Review: Symmetry @ Jalan Kubor (Dinner Menu)

Photo 21-10-15, 8 29 38 PM

Symmetry celebrates its THIRD anniversary this month. WOW. As a cafe/restaurant/bistro, aiya food establishment at the cafe clad Bugis area, and actually doing well for all 3 years, it’s a huge deal really.

I’ve heard so much about Symmetry and seen them on probably a weekly basis on my Instagram feed, especially for their signature gingerbread cookie with their coffee and TRUFFLE FRIES. Yet I’ve never got to visit them because:

  1. I don’t know where Jalan Kubor is

After visiting them last week, I regretted for putting them off for the past 3 years, because the food was just amazing, albeit priced a little unfriendily (haha). I never knew Symmetry had such an extensive dinner menu really, because I have only seen their brunch items before and they look amazing. This post will be focused on their dinner menu, specifically from their 3rd anniversary menu which features their all-time classic items!

The Place

When I reached Jalan Kubor, I went like “AIYO, I’ve been to this area like 10 times”, it’s actually near places like The Beast, Hyde and Co, and Artistry! But I’ve somehow missed out this pretty place, it’s quite inconspicuous really.Photo 21-10-15, 6 19 15 PM
It’s underneath the green window frame place. Quite inconspicuous right?! Well.. Inconspicuous if you don’t know they are under the building with green windows lah!Photo 21-10-15, 6 19 28 PM
Don’t worry you have this loving couple on the outside inviting you into their place! The interior looks really dark from the outside, so I think you’ll be paiseh to peep in, that’s why I help you all identify the more distinct exterior first. Photo 21-10-15, 6 19 57 PM
The interior is pretty dim as you can see, especially since it was already evening. But I loved how everything looked and felt. Those tattered brick walls gives it a very retro vibe.Photo 21-10-15, 6 29 05 PM
And hey, it’s prety spacious too! Photo 21-10-15, 6 20 16 PM
Now you can see why I wasn’t too sure how to categorize Symmetry – A cafe? Bistro? Restaurant? They do serve up pretty good cocktails AND coffee. What? Since when got a place in Singapore that is so versatile? Photo 21-10-15, 6 28 57 PM
Hehe, I just really love campbell soup, so.. Yeah.Photo 21-10-15, 6 28 47 PM
They have a lot of posters like this around, and wow I can’t emphasize how much I love this place! Photo 21-10-15, 6 28 34 PM Photo 21-10-15, 6 29 24 PM

The Menu

Their menu is REALLY extensive, for brunch, lunch and dinner. They even have a exclusive menu for MONDAYS to counter your Monday blues! It’s crazy. You’d be even more amazed by the intricate design on the menu, and see how much effort put into making these boards. Please don’t let naughty kids handle it!Photo 21-10-15, 6 44 33 PMPhoto 21-10-15, 6 43 45 PM Photo 21-10-15, 6 44 10 PM Photo 21-10-15, 6 44 25 PM Photo 21-10-15, 6 44 52 PM Photo 21-10-15, 6 45 10 PM Photo 21-10-15, 6 41 48 PM
We will be looking at these items on their 3rd anniversary menu in this post! I’ll be posting about their lunch menu when I visit them again this week! 

You’d realize that while their menu may be priced slightly higher than some of the cafes, that’s because you’ll see how well-plated their food are, and how good they taste. They do not really serve up your usual “cafe fare”, even on their brunch menu! You’ll see why!

The Food

I’ll first talk about their cocktails, which I honestly didn’t get to try all because it was so good and everyone just chugged it down without leaving some for me. Selfish people hor. Oh and before i forget, they have 1 for 1 COCKTAILS ON WEDNESDAYS!
Photo 21-10-15, 7 18 33 PM Photo 21-10-15, 7 18 56 PM Photo 21-10-15, 7 20 15 PM Photo 21-10-15, 7 22 11 PM
This is some cinnamon dusted thing, It tastes amazing and it’s SO fragrant, even though I’m not a fan of cinnamon!Photo 21-10-15, 7 23 16 PM
This is the espresso-laden cocktail with TWO shots of espresso. That’s the only thing I caught. Haha!

Let’s now look at the Starters.

