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Thank you all for reading my guide to JB cafes and I’ve reviewed many of your comments – it seems like The Replacement – Lodge & Kitchen was the majority’s number 1 choice, and got a lot of girls squealing in excitement, it seems. Don’t worry I did too. In fact, I demanded to visit The Replacement as our very first stop because OMG IT LOOKS SO PRETTY I MUST GO THERE.

So here you go, a full review of The Replacement, the SUPER Instagram worthy cafe.

The Place

Do visit the guide for the exact directions to this place, but it would be hard to miss once you are in the Jalan Dhoby area. Photo 12-11-15, 4 04 20 PM
Look out for that tall blue tower, and this white washed British looking building. Ayeee, look like British, to me lah. Photo 5-11-15, 12 54 58 PM
It’s also very pretty. Look at such deep words written at the front of their cafe! Hehe! They are definitely what they promised.
Photo 5-11-15, 12 56 45 PM
You’ll encounter their counter and coffee bar when you first walk into replacement, leading into the slightly larger space to the left. It’s a self-service cafe, so you got to order your food here!Photo 5-11-15, 12 57 08 PM
LOOK! So white washed and pretty. I actually squealed when I walked in. Photo 5-11-15, 12 57 15 PM
Ah, those marbled walls. And yes, I sat at the row of table just facing the windows because. Natural lighting. HAHA!

I hope these couple of pictures gave you an idea of how Replacement looks like, and I hope it didn’t dampen your spirits or element of surprise. Eh, look at pictures and go there visit is very different, really.

The Menu
Photo 5-11-15, 1 07 09 PM Photo 5-11-15, 1 07 16 PM
If you flip to the first page, it’s their CHURROS. DAMN GOOD MARKETING STRATEGY BECAUSE WHO CAN RESIST CHURROS? If they can, please send them to me for some counseling. Photo 5-11-15, 1 07 24 PMPhoto 5-11-15, 1 07 21 PM

As you can see they serve a range of brunch foods, churros and coffee! We didn’t get coffee unfortunately, because we had our fill at Chaiwalla and Co, prior to visiting them. Hehe. I heard the coffee is good, so you guys can try them!

The Food

1. Churros with Salted Egg Sauce (RM 14.90, ~S$5)Photo 5-11-15, 1 18 59 PM

Of course, Explodingbelly being Explodingbelly, the salted egg fanatic, when she sees salted egg, SHE MUST ORDER. Photo 5-11-15, 1 29 19 PM
I regretted not ordering the Dark Churros, because we didn’t know it’s BLACK in color! SO SPECIAL! We heard that it was studded with cocoa, and I don’t know why we didn’t find it appealing, hence we went for the usual ones.

These churros are crisp and doughy within, it’s pretty addictive in fact. I liked the salted egg dip, which tended more towards the sweet spectrum, just like your liu sha baos, but the boy didn’t like it cause “sweet salted egg damn weird”. You then weird lah. HAHA!Photo 5-11-15, 1 25 23 PM
Of course, when there’s an egg dish, gudetama has to make an appearance.

2. The Breakfast Platter (RM 26.90, S$9)Photo 5-11-15, 1 24 04 PM
I would have really liked to try the french toast from here but we thought we couldn’t start the day with so much sugar! Hence we decided to share a plate of the Breakfast Platter. At RM26.90, this was CRAZY AFFORDABLE and look at the generous portions!Photo 5-11-15, 1 23 18 PMWhat’s on this plate? There’s the McDonald’s like scrambled eggs (THAT’S A COMPLIMENT BECAUSE MCD’S DOES PRETTY DECENT SCRAMBLED EGGS, IMO), sauteed PORTOBELLO and button mushrooms, buttery spinach, grilled tomatoes, chicken sausage, and a choice of Turkey Ham or Beef Pastrami served with 2 slices of muesli bread. 

The muesli bread was SO GOOD? I nearly stole the boy’s share, but he held it very tightly. I love the raisins within. OOOOH SO NICE. This is definitely a classic dish put together. While we all know it won’t taste like OMG SO DAMN HEAVENLY, but it will definitely be superbly comforting if done properly, and yes this was done really well. Besides the generous servings and different ingredients on this plate was also a SUPER PLUS. Ah. I wanna go back for this again!

Closing Remarks

I enjoyed my visit to The Replacement thoroughly. The ambience is just so different from the ones we have in Singapore, and it’s definitely eye opening! Although the brunch fare may resemble what we usually have in cafes, their portions and variety trumps ours. And of course, priced a lot more reasonably. SERIOUSLY. Singapore is nonsense at pricing their BIG BREAKFASTS. Come my house and pay me the amounts they charge at cafes, I make for you. Haha!

Besides the instagram worthiness, another draw of Replacement is definitely their churro and dips! Salted egg leh! WHO CAN RESIST! HEHE!

How to get there?
33, Jalan Dhoby, Johor Bahru, 80000, Malaysia

Opening Hours
10.00am to 7.00pm (Mon-Fri)
9.00am to 10.00pm (Sat)
10.00am to 7.00pm (Sun)

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