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OMG GUYS. You know EXPLODINGBELLY is always damn awesome cause I always “GOOD THINGS MUST SHARE” right?

I always regret shopping online, cause I do it like on almost a daily basis. Ok more like when I’ve nothing to do, then I’ll open up my Zalora app to see, see and accidentally spend $100 in 15 minutes. You all don’t pretend to gasp. It happens. We ALL KNOW IT. So the thing is, I actually found thing website called ShopBack, and it’s pretty cool, and it also helps me deal with the post purchase dissonance  guilt, because it actually gives back a certain percentage of the amount you spend when you go to the online stores through them!

HUH?! WU YA BO?! Confirm SCAM. Yes, I was initially skeptical too. But after hearing how it works and getting my friend to try it (HAHA I DAMN EVIL I KNOW), it’s legit lah and I’ll tell you how it works!

1. Go to (You HAVE to go to your desired sites through Shopback!)
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2. Some of these merchants, like Foodpanda even have exclusive discount codes (with T&C, of course) for you! Get coupon codes with shopback!

Find FoodPanda vocuher codes here!
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This shows how much cashback you can get from your purchases, and it varies from merchants to merchants. If you’re thinking huh.. like 5% or 15% so little ah, I’d say eh! BETTER THAN NOTHING RIGHT? We don’t even have such lobangs usually, but now we get to SAVE MORE.
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For foodpanda, your amount of cash that will be returned to you can be tracked within 2 days, and you can get them back 45 days later. Not bad lah, just treat is as savings account lor.
Okay, so after clicking the merchant, you’ll be redirected to the merchant’s page.


4. Buy and wait for your cashback amount. You’ll be able to cash out to your PayPal or bank account at the end of every month once you’ve reached redeemable Cashback of $10.0o!

Honestly, a little tedious, but a little comes a long way. Imagine yourself ordering from foodpanda for your colleagues during lunch, now you can collect the same amount of money from them and get some savings for volunteering to order food hor. Wa, I’m usually not this evil really. But good plan right?

If you’re just wondering WHY got such good lobang one ah? GO to this link for more details. If you’re lazy to click, in short, it’s because through re-directing you to the merchant’s site, Shopback earns some commission from them and this is shared with you as well! Ah, faith in humanity restored.

They have collaborations with many merchants ranging from Foodpanda to Daniel Wellington, Zalora, Reebonz, Taobao (Get your TaoBao deals now!) and MORE! You can also check Christmas sales with Shopback here!


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