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Ah, is it just me or the name Tweety Bird brings upon all those childhood memories of us watching Looney Tunes in our kindergarten, or giving the nickname to a particular friend with an in-proportionately sized head? HAHA! I DON’T CALL PEOPLE NAMES HOR. I’m an angel in school. 

If I’ve accidentally triggered those nostalgia and childhood memories, maybe you should head on down to Dazzling Cafe! From TODAY (14 Dec), our favorite place for instagram-worthy honey toast has launched a collaboration with Warner Bros. Consumer Products – DAZZLING CAFE X SWEETY TWEETY. The entire cafe will be decked in Tweety themed decorations and serve a special tweety inspired menu for TWO months! You will also be spoilt for choice with the available collectible merchandise which are in limited quantities!
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By the way, you can find my previous review on Dazzling Cafe here and they are also featured on the thick toast list here!

Here’s what went down during the official launch of DAZZLING CAFE X SWEETY TWEETY, and a rundown of its menu!

The place is decked with SUPER adorable tweety decorations, on top of its ALREADY pretty interior. Photo 14-12-15, 10 54 01 AM
Remember to catch a photo with this cutie when you’re there!
Photo 14-12-15, 10 55 34 AM
Photo 14-12-15, 11 03 36 AM
Photo 14-12-15, 10 56 12 AMFrom now till the 23rd of December, simply snap a picture with the instagram board provided at the cafe (shown above) and post it on your Instagram account (set to public) with the hashtag #dazzlingXsweetytweety to stand a chance to win a $50 dining voucher!

Since it was the official launch, the event was also graced by the appearance of the Executive Director of Dazzling Singapore, Ms Serene Tan, Mediacorp’s Star Shane Pow and of course, TWEETY. Eh, please control yourselves. HAHA!  Photo 14-12-15, 11 40 39 AM
[Left to Right: Serene Tan, Shane Pow, Bianca Lee (Managing Director of WB in SEA), Tweety Bird]Photo 14-12-15, 11 49 59 AM (1)
I think there’s this Chinese phrase about serious guys being handsome, I think our ancestors got it right.
Photo 14-12-15, 11 52 40 AM
And here’s Shane with his finishing touches on the toast.Photo 14-12-15, 11 54 18 AM
Here’s the chirpy tweety. What kind of bird is Tweety? IT IS A YELLOW CANARY HOR. That’s what I learnt today, and I got a free tweety plush for that! HEHE!

Here’s the menu you can expect from Dazzling Cafe!Dazzling Tweety Menu
1. Iced Lychee Tea ($7) and Mocha Slushie ($9)
Photo 14-12-15, 11 16 46 AM
(Left: Iced Lychee Tea, Right: Tweety Mocha Slushie)Photo 14-12-15, 11 13 40 AM
The lychee tea was refreshing, albeit a little too overwhelmingly sweet. They should probably go easy on the syrup, and it would be pretty shiok for a hot day. The mocha slushie though, could pass off as a chocolate ice blended drink.

2. Sweety Tweety Latte ($7)
Photo 14-12-15, 12 44 37 PM
This was probably the only item on the menu that has tweety’s face on it. So.. MUST ORDER? Haha! A decent cuppa, I suppose. Not artisan, but decent.

3. Tweety Profiteroles ($8.90)
Photo 14-12-15, 12 00 26 PM
These look nothing like the ones on the menu, and it was filled with a sweet, smooth custard. It was actually pretty enjoyable as each profiterole was generously piped.

4. Tweety Mac and Cheese ($22.90)
Photo 14-12-15, 12 01 39 PM
Hehe the plush is TOO CUTE.
Photo 14-12-15, 12 17 37 PM
A simple homecooked dish to me. More like a carbonara than mac and cheese, except for the slight amounts of baked cheese on top. Mmm.. $22.90++ might be just a little too steep for me.

5. Tweety love Chocolate Crispy Toast ($14.90)
Photo 14-12-15, 12 16 48 PM
THE honey toast made for Tweety, with the components of strawberries, kiwi, mango cream, a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a crispy toast. This was surprisingly good for me, despite the previous let down (not too much of a let down lah, cause the matcha one was really pretty). Guess what. Photo 14-12-15, 12 24 54 PM
THIS HAS CHOCOLATE HIDDEN WITHIN TOO. Even though I think it might be a “LAVA TOAST” but no ooze. Nonetheless, it was still great. Crisp, buttery bread with the rich chocolate within. I liked it. And that price tag… Surprisingly affordable! 😉

6. Tweety Biscotti Caramel Tea Set ($10.90)
Dazzling Tweety Biscotti Set (2)
I didn’t try this, but do try if you like teas! THE CUP IS SO CUTE THOUGH.

Some of the limited edition Tweety merchandise includes the umbrella and glass cup!Umbrella (1) 52TTGLASS-1000

Closing Remarks

I liked the crispy toast amongst all the other offerings from the new Tweety menu! However, I didn’t quite get the idea of these dishes being “inspired” from Tweety. Also, I was actually expecting more innovative and pretty dishes from the menu, instead of just sticking a “tweety paper” on the dishes and calling it an inspiration. That part was pretty much disappointing for me.

Nevertheless, do head down to try if you’re a fan of tweety because tweety is really adorable, and it is also a sure way to get your girlfriends squealing in excitement. Besides, the place… I’ll never get sick of how pretty it looks.

How to get there?
15 Stamford Road, #01-85
Capitol Piazza
Singapore 178906

Opening hours
Daily; 12pm to 10pm




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