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Here’s another BEEF/STEAK post for you carnivores! Yes, explodingbelly is on an indulgent streak and blogging streak until she has to meet her prof on Monday.

District 10 has opened their newest outlet at Suntec City Tower 2 and this time, they are focusing on impressing your palates with their Dry-Aged Meat. Huh what dry age wet age you talking about? 

Here’s the module of explodingbelly food 101. What is dry aging?

Dry aging is an established practice in most non-tropical regions to dry and preserve meats from cows that lived on quality free-range grasslands and farms. Through this process of preservation, the meats tend to have higher concentration of natural flavors and due to the enzymatic action of the breaking down of connective tissues, the meats are more tender. You’d realize this in District 10 meats because their STEAKS require AINT NO black pepper/mushroom/wasabi/chili sauce whatever condiments, except for just salt and pepper if you wish.

The PlacePhoto 30-9-15, 6 58 20 PMDistrict 10 is located just OUTSIDE Tower 2. It has both dine-in and al fresco seating.

On Google Virtual Tours, contact The Red Marker

While the dine-in space is a little limited (30 seater), the al fresco sits up to 60 people! You’ll see a showcase of the European meats and chiller for the dry-aged meat in the indoor seating, and also a BUTCHER BLOCK. If you’re lucky, you might catch chef in action.Photo 30-9-15, 7 13 08 PM Photo 30-9-15, 7 14 35 PM

The kitchen is also situated in the in this area, but fret not, you won’t smell like barbecue and meat!
Photo 30-9-15, 7 53 11 PM
Here’s how chef does the meat over the charcoal-grill. MMMMHMMM.

The Menu
Photo 30-9-15, 8 20 19 PM
I love the fact that they actually do have a lunch set specials because if I’m working in that area, I would totally want to have some meat on a bad day. Haha, and District 10 is the place to go! Photo 30-9-15, 8 20 46 PM
Do note that they have minimum orders for their steaks!

The Food

Alright, we are finally down to the great stuff! Let’s have a look at their STEAKS!
Photo 30-9-15, 8 04 35 PM
Look at how amazing this is. Just take it all in. It looks kinda raw, but it’s not. It’s not. It’s damn good. Oh god.  This is the 45days home dry aged grass fed US prime OP rib ($18++ per 100g). It’s SO GOOD, and it’s amazing how it’s simply dressed, with just a bit of salt, pepper and herb with extra virgin olive oil! Gosh.

However, the OP rib can get a little chewy at some parts, but still very, very good!Photo 30-9-15, 9 20 44 PM
I know this probably looks just like the picture above, but different angle only. MAYBE. MAYBE NOT. Haha! This is the 45 days dry aged corn fed traditional Florentina Steak ($22++ per 100g). If you want really really tender beef, go for this. I died. I’ve never had such great steaks before, really. District 10 blew me away with their dry aged proteins, damn, can I dry age my chicken breast too? 

If you ain’t a beef person (HOW?), there are also other offerings at District 10!

Photo 30-9-15, 7 29 18 PM
Haha okay, this is the bread you’ll all get at the start of your meal. I was initially doubtful when I was told that District 10 not only does well with their beef, they try to be the master of everything, and try their best to not produce mediocre non-beef offerings just because they are a steak house. Well.. They proved themselves…. WITH THIS BREAD.

They baked their breads in house and this was SO fluffy and soft, I had to try very hard to stop myself from stuffing my face even before the mains came along.

Photo 30-9-15, 8 24 39 PM
This dish got my table fighting with each other. THE Creamy Truffle Mash ($14++), might be a little steep for a portion like this, but 4 of us did just fine sharing it, albeit the punches thrown and curses hurled. This was SO SO SO SO good. The mash was so velvety, and the taste of truffle got us falling head over heels for it!

