. Really. It’s so potato-y, with the crispness at the edges YUM. Remember to dip it together with the sauce given alongside your pancakes. The sauce is made of a mix of vinegar, soy sauce, sesame, onions, chili powder and pepper = DAMN POWER. Dip it and try!Photo 7-10-15, 8 13 16 PMSquid and Leek ($14): Wow the amounts of squid in there… I was surprised at the generosity of ingredients in here! It’s a little bland on its own however, but same thing, JUST DIP WITH THE SAUCE. The texture in this pancake tops the rest, and with the sauce, it was pretty awesome!

Photo 7-10-15, 6 56 13 PM
While you’re there, since you want to go Korean, might as well go Korean all the way. Try their Sikhye Jar (660ml) – $9.50. This is a traditional Korean drink brewed in house from malt barley and rice! I don’t like barley but I liked this. Hahaha! However, it was slightly too sweet for my liking, and left me gaping for water after chugging it. BUT BUT, it is apparently high in dietary fiber and antioxidants, which aids digestion. WA now I don’t feel so guilty any more! Photo 7-10-15, 6 57 42 PM

Oh and how can i forget! The banchan (appetizers)! Raddish, cabbage and the ice cream lookalike – is actually mashed potato. All so homely and surprisingly sweet, complimentary as long as you dine in Masizzim!

Closing Remarks

Like their fried chicken concept, Chir Chir, no you’re not allowed to dine alone here because there is SIMPLY TOO MUCH FOOD and TOO MANY THINGS YOU GOT TO TRY! We figured that if you want to try out the different dishes in here, it’s best to come in at least a group of 4 so you can share!

Or just come many many many times to try out the different dishes.

Masizzim is a place that I would turn to whenever I crave for some comfort food, and warm soup (which is almost everyday), because the soups here are really homely and the proteins in them are just so tender and good! It would be nice if they could debone all the meats though, it would definitely make it more easy for ME to eat it, and more enjoyable as well.

How to get there?
313 Somerset #B3-02,
313 Orchard Road
Singapore 238895

Opening Hours:
Sunday to Thursday: 11am to 10pm (Last order: 9.30pm)
Friday and Saturday: 11am to 11pm (Last order: 10.30pm)

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