Product Review: LG TONE Active Bluetooth Headset

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As you guys know that I’ve been really excited about running these days, especially with the Fitbit and the clearance to finally run after 4 months of rehab, I’ve encountered several problems, which have been hindering the comfort of my run, besides the knee of course.

Oh THEN AGAIN. RUNNING IS NEVER COMFORTABLE, to me. HAHA! But I’m sure most of you may have faced these problems if you do plug in when you run, either the flapping cord upon your chest when you run, or the slipping of your earbuds once you start to perspire. It’s annoying isn’t it. I’ve tried slipping the cord under my shirt, which solved the flapping cable problem, but there was really nothing I could do to solve the slipping buds, despite me switching between the usual and in-ear earphones. DAMN ANNOYING.

I’ve just tried out LG’s newest bluetooth headset catered for you active individuals – the LG TONE Active! Using the same technology for its successful TONE Series Bluetooth headsets, which had just sold its 10-millionth headset by the way, they have designed the TONE Active to make it perfect for music listening and conversation ON THE RUN, IN THE GYM, CIRCUIT TRAININGS etc. How did they manage to do so? Photo 7-12-15, 3 57 33 PM

The TONE Active has several standout features that you can squint to read from the back of the box. Or, scroll down lah, let me explain. Photo 7-12-15, 3 58 45 PM

  1. It’s water resistant and sweat resistant, which reduces the possibility of the slipping of the earbuds even when you’re training hard.
  2. Durable – with the lightweight and contoured around the neck design
  3. Retractable Ear Buds – Which comes with TWO ear bud sizes for a better fit. The retractable design also allows an effective solution for cord management.
  4. Of course, BLUETOOTH – which is compatible with ANY bluetooth enabled smartphone, allows you to answer calls while you gym I guess? Hahaha!
  5. Last but not least, the impeccable design is only complete with an impeccable sound system – Quad Layer Speaker Technology allows for robust bass, crisp treble and less distortion on high frequencies, as well as the voice clarity you need on for conversations.

The TONE Active comes in 4 flashy colors: Blue, Lime, Orange and Pink! They are available at all leading electronic stores for just S$189! I thought it is pretty worth it for the convenience and freedom. I seriously have not felt so light and free before a run. It feels like something is missing from the run, but in a good way!

Each box comes with a charging cable, additional ear buds -you can play around to see which one suits you better and an additional clip! Photo 7-12-15, 4 00 24 PM

If you still don’t really know how this works, like me, when i first received the headset. I was like huh, HOW TO POKE INTO MY 2 EARS LIKE THAT. Then I realized that ohhhh, the band (which has a memory foam within, to remember the shape of your neck I think) goes around your neck like hair band and the ear phones are retractable! Video down let you all see.

There you go, it looks like this. This was taken before my run, and I was really excited, like I said, because I felt SO FREE. I liked how my music sounded through these earphones, and I did not encounter any difficulties in the bluetooth connectivity, just in case you were wondering! Let me list down what I really liked about this headset and of course, what I didn’t like so much!Photo 7-12-15, 6 37 57 PM

Pros for ME:
1. Crisp tunes and music
2. No problems with connectivity (because I have minimal faith in bluetooth technology, SORRY)
3. I FELT FREE and LIGHT. Seriously. This was the best feeling ever. Especially before a run when I usually dread. I hate running, true story. Last time my warm-ups for training were 3.2/4.8/6km and occasionally 8km, and they say aiya if you do something consistently, you’ll grow to be okay with it. No hor sorry, my training 4 times a week, I ran that 4 times a week plus a session of interval training in the week. NO. I still hate running. I am also always on the verge of crying before every warm up. LIKE NOT EXAGGERATING. Okay, but I run a lot now because it’s the only form of cardio I can do that is closest to basketball. I DIGRESS.
4. No slipping of ear buds for the FIRST time ever, even though I was sweating BUCKETS.

Cons, or rather con:
1. I think you guys should expect the band to be a tad annoying as it may move around or up and down when you run. It needed some getting used to in the first 20m, and it didn’t bother me at all throughout the run. So I was glad.

I’m so happy with this product and that’s why I rushed to write out this review for you guys to share this. I’ve tried it once since I got it, ok cause I got it yesterday, and I’m really happy with it as you can tell! We’ll see how this goes after a couple more runs, and I’ll definitely be back to update you guys if I’ve got any other points for the review!

This post is a collaboration between Explodingbelly and LG Singapore! Thank you for supporting me in my runs! 

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