On to their salads for the health conscious (like me!)Photo 30-9-15, 7 34 33 PM
Butter lettuce salad with pancetta, hazelnut, gorgonzola and egg ($20++): Gorgonzola is basically blue cheese, and I really liked the combination of everything on this plate. I wish there were more slices of pancetta though, cause I like more meats on my salad. HAHA! The cherry tomatoes were highly recommended too!
Photo 30-9-15, 7 33 28 PM
Puglia Burrantina with organic cherry tomato-basil bruschetta ($26): The dish I was least impressed for the night. Well.. It’s just cheese what, and rocket leaves and tomatoes. While my dining companions and a few others were exclaiming and getting excited over how light the Burrata cheese (That huge ball) was, and how non-cheese eaters actually like it, I felt a bit HMMM.. I don’t know, I don’t know…

It’s like isn’t it really unhealthy and weird to eat so much cheese at one go, and its lightness made me feel like I was eating like cheese spread. I don’t likey. But okay lah, the majority liked it so it’s okay! Hehe!Photo 30-9-15, 7 30 59 PM
Vitello Tonnato ($24++): Roasted sliced veal loin with light tuna sauce. SO good I tell you. I never knew the combination of loin and tuna can go together, but SO GOOD i tell you. It’s like wow. So flavorful and it’s like having sliced salmon sashimi, but… I don’t know how to describe the difference also lah. Hahaha!


On to their DRINKS and DESSERTS!Photo 30-9-15, 9 09 33 PM
Latte ($4.50): Again, I was amazed at how well they could do their coffee, at least for this cup! It was full bodied and was not really acidic, a much needed perk me up to keep me through the night!

Photo 30-9-15, 7 37 18 PM
Their signature cocktail, Peruvian Handshake ($18++): consisted of Encanto Pisco Achlado (the spirit, woooooo~), fresh pineapple, fresh lime juice, sage and soda was really refreshing, and pretty palate cleansing too, especially after a heavy meal!

DESSERT TIME. We tried 3 of their desserts and oh my, were we impressed! Photo 30-9-15, 9 06 48 PM
First up was the Profiterole filled with chestnut, served with warm chocolate sauce ($12++)! My gosh, look at that!Photo 30-9-15, 9 00 54 PM
Tada! The end product looks pretty like this! But I couldn’t really taste any hint of chestnut in there though! If you’re really stuffed from dinner, I don’t think you should go for this, because all them carbs in a profiterole is sure to give you an explodingbelly.

Next up was my favorite! Double espresso panna cotta with vanilla sauce ($12++)Photo 30-9-15, 8 59 37 PM
Warning: Strictly for coffee lovers, because those who were not a fan of coffee didn’t like this at all. It was TOO GAO, TOO COFFEE-ISH FOR THEM. PLS. There is no such thing as TOO MUCH COFFEE?! Hahaha! This was really good for me and light too!

Last up, we had the Bitter Chocolate topped with marshmallow fluff with caramelized banana ($14++). You got to give district 10, 10 upon 10 for their presentation man. Photo 30-9-15, 9 00 23 PMThis is a SINFUL INDULGENCE. Everything I liked on a plate – a digestive biscuit base, THICK layer of dark chocolate and topped with a fluffy sticky caramelized marshmallow. OOOOH. SO FATTENING SO GOOD! I loved how the tinge of bitterness of the dark chocolate manages to balance the sweetness from the marshmallow and biscuit base. Wow! Despite being a banana lover, I thought the bananas were trying too hard to fit into this one though! Dark chocolate would have gone well with the bananas but.. Hmm.. I think the room temperature of this dish made the warm caramelized bananas lose its umph.

Closing Remarks

What an indulgent indulgent place to be at, District 10. Well.. The prices are definitely steeper than the rest, but the food here, especially their steaks were hands down amazing, trust me.

After this meal, I was really convinced that District 10 puts in their 100% effort to do everything perfectly for us, from the bread to the starters to the steaks and finally their drinks and desserts. It was truly amazing! If you’ve got a date to impress, District 10 is definitely the place to go!

How to get there?
3 Temasek Boulevard Suntec City Mall
Singapore 038983
(beside Tower 2 Office Lobby)

Opening Hours
11.30 am to 11pm daily

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