15 places for unicorns to get your RAINBOW CAKE FIX

Photo 25-7-14 5 22 57 pm

Okay just a heads up, this post is about RAINBOW CAKES and a short walk down Explodingbelly’s memory lane with her rainbow cakes escapades.

I think all of us would have a rainbow cake craze some time in our lives because seeing colors just makes us SO HAPPY.

During a period of time last year, I too, had my rainbow cake craze. A little slower than my peers, because I started going crazy over rainbow cakes only after the hype died down, and was adamant to try out ALL the rainbow cakes I can find. I did, but towards the end of conquering most of the rainbow cakes at that time, every other cafe was coming up with their own rendition, and IT WAS IMPOSSIBLE FOR ME TO HAVE THEM ALL, WITHOUT MY LUNGS TURNING YELLOW AND INTESTINES TURNING GREEN.

I was looking through my phone yesterday and found all of these rainbow cakes escapades and I thought, hey! Why don’t I do up a list for you guys, just in case you haven’t caught the rainbow bug or have already been infected by the unicorn disease! Each of these cakes comes with a memory attached to it too, and I shall share some with you guys for MY memory’s sake. I getting old.

Let me start in chronological order (as best as I can remember), starting from my FIRST ever rainbow cake. I think my memory still quite good.

1. Maison IkkokuPhoto 13-7-14 2 55 05 pm
This was my FIRST ever rainbow cake, and this was also about the time when I first got to know Ben, and we were on our first few dates. I pestered him to bring me to MI because of the raving reviews of their rainbow cakes. We had our brunch there as well, and I remembered that they ran out of the brunch item I wanted – the running out of items was apparently a recurring event whenever I was with him THEN. Thank goodness now don’t have or I’ll blame him for life.

This was the last slice on the stand, and I was SO SO SO SO HAPPY when we got it because… Oh my gosh! RAINBOW CAKE LEH! It was really moist and good, and I remembered liking the extra crunch from the colorful candy like thing on the frosting!

Maison Ikkoku: 20 Kandahar St, Singapore 198885

2. I Am Cafe Photo 13-7-14 4 41 08 pm
This was on the same day as I tried my rainbow cake, because Ben said, haiya rainbow cake not cool already, you eat rainbow millicrepe confirm make you cooler. So, I was convinced to have my SECOND rainbow item on the same day. Boy, it was probably one of the happiest days of last year. HAHA! This was when I Am cafe was still occupying a single unit!

Okay lah, wasn’t too impressed with this, but for novelty’s sake. Novelty’s sake. THey have a huge, towering rainbow cake as well! But I never try!

I Am: 674 North Bridge Road, Singapore 199486

3. The Coffee Daily
Photo 25-7-14 5 22 57 pm
I had this on my own because I just NEEDED a rainbow cake then. It was showing up EVERYWHERE ON MY INSTAGRAM FEED. So, being an Instagram whore then (and now),  I decided to head down after my day at Pathlight, and try this out.

It was the most expensive slice of rainbow cake I had then – $9 I think! But it was really light and the pastel colors made it really distinct from its counterparts! NO REGRETS ON THIS ONE! It is their best selling cake then too!

The Coffee Daily: 75 Brighton Cres, Singapore 559216

4. NOM
Photo 26-7-14 8 05 11 pm
I was whisked here one rainy evening by the boy, from I can’t remember what. I was really excited though because NOM was some where I really wanted to visit, but didn’t know how to go because it seemed quite ulu to me. Haha!

The main purpose of this trip? RAINBOW CAKE. We heard NOM had different renditions of rainbow cakes like oreo and salted caramel etc, and so we went. I would think this was one of the best rainbow cakes I’ve had because of how different it tasted. It was not the usual cream cheese, and the oreo frosting was a welcome change! I wanted to try the salted caramel one though.. We say we would come back for it BUT IT DIDN’T HAPPEN. HMMMPH.

