Product Review: Green Pea Cookie

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Exams are over for Explodingbelly, and this means the revival of this space. You know how I’m always nice and share good stuff to you guys right (and also entertain you all with my rants and bitchiness), here’s another one of those good stuff because good things must share right?

Green Pea Cookie – yes, it’s the name of the company and the food they sell, is a startup by 2 Singaporeans, Ying Quan and Fiona, and an American, Larissa. Their brand.. So literal, like how I call my dog, Dog. I like. Yes, they sell Green Pea Cookies only on an online platform – and #supportlocal. Before you go EWWW, peas, damn gross! Yeah I feel you, I hate peas too. Last time eat fried rice, I always take out one. These green pea cookies are of another dimension, man. Seriously. Photo 7-11-15, 12 33 10 AMMade with roasted green peas, these little cookies are also made from a vegan recipe, making it suitable for all vegans and vegetarians. They even have a gluten-free option too! Now your mums cannot fault you for not eating your greens because you have them all in your cookie diet eh?

How did they fare? Is it got veggie and pea taste? No. I don’t get how peas taste so disgusting on their own, yet make amazing snacks like this. It’s crazy. When I first popped one of them in my mouth, my eyes literally lit up in amazement. These unassuming green cookies felt slightly cool in my mouth, sweet, savory, and later with the force between my tongue and the roof of my mouth, it simply crumbled into an amazing powdery like mess, including the added slight crunch from the peas. Wow. I’ve never felt such a sensation before. It’s pretty crazy, and I started stuffing one after another in my mouth. It is THAT good, and I’ve even bought it for my friends and all of them enjoyed it.

Except for my mum though, cause she said she got phobia of powdery food. What. ????!?!?!! mum?

Oh before I forget, they have really cute names for their pea flavors too. The normal Pea Cookies are represented by Peater, the little cutie on the box, and on this Christmas, Green Pea Cookie has specially launched their brand new flavor named, Penelopea. WHAT. Might as well name like Peakachu or Orpeasai. HEHE!Photo 19-11-15, 12 39 58 PM

Penelopea is peater with Cranberry bits, and she’s also Peater’s girlfriend. These people… Very creative. Haha! If you like the texture of raisins, cranberries and that sorts, you would love this like I do! The added chewiness to these cookies are oh so divine. 

Seriously guys, I don’t usually rave over snacks like these (or do I?), but Green Pea Cookies has Explodingbelly’s guarantee. If you tried it and think it’s absolutely crap, drop me a mail, I’ll buy them from you. SERIOUS. It’s THAT good, and my friends and I love them too!

So.. For orders from Singapore, do head on down here! Their prices are listed as follows:
One box of 36 Green Pea Cookies = $14
Four boxes = $56
Eight boxes = $112
Delivery fees – 1 box – $3, 2 to 3 boxes – $5, 4 to 5 boxes – $6 and 8 boxes – Free!

It’s seriously a great choice to get them for your Christmas party snacks, or even a surprise gift mailed to your friend! And the best time to get it, is NOW because all of you can get a STOREWIDE 15% discount when you quote EXPLODINGPEATER upon checkout. See, I nice or not? And no, I got no commission just in case you’re wondering. It’s really good for me and that’s why I’m writing up this post and raving about it.

P.S. Green Pea Cookie team, YOU GUYS NEED TO COME UP WITH A PEATER SOFT TOY. I would totally tap that.

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