Review: Butahage @ Liang Court

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GRILLED PORK RICE right from Hokkaido! I don’t usually do posts after eating just one item on the menu, but Butahage is an exception because that’s pretty much what they serve, together with some teeny weeny side dishes. Their star is still their Butadon – literally translated to english as Pork Rice.

This dish is hailed from Obihiro, Hokkaido, and of course, it is the signature dish there! The slices of pork are picked selectively to ensure that you get the most tender and juicy slices, grilled, and served with their signature secret recipe sauce, which have been used for 80 years!

The Place
As we all know, Liang Court at Clarke Quay is known as the little Japan of Singapore, which have been gaining popularity amongst Singaporeans over the years, mainly because of their Japanese Supermarket – Mediya. I know that it has been invaded by Singaporeans over the recent years because my parents owns the foot reflexology store for more a decade now, and I’ve been hanging around in that area for that period of time.

While Liang Court really has nothing much to offer in terms of shopping, their food offerings are as close as you can get in Japan! Ramen, udon, blah blah, and now Butahage. Located on the second level of Liang Court, Butahage is an open concept dining area, which can sit up to 20 people at most. They are so proud of their Butadon, you could probably see pictures of it every where  in that small space.

The Menu
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See what I mean? They only have Butadon for their mains, and a few sides for you to choose, but that’s good enough really.

The Food

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I went for the recommended Butadon set ($13.80++) and opted for an extra half boiled egg ($1.50)! What’s so special about this bowl of don is not only about its quality grilled pork and the sauce, the Hokkaido rice used in this dish was oh my gosh – it was sweet and had just the perfect amounts of graininess and stickiness that made it slide into my throat. It goes especially well with the sweet sauce from the pork too!

Each Butadon set comes with a bowl of miso soup, and some pickled thingy! Refillable hojicha is available at $1!
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The slices of pork in this were so tender and juicy, and hey 160g is pretty filling for me! The pork slices are grilled at 850 degree Celsius to bring out the best porky flavor, and the sauce is Tare sauce that is imported directly from Hokkaido! A tinge of sweetness and savoriness, I could have it with just the bowl of rice, really! Also, I’m not a huge fan of rice, but I cleaned the entire bowl up because I just couldn’t stop picking at the delicious Hokkaido rice!

They also have a udon set with the grilled pork served atop of a salad, a bowl of udon and hojicha for just $16.80++! That sounds like my next meal when I’m back at Liang Court this weekend! 😉

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  1. kek kek
    November 11, 2015    

    850 degrees celsius – lol.

    • Bean Bean
      November 11, 2015    

      Hmm.. What’s so funny?

  2. Ssyeo Ssyeo
    June 23, 2016    

    Was walking around Liang Court on a Sunday 19 July 2015. Saw this new Butadon which was our favourite during our visit to obihiro few yrs back. Gave it a try by walking in and sitted at 3pm. Lady manager and 2 staffs saw us sitted but did not bother about us. 5 mins later a japanese man came in and the staff immediately sat him down gave him the cutlery and took his order. There were only us and him during the time. After another 10mins we look around but no one bothered about us like we were invisible. I am usually a very patience person and this is the first time i walked away from a restaurant without eating. The saddest part is they saw us leaving but seem happy they have 2 less customers to serve. UNACCEPTABLE. We live in this century where you still see this kind of treatment in you own homeland where we call home. Singaporean please boycott.