NOM – Bistro and Bakery: 400 Kallang-Paya Lebar Way, Macpherson Community Club Level 1, Singapore 379131

Photo 3-10-14 9 08 46 pm
We were convinced to try out Medzs because it had crazy good reviews about their rainbow cakes at that time, you can read it on my review here! The Orchard Central outlet is permanently closed now! But I think my conclusion then was that it was good, but not OMG DAMN FANTASTIC. I also remembered that I had a pretty crappy experience then, let me read my own review later to check it out. That review was also one of the first reviews I’ve written on Explodingbelly. Ah. Those were the days.

MEDZS (Current location): Clifford Centre #01-01, 24 Raffles Place, Singapore 048621

6. Dean & Deluca
Photo 6-8-14 6 19 30 pm
Still the MOST unique rainbow cake I’ve had – a different flavor for each color. No not exaggerating when I say that. Red for strawberry, green for apple, purple for grape etc etc., and you can taste them all. It’s like eating frutips/candy with every layer. They do have it now in their log cake version here:
Photo 4-12-15, 4 39 52 PM
But nope, I’m still not a fan because I really don’t like artificial fruity flavors! But I know of A LOT of people going crazy over their rainbow cake! So.. Try it if you can!

Dean & Deluca: Orchard Central, 81 Orchard Rd, #04 – 23/24, 238896

7. Backstage CafePhoto 1-11-14 11 49 38 pm
This was my birthday cake from last year! Apparently Ben’s bike spoilt during that time, and he had to walk several KMs to get this cake from Backstage Cafe, because they are SO ULU? I don’t even know how to get there up till now. The colors look a bit different from the usual… Probably because ummm rainbow got no maroon color is it? Taste-wise it was slightly too dry for my liking. Yes, I can remember. HAHA!

Backstage cafe: 158 Kallang Way, #01-06 Performance Building, 349245

8. November 8 [CLOSED; taken over by: Five by Five] Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset
Guess when we visited November 8? Yeahhhhh 8th November because I AM IRRITATING LIKE THAT. And yes, he had no choice but to bring me here then. Okay lah, the rainbow cake was not bad. We were even given a rainbow cupcake on the house because it was their birthday!

9. Platypus Food Bar @ NUS Photo 12-9-14 6 00 30 pm
I had this during the December period last year right before training, I remember. Do you guys know that Platypus has an amazing salad bar in the Science faculty in NUS? Yes, and they used to serve up rainbow cakes! I’m not sure about now, because their dessert stand is negligible now. Haha! This was surprisingly satisfying for us though!

Ah, I’m seriously missing that 2-3 trainings per day days during the IHG and IVP periods. IT WAS SO FUN, and I could eat all the cakes I wanted! HAHA!

Platypus Food Bar: 16 Science Drive 2, National University Of Singapore, Singapore 117546

10. Woodshed 204 [CLOSED; Replaced by Non-entree Desserts]Photo 22-10-14 3 09 18 pm
Yup, yet another one bites the dust. I really liked the space at Woodshed though, because it was extremely spacious and quiet. Their rainbow cake was also aesthetically pleasing, and had a slight tinge of lemony taste if I didn’t remember wrongly. Oh well. A pity, but I heard that Non-Entree is pretty awesome.

11. Sakura International Buffet Photo 26-3-15, 7 12 44 PM
Just in case you didn’t know… You can even get rainbow cakes at buffets now. That’s why I gave up my pursuit of rainbow cakes in Singapore. NO POINT AH NO POINT.

We had this at a tasting in the Downtown east outlet of Sakura!

Sakura International Buffet: Downtown East, 1 Pasir Ris Close, #02-02, Singapore 519599

12. Agrobazaar Malaysia Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset
This place was located in the vicinity of Maison Ikkoku if you’re wondering. They serve up different kinds of produce from Malaysia, hence the name Agrobazaar Malaysia! I’ve intended to visit them ever since I saw their DURIAN RAINBOW CAKE online!
Photo 4-12-14 4 42 24 pm
My mum and I happened to chance upon them on our weekly date out in the area, and I brought my mum in for her first ever rainbow cake experience. AND IT’S DURIAN! How exciting. Yet… Okay this cake actually looks really scary. It tasted weird. And it tasted more coloring than durian. I thought I was going to be a unicorn the next morning in the loo.