1) Crispy Baby Squid with black pepper aioli ($17++)
Photo 21-10-15, 7 29 48 PM
And served with a side of fries! While the baby squid was battered to perfection, and had a generous ratio of squid to batter, I thought $17++ for this and this portion is a little steep!

2) Tuna Ceviche ($17++)Photo 21-10-15, 7 31 21 PM
At first sight, I thought this was yet another compressed watermelon thingy ah. Until I stuffed it into my mouth. I squealed in excitement to realize that this was TUNA! And I loved how this tasted as a whole with the combination of kombu and yuzu zest that gave it a tangy-savory kick. I can’t describe it better other than saying it’s a burst of flavors in your mouth! Haha!

3) Black Angus Steak Tartar ($21++)Photo 21-10-15, 7 35 33 PM
Served with rosemary mustard, pickled egg yolk and charred ciabatta. Photo 21-10-15, 7 53 48 PM
Power lah, dip the ciabatta into the yolk, and scoop some of that beef tartar atop of it. Perfect. This dish is great for sharing in a group too! I loved this, and probably can have this as a main!

4) Tomatoes ($21++)Photo 21-10-15, 7 40 36 PM
I had my fair share of “atas” tomatoes, but none of them could beat Symmetry’s rendition. Photo 21-10-15, 7 36 08 PM
Fresh tomatoes served with buratta cheese, black olive soil, honey citrus emulsion and basil oil, I simply loved how the flavors complemented each other so well! The buratta cheese wow. And then have some of the tomatoes with the dusted olives. wow. I don’t even like olives!

5) Mushroom Duxelle Beignet ($15++)Photo 21-10-15, 7 36 55 PM
If you had to get a starter, go for this. This was my favorite of the night. It’s not only pretty worth it for its price, this is made of my favorite ingredient – MUSHROOMS! Not forgetting the hint of truffle-y taste in this when you bite into these delightful balls. Why can’t all the balls in the world taste the same!

6) Hokkaido Scallop ($24++) Photo 21-10-15, 7 48 10 PM
THis had squid in it too, together with a potato mouseline and chorizo! Pretty worth the price I would say because the scallop had the perfect sear on it, and it’s a really pretty dish too!

7) Asparagus Soldiers ($16)Photo 21-10-15, 7 41 11 PM
Is it I suaku? Because this was the first time I am seeing “asparagus fries” or rather battered asparagus! I was surprised that the asparagus still retained its juiciness even after the battering and ooh, YOLK PORN AGAIN.

8) TRUFFLE FRIES ($15++)
Photo 21-10-15, 7 03 00 PM (1)
HOW COULD I HAVE FORGOTTEN ABOUT THIS. No doubt $15++ is DAMN EXPENSIVE for truffle fries, BUT the portion is crazily generous, probably enough to feed 3, or 2 of me. Haha! The taste of truffle is INFUSED IN EACH AND EVERY fry, it’s crazy. Really. Even my mother, who isn’t a fan of fries, kept talking about this amazing basket of fries for the entire day!

And this is just it for the STARTERS. What the heck right? I know, but I hope I’ve given you a clearer run down of their anniversary menu, and now.. On to the mains!Photo 21-10-15, 7 50 27 PM


1) Lamb Tangine ($32++)
Photo 21-10-15, 8 06 42 PM
I thank food blogging for changing my opinions and impression on a lamb dish, because I seem to find all types of lamb dishes bearable these days, and even think they are pretty good! It’s either that or the places I’ve been to have done a good job with dealing with the lamb.

And this was no exception! Braised lamb shank with apricot couscous, almond and smoked paprika! The lamb did not have the extremely gamey taste and was so tender and yum! But we shared the consensus about the couscous, which paled in comparison to how good the lamb tasted! Very much of a pity I’d say!

2) BBQ Pork Belly ($31++)Photo 21-10-15, 8 12 12 PM
I wish I didn’t have to share this dish. Pork belly with nashi pear and red cabbage slaw, berries mustard and potato mousseline! SUPER DAMN YUMMY, and WOW. I loved how they just had the right amounts of fat to it so as to give it the melt in your mouth texture, and the other components of this dish, did just the right things to bring out the flavors of this belly! I APPROVE!

