Review: Victor’s Kitchen @ Chinatown Point [NEW OUTLET]

Photo 29-10-15, 12 47 24 PM

Photo 29-10-15, 12 11 35 PM
I’ve heard so much about Victor’s Kitchen and its XLB, since the days before I started food blogging (ok that’s not too long ago, but.. yeah), and since the days I go crazy over dimsums, and making trips to Yi Dian Xin and Kowloon Dim Sum, besides my favorite haunts – Swee Choon and Mong Kok dimsum.

I have always, always wanted to pay Victor’s a visit, however, I have ABSOLUTELY no idea where the hell Sunshine Plaza is (where their first outlet is at). So, when I heard that they opened a new outlet at Chinatown Point, I was elated because that’s the area my parents and I usually frequent!

Located at B1, the same level as the NTUC at Chinatown Point, lies Victor’s Kitchen. A little hole in the wall. Strategically located just at the end of the escalator, I caught them at the corner of my eye with their loud and flashy yellow signage.

Photo 29-10-15, 12 17 25 PM
As I’ve mentioned a couple of times on my Instagram (@explodingbelly), AVOID the lunch hour on weekdays as it can get pretty crazy. There were long queues outside of the store, and its cramped interior did not make things any better. Reminded me pretty much of the cha chaan teng in HK. Service-wise, ahem, pretty similar too. Okay, maybe… SLIGHTLY… Better.

The MenuPhoto 29-10-15, 12 15 22 PM Wow, when I took a first look at the menu, I was taken aback by the prices. The cheapest item on their dimsum menu costs $3.80, and the prices range from $3.80 to $5.80! P.S. those items that are circled are their recommended items, and on our visit, the chee cheong fun machine was not available in that outlet yet, so they were unavailable for order! Photo 29-10-15, 12 15 14 PM
We ordered a couple more items off the menu, because my mum said WE HAVE TO ORDER ALL THE SIGNATURE DISHES! Hahaha!

The FoodPhoto 29-10-15, 12 30 38 PM
1) Victor’s King Prawn Dumplings (3 pieces per set) – $5.20
I didn’t manage to get a picture of it, but I’m sure we all know how a hargao looks like. It’s at the bottom of the above photo. Haha! The best hargao i’ve had is from Swee Choon, and I thought the one at Victor’s matched up to them – with the use of its fresh and succulent prawns wrapped delicately with the crystal skin.

Then again, at $5.20, I better get some huge ass prawns.

2) Tasty Queen Size Siew Mai (4 pcs per set) – $4.80
Photo 29-10-15, 12 32 22 PM
Got Queen size meh? Hahaha! I’ve had better siew mais, but haiya eat dimsum confirm must order siew mai right?

3) Chicken and Sausage Glutinous Rice ($5.80)
Photo 29-10-15, 12 28 03 PM
In fact, we didn’t realize that we ordered this because my mum went on an ordering rampage and got all the signature items, remember?Photo 29-10-15, 12 28 25 PM
I’m not a fan of glutinous rice, and thought this was a little on the bland side despite its pretty generous ingredients. Maybe my tastebuds have been spoilt by the indulgent rice dumplings I’ve had earlier this year!

4) Scallop sausage carrot cake with XO sauce ($4.80)Photo 29-10-15, 12 29 19 PM
In fact, we were all stumped by this dish and thought my mum ordered something random off the menu again because we were all expecting the brown carrot cake we usually see at dimsum places. Or at least not presented in this way!

Served together with this basket of carrot cake was the XO sauce, and yes, please do mix it together with your carrot cake because this was simply awesome! The best carrot cake I’ve had so far! So flavorful! SHIOK.

5) Prawn Spinach Dumplings (3pcs per set) – $4.80Photo 29-10-15, 12 29 13 PM
Okay I like spinach dumplings in general, so I’m not a good judge of how good these were! I thought they were pretty awesome because of the prawn stuffed within. But it’s quite a small prawn lah.. So I felt a little cheated.

6) Golden Egg Yolk Lava Bun (3 pcs per set) – $4.80Photo 29-10-15, 12 29 33 PM
The Liu Sha Bao that has been in the top 10 lists of Daniel Food Diary and The Smart Local etc etc. Photo 29-10-15, 12 43 23 PM
I’ve finally had a taste of them. Well.. It’s not bad lah! Just buttery enough, and the best part? It’s creamy and yet, not overly sweet like most renditions! Besides, the ratio of salted egg yolk to pau was just right!

7) Egg Tarts ($4.70)Photo 29-10-15, 12 35 35 PM
AMAZING textures on this one. Wobbly, jelly like custard encased within the crisp and flaky crust. While the texture seemed promising, the taste of this did not match up with it. It was disappointingly bland. Ah. What a waste.

8) Char Siew Bo Lo Butter Buns (2 pcs) – $5.20Photo 29-10-15, 12 46 03 PM
Crisp and buttery exterior, this trumps the Tim Ho Wan version for me!Photo 29-10-15, 12 47 24 PM
The charsiew filling was SO generous, I think I can have this for breakfast everyday.

HK Summer Iced Ying Yang ($3.20)Photo 29-10-15, 12 45 08 PM
So cute hor? Cup in a bowl of ice, and this was the best yuan yang I’ve had so far! Why? Because it is not overwhelmingly sweet, and that slight hint of bitterness… Perfect!

Closing Remarks

Despite the horrible crowd and service, I really enjoyed the food at Victor’s Kitchen. All of their dim sum items are made upon order, and so you’ve got to be patient for all of your food to be served! Forget about the top down shots lah, a bit difficult to wait for everything because dimsum is meant to be savored HOT!

I really liked their food not because they were damn delicious or what, I actually think they are pretty average, but I am drawn to them because of the well-balanced flavors, as none of the items I had were too sweet, salty or too oily, like how some dishes from dimsum places can be! Really, none of the ones I’ve ordered came out overly oily or sweet, and I’m really very pleased!

I’m so glad that they have an outlet that is so accessible for me, and it looks like I’ll be back for my chee cheong fun fix!

How to get there?
Chinatown Point
133 New Bridge Rd
Singapore 059413

Opening Hours
Daily: 10.30am to 8pm

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