Product Review: Fitbit – the fitness super watch

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I’m pretty sure most of you have heard about Fitbit, because everyone whom I asked says, “OH! Fitbit ah, that track your steps one”. Yes, you’re right. Maybe.. Just 1/6 right, especially if you’re talking about the Fitbit Charge HR, which I would be talking about shortly.

For those who are not sure what a Fitbit is, the name of this product probably gives it off. It’s probably a fitness product, yeah? Fitbit is a tracker that helps you to track every part of your day – including activity, exercise, sleep, weight and food intake! They have a total of 7 different products, each catering to your very specific needs. You’ll be surprised how having this tiny little thing on your wrist actually gives you the intrinsic motivation to walk a little more or go for a quick workout everyday.

Out of their 7 products, I’ll be introducing to you guys the king of all of their products – The Ultimate Fitness Super Watch – The Fitbit Surge.

Let’s first look at the unboxing of this productPhoto 3-11-15, 10 15 56 PM Check this out, it comes with a really cool looking box, okay that’s a plus for me, at least!Photo 3-11-15, 10 18 26 PM
Photo 3-11-15, 10 18 41 PMPhoto 3-11-15, 10 18 54 PMPhoto 3-11-15, 10 20 17 PM
The cable that you will need for charging as well as syncing your progress and information on your computer if you wish! Do it on your smart phone, it’s more convenient and handy!Photo 3-11-15, 10 22 34 PM
This features the heart rate monitor that is built-in this sleek looking sports watch.
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The setting up of the Fitbit can get pretty tedious, but there is the instruction manual for you to follow! You’ll have to get an account with fitbit, download the app, and sign up! You’ll probably take about 15-20 minutes for this! But once you’re done, you will be ready to go!

What does a Fitbit Surge entail?

  1. GPS tracking
  2. PurePulse Heart Rate monitor
  3. All-day activity tracking – Pedometer, Number of levels climbed, Calorie burn
  4. Multi sport tracking
  5. SMS Notifications and music control – just like an Apple watch
  6. Sleep tracking + Alarm
  7. Wireless syncing
  8. A damn nice looking watch

What I love about the Surge

1. After receiving my Fitbit, I was in LOVE. Because as you guys know, I workout on a almost daily basis, and Fitbit comes in handy during my gym sessions because it tracks any form of exercise with the heart rate information, timer, and a clock all in one watch.

I was able to make sure that I go all out on my sets to ensure that I’m working my heart and muscles hard enough. Photo 17-11-15, 9 38 35 PMThis is an example of a workout summary you will get, and this was the summary of my latest 5×5 leg day. You’ll get a summary like this at the end of every workout and run you log.

2. As you guys know, I’ve just been cleared to run, and the Fitbit is an angel sent from heaven because it has GPS tracking! I used to have a Nike+, and got really depressed that I can’t track my runs and other info because I’ve changed shoes! But with the Fitbit, everything becomes much simpler, they even show me the route I ran, just like what you get on RunKeeper!
Photo 4-11-15, 9 58 47 AM
I’m now able to track my progress even better! Besides, it even vibrates at every km! The vibration is really something I look forward to in every run!

3. Besides my workouts, having a Fitbit really motivates me to take the bus less and walk a little more, and choose walking over and over again, because feeling that vibration on my wrist when I hit 10,000 steps or 8km, gets me grinning like an idiot.

4. Seriously, the Fitbit tracks everything, and it causes me a HUGE cognitive dissonance if I seem to be really inactive for the day. You will be surprised how little you’d walk or exercise if you’re desk bound everyday, like me during my finals period. But having a Fitbit really forces me to walk a little more, so as to get my stats pumped up a little. Here’s a screenshot of what you will have when you sync your Fitbit to your phone via Bluetooth!
Photo 17-11-15, 1 13 02 AM
The satisfaction of getting a green bar on all the categories is really.. *grins*. This doesn’t happen everyday though. I used to think I’ve got my workouts in whenever I gym in the morning, however, the active minutes recorded for a 45-minute long session might be less than 30 minutes if you’re working on the smaller muscle groups! So you’re actually not working out as much as you think you have been. You’ll also see how little changes you put in place in your daily life can influence your health!

5. Lastly, this is a public service announcement. To all who think that working out takes up a lot of time, the Fitbit shows you that it doesn’t. I workout on a 5-day basis on an average, and sometimes with 2 sessions in a day. Check out how many hours I’ve used in A WEEK to just get my workouts done.
Photo 17-11-15, 1 13 48 AM
4.5 hours out of 168 hours. That’s just 2% of your week! This is something I want to tell people when they say that working out takes up a lot of time, or they have no time to do it, Fitbit has allowed me to have some statistics to back up my stand, really. There’s no such thing as no time, because you can choose to wake up earlier to get your workouts in, and remember those times where you were taking your afternoon naps, or spending that “1 hour break time” scrolling through social media? You can squeeze a workout in.

What I dislike about the Fitbit?

1. The heart rate monitor might be a little inaccurate. I have no basis of comparison, like a strap to chest thing from Garmin, but sometimes when you work out really hard, and can’t even breathe, and feel your heart beating against your chest so furiously, you check against your Fitbit and it says 87 bpm. It’s like bitch please. At times, I do get such problems, but most of the times it kinda reflects how I feel at that point of time.

2. The only gripe I have about the Fitbit Surge is its design. You saw how the HRM is protruding out from the back of the watch? It’s a little uncomfortable if you wear it for a long time. Also, it’s not a very sexy watch to wear out on events or on a date.

Speaking of which, if you’re looking for a smaller alternative, go for the Fitbit Charge HR, which has all the abovementioned features, except for the GPS tracker, with a sleeker design!

Otherwise, you can check out their range of products here, to see which one suits your needs better! I would recommend a Fitbit for anyone who is looking to improve their lifestyle and health habits, because this is something that would definitely give you the cognitive dissonance and make you feel so guilty when you’re inactive, that you’d get your ass off your couch and go walk your dog. True story.

/P.s. Retail prices will be updated on this post soon!

This post is a collaboration between Explodingbelly and Fitbit Singapore.

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