Review: Koone @ Jalan Dhoby – EB X JB

Since I noticed Koone during their opening and while doing up my list of JB cafehopping guide, I’ve very badly wanted to pay them a visit. This desire was compounded by seeing the photos of their soft serves on my Instagram feed! SO PRETTY. And yes, it’s KOONE, not KONE, as I initially thought. The O is stacked on top of the other apparently.

I finally had the chance to pay them a visit yesterday, and of course I SEIZED THE OPPORTUNITY despite an extremely stuffed belly from a prior tasting session in Singapore. HAHA!

Wow. Not only the soft serves were pretty, the place looked amazing as well! Just in case you guys are wondering, Koone sits together with the enclave of cafes at JB and you guys can find directions to that area from the customs in my guide!

The Place

Koone is located along the stretch where Replacement is situated at, in fact, just 3 to 4 doors away from the elusive instagrammable cafe in the area, and just beside yet another ice cream parlor – The Ice Cream Project (TIP).
Photo 17-12-15, 4 52 05 PMOOOH SO PRETTY. I talking about my flyknit. HAHA!

The exterior of the cafe is clad in an unmistakeable pink that pops out in the area. Enter through the the swinging door, you’d be greeted with their enthusiastic servers behind the huge counter.
Photo 17-12-15, 4 05 15 PM

The cafe is 2 storeys high. If you’re looking for a good spot for photography I’d suggest the counter, where the natural light is filtering in, or head on upstairs to shoot. The seating on the first level, which is behind the counter and near the toilets is really dark!
Photo 17-12-15, 4 06 29 PM (1)
I’d love to sit at that area.
Photo 17-12-15, 4 10 11 PM
Look! So white and nice, but not good for pictures, ironically because white wall difficult to see the smoke from the dry ice. There are more seating on the other side of the second level!

The Menu
Photo 17-12-15, 4 05 37 PM Photo 17-12-15, 4 05 31 PM Photo 17-12-15, 4 05 21 PM
They’ve got drinks, soft serves and their version of a plated dessert, kinda!

The Food

As we were feeling pretty stuffed, and I really wanted the dry ice (cheap thrill), we ordered 2 soft serves – Hokkaido Matcha (RM 14) and Nano Yogurt (RM 14).

A quick tip, don’t rush into taking pictures just cause of the dry ice. The smoke lasts for quite a while, in fact. For a better picture, I liked the grey wall on the upstairs. Don’t worry, got time to slowly walk up and capture the smoke one. Haha!

Why shouldn’t you rush into taking a picture of your soft serve, besides the smoke being able to last for a while?
Photo 17-12-15, 4 07 25 PM
Specimen 1a. Photo 17-12-15, 4 07 55 PM
Specimen 1b.

EYYYY SO SMOKEY HOW TO SEE. These are already the better ones, I’ve one that had my lens fogged up entirely. HAHA! That’s why.. CHILL LAH. SLOWLY TAKE.

Photo 17-12-15, 4 08 31 PM
Like that better right??? HAHA!Photo 17-12-15, 4 09 30 PM
And this is the grey wall at level 2 I was talking about.

The Nano Yogurt consists of their home made yogurt soft serve with blueberries and granola. There are also Kellogg’s cereal deep into the soft serve. It was pretty refreshing and a perfect choice of dessert after a heavy meal because this was on the more sour-ish side.

I had the Hokkaido Matcha, which is made from premium Japanese green tea, with Japanese Dango and drizzled with honey. Shiok. I loved how intense the green was as well. I liked the soft serve, however, I think I’d have liked it a lot better if it had the slightly bitter aftertaste and more tea-ish rather than vanilla. The drizzle of honey could also be tasted only in 2 mouthfuls out of the 20 (i dont know never count) I took. HAHA! So maybe it should be drizzled more evenly because I really liked the honey.

Closing Remarks

The soft serves at Koone were creamy and smooth, yet not overly sweet, which made it very palatable for us. The flavors are also distinct and not overwhelmed by the milky or vanilla-ish taste like some of the softserves in Singapore.

Just in case you’re wondering how they make the “smoke”, the soft serves are actually contained in a pretty small cup, with the likes of a small llaollao cup. The dry ice is then dropped into the pink cup that you see in every picture, and the smaller cup containing your soft serve is then placed on top of it. So, don’t say I never warn, because the boy actually thought the soft serve was contained in the deep cup, and felt very scammed. Nonetheless, we had a really great post-meal dessert here and I’d definitely recommend Koone to any one cafe hopping in the area! There’s WIFI here too!

How to get there?
Jalan Dhoby,
80000 Johor Bahru

Opening Hours
Monday to Thursday: 1pm to 10pm
Friday to Sunday: 1pm to 12am

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