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Japan: BAKE Cheese Tarts

Photo 24-12-15, 4 10 39 PM

I’ve heard so much about BAKE’s cheese tarts, and never actually thought I’d have a chance to visit them in where they originated from – JAPAN. But okay, I did. HAHA! These delectable cheese tarts are SO popular, they have 6 outlets in Tokyo, 1 in Kansai, 1 in Kyushu, and 3 outlets overseas – […]

Review: 2015

Photo 18-2-15, 1 50 06 AM

I’ve been putting off the thought of writing this post for a while now because I was afraid that I would unexpectedly fail my last semester or not meet some graduation requirements  (Which is extremely possible for me from my record of forgetting to SU my modules and causing me to NEED to get an […]

Review: Sweet Monster Singapore

Photo 18-12-15, 3 22 51 PM

Korean dessert franchise – Sweet Monster has invaded our shores, after having a stronghold of a whooping 26 stores in Korea, as well as stores in UAE, Saudi Arabia, China, Hong Kong, and Thailand. Within the span of a month, they’ve set up TWO outlets in Singapore – one in Plaza Singapura and the other […]

You can now dabao Llao Llao – j...

Photo 20-12-15, 8 57 22 PM (3)

YES. We all know this and love this. The SANUM from llaollao. There’s something about this yogurt store that makes us fall head over heels with it, with some even can bear the crazy long queues to get this coveted cup of yogurt. Why ah? Go other froyo stores got diff is it? GOT. They […]

Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas!


I know. I’m regretting my decisions too. WHY DID I PROCRASTINATE?! NOW THE SHOPPING MALLS ARE SO PACKED EVERYDAY, WHERE GOT TIME TO GO BUY THINGS? OR GET INSPIRATION?!! I know. I hope this list would help you guys generate some ideas on what to get for your loved ones, or for your gift exchanges! […]

Review: Koone @ Jalan Dhoby – E...

Review: Koone @ Jalan Dhoby – EB X JB

Since I noticed Koone during their opening and while doing up my list of JB cafehopping guide, I’ve very badly wanted to pay them a visit. This desire was compounded by seeing the photos of their soft serves on my Instagram feed! SO PRETTY. And yes, it’s KOONE, not KONE, as I initially thought. The O is […]

Review: The Art Space Specialty Coffe...

Photo 16-12-15, 2 28 24 PM

The Art Space Specialty Coffee has finally OFFICIALLY LAUNCHED. Previously named as Artisan C, I guess you guys have seen them around on Instagram from a while ago. This concept of a cafe cum art space at Suntec City is kinda hard to forget huh? It was also pretty difficult to catch them during their […]

The ultimate list of cafes with WIFI ...

Photo 17-12-15, 1 32 25 PM

Eh have you heard? The Maslow Hierarchy of Needs got a new layer leh – it’s called WIFI. (Picture credit: GOOGLE) Seriously, we all NEED wifi these days. It’s no longer a Want. Just a couple of months ago, when I was doing up this list of places you could get sh*t done here, I thought we […]

Review: Dazzling Cafe X Sweety Tweety

Photo 14-12-15, 12 00 59 PM

Ah, is it just me or the name Tweety Bird brings upon all those childhood memories of us watching Looney Tunes in our kindergarten, or giving the nickname to a particular friend with an in-proportionately sized head? HAHA! I DON’T CALL PEOPLE NAMES HOR. I’m an angel in school.  If I’ve accidentally triggered those nostalgia and […]

Lazy Susan – THE Pop Up @ House...

Photo 12-12-15, 3 59 06 PM

Lazy Susan, the latest pop-up store in town, wait.. Mum, did they name this place after YOU? Hahaha! After our constant encounters with café and hawker food, I think we are all looking forward to indulging our palates with something different. That’s when Lazy Susan becomes a great catch for us all. Why? Because this […]