4 places to get your Christmas game on @ Orchard Central

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To get into the groove of the Xmas season, besides shopping for presents at Tokyu Hands at Orchard Central, you may want to take a break at the following places for lunch/tea/dinner for some inspiration with their Christmas specials!

I’ve always thought OC is a food haven for ALL food lovers like us! It’s like the only mall that I know of that houses SO MANY powerhouses, it’s crazy really. You can find any cuisine you want there – Chinese, Japanese, Western, or even Spanish! I’ve recently been on my second food trail at OC to check out their Christmas specials, and I’m even more convinced now that they are the best place to be FOR FOOD.

Here’s a list of where you can get your Christmas offerings at OC. Limited edition one leh, cause for Christmas only – so… MUST TRY.

1. Maccha House

The name, it says it all. It’s for you MATCHA LOVERS!

My first encounter at Maccha House left me wanting for more, with this Matcha float. Mmmm.. GAO ENOUGH. I like.  Photo 21-10-15, 4 50 32 PM

For Christmas, Maccha house has launched TWO specials just for you:
White Chocolate Maccha Tartlet ($9.99)
Photo 4-12-15, 2 41 15 PM
Yes, it’s $9.99, aiya $10 then put $10 lah. But I really love the Maccha soft serve in this one. The taste of matcha was oh so distinct, and the soft serve was really smooth as well! The tartlet has a matcha custard filling, and within the spiralling tower of white chocolate mousse is a hidden strawberry! Pretty cool!

I thought the tartlet was a little dry though, but the soft serve really made up for it!

Christmas Chirashi Set ($16.99)Photo 4-12-15, 2 45 33 PM
This comes with not ONE, but TWO dishes. Wa $17 really quite worth it. The chirashi set comes with maguro sashimi, ikura roe, avocado, lady’s finger, carrot, tamago and sakura denbu on a bed of Japanese rice. And the bowl consists of chicken yuzu soba! SO MUCH CARBS, SO HAPPY.Photo 4-12-15, 2 44 32 PMI thought the chirashi don had more greens than sashimi, which was a little disappointing. And where was the salmon at? Nonetheless, for $17 with some sashimi, rice and A BOWL OF SOBA with CHICKEN, I can’t complain. The yuzu chicken soba was really comforting though, and was surprisingly my favorite part of the set!

Crazily well-priced and I guess that’s the best present that Maccha house has for us this Christmas!

2. Lady M

This Christmas, Lady M does not disappoint. They’ve came up with their limited edition Lady Baltimore cake ($9/slice, $85 for 9″ whole cake) available only from 19 to 26th December! Photo 4-12-15, 3 40 02 PM
What a beauty this one is. Let’s look at what’s within this pretty cake, which is exclusively available at all of the Lady M outlets – OC, One Fullerton and Westgate!Photo 4-12-15, 3 46 14 PM
Rum-soaked dried fruits stuffed within the layers of light fluffy sponge cake, spread with smooth, creamy vanilla custard, and then elegantly finished off with meringue frosting, topped with silver dragees for the extra bling. This was surprisingly light on our palate, and definitely a good and pretty cake to have for desserts after meal, or for your Christmas party – Advanced orders here!

Of course, I’m not gonna let their other signatures go in this post because no matter which day or which celebration (in fact, no celebration also can), it is always a good time for their amazing millicrepes!
Photo 4-12-15, 4 04 22 PM
Here’s the signature 20-layer millicrepe, which is always light and decadent. And in the background, is their limited Couronne du Chocolat (only available from November to December), which consists of layers of chocolate sponge alternated with dark chocolate mousse. An absolute delight for ALL chocolate lovers! This piece goes for just $7.50 per slice, and $70 for a whole cake!

Their other cakes include:

P.S. please pardon the lousy quality, I had these 59 weeks and 48 weeks ago respectively. HAHA!Photo 10-12-15, 2 09 19 PM
Checkers ($9/slice)Photo 10-12-15, 2 19 49 PMOrchard Central Exclusive – Chocolate Mille Crepe ($9/slice)!

And have I mentioned? Their outlet at OC is GORGEOUS. It makes me feel like royalty whenever I’m in there!

3. Dean & Deluca

As most of you might relate Dean & Deluca with their rainbow cakes, they’ve cleverly came up with their rainbow cake version for their log cake!Photo 4-12-15, 4 39 52 PMThey have hampers and gourmet sets for you to order from their stores or online for your Christmas parties! The whole rainbow log cake costs $78, and if you don’t already know, each of the colors taste like a different fruit! So the purple has a grapey flavor, while the orange, orange, etc. Exciting huh?

If you’re intending to dine at Dean & Deluca, here’s my favorite part, because they have REALLY affordable mains. At just $18, you could choose to get a Roasted Angus Beef set, Maple Glazed Salmon Fillet or Gammon Ham. Each of these sets comes with a choice of 2 sides from the following: Balsamic mushrooms, Caramelized Brussel Sprouts, Mashed Potatoes or a Warm Pumpkin Salad!
Photo 4-12-15, 4 34 27 PM
This is the angus beef, only $18. It’s quite crazy! It might be a little on the tough side but the portions are huge! Oh, and you can’t choose the cook on your beef as they are all slow roasted the same way! Perhaps lesser time on taking photos might help!Photo 4-12-15, 4 31 54 PM
This was the crowd’s favorite – Maple Glazed Salmon! I have salmon on a daily basis, if you’re following me on my snapchat (@clarabean), you’ll be able to see it. Not even exaggerating! HAHA! But this is my first time having a maple glazed salon, and I really loved the sweet tinge to the oh so moist and chunky salmon. If there is one dish you’ve got to get from Dean & Deluca, this would be it! And it’s only at $18! How affordable!

4. Cold Stone Creamery

In addition to their repertoire of ice creams, Cold Stone also has Christmas special ice creams like that of their Merry Minty Xmas and Passionfruit Wonderland, as well as their ICE CREAM LOG CAKES!

Photo 4-12-15, 5 19 54 PM
Passionfruit wonderland ($6) – Passionfruit mango ice cream, chocolate shavings and cranberries! Perfect for the passionfruit lovers! Photo 4-12-15, 5 19 28 PMMerry Minty Xmas ($6): Peppermint white chocolate ice cream with raspberry and kitkat! Just the right amounts of minty and a large amounts of scary in the colors! But okay lah very christmassy! 

Photo 4-12-15, 5 25 01 PM
This is their Jolly Holly Chocolate ICE CREAM log cake ($49) – WHICH IS PERFECT FOR THE CHOCOLATE LOVER BECAUSE THIS WAS SUPER CHOCOLATEY AND VERY SHIOK. In the mean time, do check out the amazing Christmas display OC has put up for you guys in the background too! Photo 4-12-15, 5 16 10 PM
And, yet another one, the Berries Perfection ($48) – This has sweet cream ice cream, strawberries, blueberries, lady’s fingers and cream! Sounds super decadent! This is probably the place you want to head to if you want something different for your Christmas cakes, because ice cream cakes are always a huge welcome, and cold stone does it well!

Yes, so here’s wishing you a jolly Christmas and do have a crazy time eating and shopping at Orchard Central! Photo 29-11-15, 6 57 11 PMP.S. Thank you OC for the treats and these are the other partners they have at OC like IWanna cupcakes and seeds of joy! The Dean & Deluca chocolate was bomb diggity good too. 

I definitely would want to spend my Christmas at OC and I wish you would after reading this post too!

This post is brought to you by Explodingbelly and Orchard Central! 

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