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Product Review: Green Pea Cookie

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Exams are over for Explodingbelly, and this means the revival of this space. You know how I’m always nice and share good stuff to you guys right (and also entertain you all with my rants and bitchiness), here’s another one of those good stuff because good things must share right? Green Pea Cookie – yes, […]

McDonald’s Launches Truffle Fri...

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Explodingbelly has disappeared for a little while on this space because of her finals, and she’s back today not because she has finished her exams, but because she just completed one paper and is procrastinating. Yes, we all have heard, and we were all excited. McDonald’s launches their very own version of TRUFFLE FLAVORED SHAKER […]

Product Review: Fitbit – the fi...

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I’m pretty sure most of you have heard about Fitbit, because everyone whom I asked says, “OH! Fitbit ah, that track your steps one”. Yes, you’re right. Maybe.. Just 1/6 right, especially if you’re talking about the Fitbit Charge HR, which I would be talking about shortly. For those who are not sure what a […]

Review: Caffebene @ Vivo City

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Caffebene, THE Korean’s best coffee brand has finally set its foot on our shores. After having over 1,500 stores worldwide, including America, Myanmar and Malaysia, it’s finally OUR turn! Besides being known for their exceptional cups of coffee, Caffebene also offers a wide range items made from the authentic Korean Caffebene’s recipe, with tweaks to suit our tastebuds, […]

The JB Cafehopping Guide + DIRECTIONS...

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[UPDATED: 10th May 2016] JB CAFEHOPPING IS THE IN THING TO DO NOW. Serious. You want to be part of the cool kids, you better read this. HAHA! But honestly, it would be a good break for your crying wallets, as well as an eye opening experience to visit the different cafe concepts in Malaysia! […]

Lis Gelato – EB X JB (Palladium...

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Lis Gelato. Lis? Is it a girl’s name? Okay no. It’s actually the acronym for Love Is Simple. Ah, gelato. Who can HATE gelato, really?  Love is definitely simple with gelato, especially in the sultry heat. Riding on the fame and popularity of the underwhelming pop up Palladium Cafe, will Lis be the rose amongst […]

Review: Butahage @ Liang Court

Photo 17-9-15, 1 46 45 PM

GRILLED PORK RICE right from Hokkaido! I don’t usually do posts after eating just one item on the menu, but Butahage is an exception because that’s pretty much what they serve, together with some teeny weeny side dishes. Their star is still their Butadon – literally translated to english as Pork Rice. This dish is […]

Review: Teru Sushi – $1.17 OYST...

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“OMG WHERE AH?” “OMG. I CANNOT” These were the sorts of comments I received since I’ve posted about the $1++ oysters on my Instagram. Yes, it’s crazy I know. It’s NOT a promotion, it IS what it is. These plump, succulent oysters from Teru Sushi costs only $1++, which is approximately, $1.17. Well, well.. I got […]

Hiap Joo Bakery and Biscuit Factory &...

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Whenever anyone tells me that they are going to JB, my eyes light up as I thick-skinnedly ask “OMG CAN YOU HELP ME BUY BANANA CAKE?”. And usually the response from a non-foodie friend will go like huh? WHAT BANANA CAKE?! GO YOUR HOUSE DOWNSTAIRS BUY LAH. Bitch please. Don’t be rude. Haha! What banana […]

Review: Cheng Mun Chee Kee @ Foch Roa...

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How can I call myself a food blogger if I don’t blog about hawker food right? Actually I got blog about hawker food lah, but it’s very scarce, okay it’s only one. And it’s here! Okay I promise to blog more about hawker stuff from now on. So here’s a review of my favorite place […]