3. Duck Risotto ($32++)Photo 21-10-15, 8 09 03 PM
Okay the more I write, the more hungry I et and the more conflicted I get because I LOVED this dish too! Oh no, so what’s my favorite dish? This duck leg confit is served with pan seared foie gras, portobello mushroom and spiced duck jus. I cannot. EVERYTHING, and EVERYTHING I LOVE on the plate. (I love a lot of things I know) But WOW. Photo 21-10-15, 8 10 27 PM
If you couldn’t see the foie gras, here it is! With the portobello mushroom too! I can’t. Some one please hold me, I’m gonna faint. The risotto… I’ve got nothing much to say but, this is the definition of flavorful and al dente. 

4. Beef Flanks Steak ($31++)Photo 21-10-15, 8 11 55 PM
I think I should stop using the word “favorite” any more in this post because I loved this as well, and the next dish too. Hahaha! This is their rendition of a beef flank steak with shallots, capers, egg, anchovy, sauteed baby spinach and potatoes. SPINACH. EGG. ANCHOVY.

Honestly, I thought this dish was the most underwhelming in its appearance because I only saw spinach, egg and anchovies, so I exclaimed, is this like vegetarian? Vegetarian can eat eggs or not? I don’t know. But when I lifted up the egg, my spirits lifted together with it as I saw the amazing, amazing beef flank underneath. A huge portion too! I want.

5. Beef Short Ribs ($36++)Photo 21-10-15, 8 13 18 PM
This is probably THE most tender beef ribs I’ve had. Short ribs with wilted waterress, dehydrated blueberries and brown butter emulsion, which gave the beef a little tinge of sweetness! I like I like. And it’s so tender, I don’t even have any adjective apt enough to describe it.Photo 21-10-15, 8 29 38 PM

Now what’s a meal without some desserts?!


We were introduced to a few of their best sellers!
1) Rice ($14++)Photo 21-10-15, 9 15 52 PM
A creative rendition of a vanilla rice pudding, which was served with apricot, homemade ice cream, earl grey jelly and pecan nuts! I’m not a fan of rice, or rice feeling thingy in my desserts, like in mango sticky rice, yucks. So naturally I would think, it’s normal for me to not be impressed by this!

A really sweet dish though, and I wish they had more of that earl grey jelly to balance out the flavors as it was pretty muted in the whole rendition of this dessert!

2) REconstructed Lemon tart ($13++)Photo 21-10-15, 9 20 24 PM
I don’t know why they so special, call themselves reconstructed lemon tart, but then again deconstructed and reconstructed also make sense. It’s like the chicken and egg dilemma. Haha! I loved how the flavors of this were exceptionally refreshing, especially after a heavy meal! Definitely the dessert to go if you’re looking for something lighter to end your meal with!

3) Chocolate bar ($15++) Photo 21-10-15, 9 26 02 PM
Okay, we all decided that this is the best amongst the 3, but that could also be because we are all chocolate lovers!Photo 21-10-15, 9 28 59 PM
Flourless chocolate cake, dulce de luche, poached cherry and a side of ice cream. This was so, so good and chocolatey. PERFECT for chocolate lovers, and I liked how this was surprisingly not too sweet for my liking!

Closing Remarks

Wow. That was a very long post! I thought the Symmetry menu is crazily extensive, and I’m sure that everyone would be able to find something that fits their taste profile and preference! Personally, I liked their mains best, because everything seemed to hit the right spots for me, except for that couscous in the lamb!

I would think that the starters were rather good as well, but the prices may be a little too high for my liking! The desserts seemed to be the most “average” tasting dishes for the night! While they were not exactly bad, they just seemed to be lacking in the oomph factor that their other dishes had!

I’ve been to Symmetry for their lunch menu just a few days ago, and stay tuned for the review!

How to get there?
9 Jln Kubor
Singapore 199206

Opening Hours

Monday: 10:30 AM – 9:00 PM
Tuesday-Thursday: 10:30 AM – 11:00 PM
Friday: 10:30 AM – 12:00 AM
Saturday: 9:00 AM – 12:00 AM
Sunday: 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM

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