Agrobazaar Malaysia: Lot 37 – 43, Sultan Gate, Singapore 198485

13. Little House of DreamsPhoto 10-6-15, 10 45 46 AM

You should really check out Little House of Dreams’ desserts because they all look so pretty and taste pretty good too! We had this at Dempsey! They also have a store at The Central, Clarke Quay!

Little House of Dreams: 6 Eu Tong Sen Street, The Central #B1-27D/E, Singapore 059817

14. Le Halo
Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset
A little twist from the usual that we had in the mid of this year – Rainbow Kueh Lapis. Like that lor, kueh lapis lor! But it’s pretty innovative lah! Looking at this made me really excited, at least!

Le Halo: Blk 4 Jalan Bukit Ho Swee #01-162, Singapore 162004

15. Tian Kee & Co.Photo 16-9-15, 1 30 34 PM
This was initially the only place left that we should go to try out ALL the popular rainbow cakes then, but yeah, I gave up! Haha! And it took us really, really, long to get here. A year late, but better late than never. I LOVE HOW TIAN KEE AND CO LOOKED with its retro environment! And we visited this place on Ben’s birthday this year! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! HAHAHAHA! Okay, it was in August…

This paddlepop cheesecake though, was okay lah. Cheesecake lor. Hahaha! I think I lost all excitement for rainbow cakes, so everything to me is just like oh LOOKS NICE LOR, but taste OKAY LOR. HAHA! It’s a pretty okay cheesecake, in fact, and its appearance was a plus!

Tian Kee and Co.: 12 Dakota Crescent, #01-48, Singapore 390012

The last 2 is not found in Singapore, JUST IN CASE you guys need your rainbow cake fix, you could find them here!

16. Som Tam Nua @ Siam Square 5 [BANGKOK]
Photo 30-8-14 12 49 07 pm
This is probably the most consistent and popular, of course, “restaurant” in the Siam Square area. I brought my parents here once and then Ben here the next time, and both of my experiences were REALLY GOOD! Haha! LOVE THE GRILLED PORK NECK.

This was shared between Ben and I last year, when i was still fangirling over coloring at BKK just before my sunig season, I remember. Haha! Like RIGHT BEFORE the season, he just told me that okay, we are going to BKK and I nearly cancelled the trip because basketball and my team > EVERYTHING else in the world. But later I realized that there were still quite a couple of trainings before the season and so… I decided to be irresponsible and went! NO REGRETS. Because it was possibly one of the best times of my life!

And I forgot to talk about the rainbow cake, ehhh it’s not bad lah! HAHA!

Somtam Nua: 989, Siam Center, 4th Floor, Rama 1 Road, Pathum Wan, Khet Pathum Wan, Bangkok, 10330, Thailand

17. Pace CafePhoto 5-11-15, 2 45 36 PM
We just visited this place a month ago, on THE day I submitted my thesis. I submitted it in the morning and I was whisked off to JB at 11am. We ordered a cheesecake affogato at Pace, and we definitely DID NOT expect to be served a RAINBOW CHEESECAKE in our affogato!

I really, really, really liked this aesthetically and tastewise it was REALLY GOOD as well. Ah. SO HAPPY.

Okay here comes the end of my post, and there you go – 15 places for you to get your rainbow cake fix. Hopefully this list HELPED a little for you to moderate your expectations before visiting any of the “HIGHLY RECOMMENDED” places for their rainbow cakes, and for you to kaypoh about my life more (YOU GOT NO CHOICE AHHAHA)!

Have a happy unicorn life, guys! LIKE ME!
Photo 17-9-15, 3 43 36 PM



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