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Photo 12-11-15, 1 54 44 PM

Bev C is one of the cafes I’ve enjoyed thoroughly in my JB Cafehopping adventures! Because..

Ambience check.
Yummy food check.
Good coffee check.
Instagram worthy check.
Wifi check. – The password will crack you up. It is…. giveme5dollar HAHAHA!

The Place

Located at Jalan Tan Hiok Nee as well, like most of the cafes here, Bev C was pretty inconspicuous from its exterior. It appears like just one of the other stores along that particular happening street of JB.
Photo 12-11-15, 1 26 32 PM
One feature that sets Bev C apart from its counterparts in the area is the fact that they are a boutique cum cafe! When you first enter the place, you’d be greeted with CLOTHES instead of food, which would be quite a surprise if you’re unaware. I knew that they were a boutique-cafe before I came, but I still got a bit surprised when I opened the doors, and went like OMG. Now… Where’s the cafe ah? But me being me, I tried to play it cool (like i usually do), and calmly walked up those stairs at the back of the store, as if I frequented its cafe, and silently hoping that nobody would stop me and ask where I was going!

Okay, after you’ve reached the top of the stairs, you’d be greeted with this (their counter), and 2 seating spaces. One to your left (which honestly looked quite spooky to me with the  translucent white curtains, and one to your right towards the windows.  Photo 12-11-15, 1 27 48 PMOkay you read got windows means I’ll be attracted there already, and so I conveniently forgot to snap a picture of the other side of the seating. Photo 12-11-15, 1 28 14 PM
So dark, so got feel. Hahaha! I really liked the ambience of this place, and it has this instant calming effect. It feels just like home because…
Photo 12-11-15, 1 28 36 PM
Home is where the bed is (Explodingbelly, 2015). Hahahaha! They have a bed in the cafe okay! And it looks SO PRETTY.

Looking down..
Photo 12-11-15, 1 28 46 PM
This is their boutique, but looks pretty much like home with that working area. Photo 12-11-15, 2 20 19 PM
Okay, don’t get too excited, those are stairs, yes. But not for our access!

I can’t stop gushing about the place, and I wish I could do justice to how nice the place feels with my pictures, but unfortunately I’m really, really crappy at taking pictures of places, as you guys know from all the other posts you’ve read. HAHA!

The Menu
Photo 12-11-15, 1 31 05 PM Photo 12-11-15, 1 31 21 PM Photo 12-11-15, 1 31 28 PM Photo 12-11-15, 1 31 33 PM Photo 12-11-15, 1 31 37 PM Photo 12-11-15, 1 31 59 PMThey’ve a pretty wide array of offerings, mostly drinks as you can see! Their mains are basically just croissants and desserts, pies.

The Food

Of course, when I saw ESPRESSO ICE CUBES, my eyes lit up. The only espresso ice cube drink that I’ve had was from The Coffee Daily (in Singapore)! Speaking of which, I should probably do up a post on them soon!

But what Bev C was offering was BETTER, because they’ve got the “mocha version” of it!
1. Espresso ice cubes with CHOCOLATE and milk (RM14.90, S$5).
Photo 12-11-15, 1 44 32 PM
AYEEEE SO PRETTY! And that looks like a lot of milk. Serving it like this, means one thing, POUR SHOT!
Photo 12-11-15, 1 46 44 PM
There you have it! Do let your drink sit for a little while so the espresso cubes can melt and you can taste the coffee! I took a first sip and was like eh? Why like chocolate milk?

Then I came to a realization that I’m stupid. HAHA! After the cubes have melted, it tasted like a solid cup of mocha which I usually like!

2. Charcoal Croissant with Smoked Salmon (RM18.90, S$6.30)
Photo 12-11-15, 1 50 25 PM
Do take note that their lunch sets do not include the croissant with smoked salmon, it’s only a plain croissant and a drink! Photo 12-11-15, 1 48 40 PMI loved how they drizzled maple syrup on the croissant and a rather generous portion of smoked salmon! The croissant was well-toasted and crisp throughout. PERFECT.

Sorry I can’t help it, I took a lot of pictures of the croissant because the color combination was ON POINT. HAHA! It was a pretty satisfying dish for us!
Photo 12-11-15, 1 52 02 PM (1)

3. Chocolate Mint Pie (RM12.90, S$4.30)Photo 12-11-15, 1 41 35 PM
This was the MOST instagrammed pie from Bev C, so we thought this should be really good. And don’t you guys think this looks REALLY familiar? Just like the ones from Windowsill Pies! A little bird told me that they got the idea from there, but doesn’t matter lah, different market. Photo 12-11-15, 1 41 59 PMThis was pretty satisfying and I loved the rich chocolatey flavor as well! Do order if you’ve the chance, and help me try the other flavors too! Hehe!

Closing Remarks

Bev C is one of the reasons why I love going to JB to cafe hop instead of doing it in Singapore. The concept, the design and the space is so much different from the ones we have in Singapore. The food too, in fact! Apart from it being cheaper, the plating is just something refreshing for us, seasoned cafe hoppers!

Do try if you’re in the area and YES, they are Muslim friendly (no pork, no lard) too! I’ll be adding a Halal category to my blog really soon! Hopefully by tonight if I don’t fall asleep. HEHE!

How to get there?
54 Jalan Tan Hiok Nee
80000 Johor Bahru

Opening Hours

Tuesday to Thursday: 11am to 8pm
Friday to Saturday: 11am to 10pm
Sunday: 11am to 8pm
Closed on Mondays

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