Review: The Art Space Specialty Coffee (by Artisan C)

Photo 16-12-15, 2 28 24 PM

The Art Space Specialty Coffee has finally OFFICIALLY LAUNCHED. Previously named as Artisan C, I guess you guys have seen them around on Instagram from a while ago. This concept of a cafe cum art space at Suntec City is kinda hard to forget huh? It was also pretty difficult to catch them during their soft launch phase because their opening hours were till 5.30pm. I’ve actually attempted to visit TWICE, and arrived at like 5.40pm both times.

With their official launch, not only has their name changed, they’ve finally changed their opening hours too! It is now extended to 8pm daily, and here comes the most exciting part… THEY HAVE LAUNCHED THEIR HOT FOOD MENU TOO!

The Place

Is it just me or do you guys also find the new Suntec City a little confusing? I MISS THE OLD SUNTEC CITY. Yes, compounding to the confusing layout, this cafe is situated within the art space, you may just miss it if you’re not aware! But now that you’ve read it, you’d know and once you see an art space, means you’ve reached the cafe! HEHE!
Photo 16-12-15, 2 19 57 PM
There’s an entire art space next door with different works!Photo 16-12-15, 2 20 42 PM
This is the counter, and some times you can even catch the really pretty barista, Mandy at work!Photo 16-12-15, 2 21 02 PM
HOW CAN BE CAFE? But it is! A refreshing change for me, at least!

If it helps, the art space is located just diagonally opposite PASARBELLA. Pasarbella is so huge, I don’t think you will miss it ah.

The Menu
Photo 16-12-15, 2 14 53 PM Photo 16-12-15, 2 15 09 PM
You would realize that their food might stray from the usual cafe food we get, because of its Korean touch, like bulgogi, kimchi etc. And then I was told that Artisan C also owns TWO Korean restaurants at Suntec’s convention hall. NO WONDER LAH. Their chef preparing the food at artisan C is also Korean! NO WONDER LAH. HAHA!

The Food

I got myself a hot mocha ($5.80), because I like mocha.
Photo 16-12-15, 2 28 24 PM
Not too shabby. A little nutty but was overall really smooth and pretty satisfying. I’d personally have liked it with slightly more acidity.

I was recommended to have the Signature Seoul Beef Burger ($10.90).
Photo 16-12-15, 2 37 11 PM
While its appearance when it was served to me seemed to be a little underwhelming, it tasted otherwise. Okay lah, this one I already flipped the cheese back to show you guys the beef, otherwise it just looks like bun, cheese and lettuce.

If you’re not too convinced, here’s what underneath that melted cheese!
Photo 16-12-15, 2 42 28 PM
Generous amounts of tender and juicy beef bulgogi with kimchi. I LOVED how the burger buns were also perfectly toasted, such that it was crisp on the edges and exterior, yet really fluffy within. The fluffy bun soaked up the goodness and juices of the meat, kimchi and cheese. I cannot. I took my first bite and went OH GOSH. IS THIS REAL LIFE?! Haha!

I liked it A LOT. A LOT. A LOT. If not nice, come find explodingbelly. HAHAHA!

Besides, I liked how they used Korean honey mustard flavored chips for their sides as well. I was initially a bit sian when I saw that they served their burgers with chips, I thought it’d be some lame original tasting lays or what. BUT NO. It was slightly sweet, fragrant, and at times you get the slight tingly feeling up your nose because of the mustard. These chips. I approve.

Closing Remarks

I’m glad that The Art Space Specialty Coffee has finally opened officially, because this allows me to visit them at later timings, and savor their really yummy food! I really liked the bulgogi burger, and for $10.90, it was also really affordable, in my opinion, because it was really filling. While my mocha was not particularly memorable, it was a pretty decent cuppa.

The Art Space is definitely a place where the foodies and art lovers connect. A great concept that is a welcome addition to Suntec City, which offers all types of food, except for a good cuppa. Artisan C fills up just that gap, and now I like Suntec City a little better.

How to get there?

3 Temasek Boulevard
Suntec City
Singapore 038983

Opening Hours
Monday to Friday: 8am to 8pm
Saturday and Sunday: 11am to 8pm


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