Review: Cheng Mun Chee Kee @ Foch Road [HAWKER EDITION]

Photo 31-10-15, 9 26 33 PM

How can I call myself a food blogger if I don’t blog about hawker food right? Actually I got blog about hawker food lah, but it’s very scarce, okay it’s only one. And it’s here!

Okay I promise to blog more about hawker stuff from now on. So here’s a review of my favorite place for pig organ soup, which opens at 9am in the morning to 5am! Now you know where to go for your “healthier” supper fix, rather than your usual dimsum!Photo 31-10-15, 8 45 08 PM Photo 31-10-15, 8 44 00 PM

Cheng Mun Chee Kee will be difficult to miss on Foch Road (near to Lavender Food Center), as it is always crowded at any point of time in the day, and also, the really red signboard. Photo 31-10-15, 8 45 45 PM
These are the ingredients in the soup, however the small intestine and liver is only available in the Large bowl. Photo 31-10-15, 8 45 49 PM
These are the side dishes available to go with your soup, just in case you are worried that the soup is not enough to fill you. But will lah, don’t worry, because the quantity of the ingredients are really generous in this bowl of comforting goodness. Photo 31-10-15, 9 26 33 PM
This soup is really the best I’ve had, because wow, the broth is so sweet (NOT MSG, cause I not thirsty after that), and the quantity of ingredients are generous, and the organs are really well-cleaned and cooked!

Sorry I don’t know how to review ingredient by ingredient, but they are all really good! Even for someone who doesn’t like liver, like me, I could eat theirs because it is not too overcooked!

And that chili sauce.. SO GOOD.Photo 31-10-15, 8 48 24 PM
This dish is my parents’ favorite and it is pretty good! I prefer more meat though, so my favorite from Cheng Mun Chee Kee, is their Rice Wine Chicken, and the Minced meat patty!

Yup, so there you go! Yet another supper place for you, don’t always eat dimsum lah, very fattening. Do note that there is another pig organ soup in the vicinity, which looks exactly the same with its red signboard that reads Authentic Mun Chee Kee.

How to get there?
24 Foch Road
Jalan Besar
Singapore 209263

Opening Hours
Tuesday – Sunday: 9am to 5am

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  1. Felix Felix
    October 15, 2016    

    :) my favorite place for pig’s organ soup. Do not confuse this with the one down the road near Mustafa. I prefer this. Their vinegar pigs trotters are also very nice. Good portions :) and inexpensive

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