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I know. I hope this list would help you guys generate some ideas on what to get for your loved ones, or for your gift exchanges! Being a practical person (I try very hard), I’ll try to recommend you guys stuff that will be of use and best, if it would help you and your loved ones in your New Year’s Resolution!

For the “I’m going to start exercising, eat clean, wake up early, lose weight next year” friends.. 

1. Fitbit
Photo 3-11-15, 10 18 26 PM
Seriously, this is one of the best gifts you can give to anyone you love or even for yourself, to get started on a more healthy and active lifestyle. The pedometer attached to it, and the very user-friendly app which has categories that turn green when you hit your daily target is probably something that could help us counter the procrastination to work out. Photo 4-11-15, 10 32 03 AM (1)
True story. Because I have never walked so much in my life before I got my fitbit. The satisfaction of seeing the 10,000 steps achieved a day, or > 30 active minutes is always a little win in everyday.

The Fitbit Surge (pictured) retails at S$368, while the Fitbit Charge S$188 and the Fitbit Charge HR (with heart rate monitor) retails at S$218. For more details, do check out my full review here!

2. LG Tone Active Bluetooth Headset
Photo 7-12-15, 4 00 24 PM
Best gift for a friend who is constantly complaining about his/her earphones dropping out when working out, or for a #fitspo friend, because this not only amps up their looks, the LG Tone Active is also really functional, as it will boost your workout experience without worrying about slipping earbuds or messy cables!

The LG Tone Active is available in several colors as well and it is retailing at S$189 at all leading electronic stores! For a full review, click here!

For the music fanatics,

3. Sudio Sweden
Photo 5-9-15 3 15 02 pm
For the music lovers. We all know how expensive a good pair of earphones can easily cost right? You no longer have to bust your pockets to get good and not forgetting, damn chio earphones any more with Sudio Sweden!

Don’t believe? Even ex audio producer, Mag (@modgam), approves okay? Check out her review here! And my humble review here! You can even quote “modgam” or “explodingbelly” (see which one you like) to get 15% off your purchase from their online store! There’s free shipping too!

The thing I love about being able to get my things only online? It’s the exclusivity. Now you don’t have to worry about getting the same product as another friend as a gift! Check them out here now!


4. Elusyf Phyto Face Mask
Aiseh ELUSIVE OR ELUSYF? Haha! This is not just ANY face mask. This is a 6 in 1 face mask which consists of: Plant placenta extract (plant got placenta one meh?!), yeast extract, bird’s nest extract, pearl powder, arbutin, and possibly the most important essence – Hyaluronic acid. This is the first ever 6-in-1 facial mask, and you will definitely have to try it to believe it. Check out Mag’s experience here!

If you are interested in purchasing a box or more, contact Ada at 9655 6060. A perfect gift for the abovementioned type of friend, your girlfriend, or even your mums! Surprise your loved ones this Christmas!

For the… Explodingbellies. 

If you really can’t think of what to get for a friend, FOOD is always the answer. BECAUSE everyone has to EAT, and… SNACK. And this is SO PRACTICAL ya?!

5. MATCHA – because.. EVERYONE LOVES MATCHA HAHA! And it’s healthy too!

First, the powder. Best matcha powder I’ve found so far in Singapore belongs to Teathos – a recently launched online store damn chio girls. Guess what? The matcha powder is SO affordable, and now we don’t have to fly all the way to Kyoto, Japan to source “authentic” matcha when we can have it in the comforts of our own home!Photo 17-11-15, 1 24 35 PMThe largest pack (70g) is selling at S$26 while the smaller 20g pack is at just $10 + FREE SHIPPING HOR. Seriously.. GOOD DEAL GOOD DEAL.

P.S. SORRY MY MATCHA IS BUBBLY cause I went to blend it and didn’t let it settle cause I was too excited to drink it! You can check out teathos’ instagram or website for recipes too!

Here’s the DRINK from Matchaya!
Photo 11-12-15, 10 10 13 PM
Surprise your friends with a delivery of the Party of 4 pack to their house just from S$18! They’ve got matcha latte, royal milk tea etc! There’s an ongoing Christmas promo now till the end of Dec, head on to their website for more details!

6. Cold Brew from Old Hen
Photo 7-12-15, 12 53 37 PM
Just because nobody can resist a good cold brew. And they even have a new flavor – Peppermint dark cocoa. I added this because, if someone were to get me like 3 bottles of this, I’ll love them ETERNALLY.

7. Green Pea Cookie 
Photo 19-11-15, 12 39 58 PM
I havent heard ANY bad reviews for these cookies and it’s perfect for your health-conscious friends. I’ve always thought that deliveries are a good way to surprise your friends with gifts, pretty much like how we get excited with our Zalora buys! HAHA! Anyway, check out their online store here!

For the friend who never grows up.. 

We all definitely have a friend or 2 who never grows up, and you guys know who you are (ahem.. Kuah Chew Shian.. Ahem).


For the boyfriends, if you guys didn’t know, this one is the in thing now! HAHA! Gudetama from Sanrio is so popular, everyone loves him for his lazy ways. DAMN CUTE RIGHT?!
Photo 31-10-15, 12 24 59 PM
They are so popular, they can even be found at CHEERS now. WALAO. I had to search high and low for my collection okay?! Trust me, your “fun-loving” friends or girlfriends will definitely love this. Photo 4-11-15, 9 18 39 AM
You can find gudetama at Cheers, Takashimaya or any other Sanrio stores islandwide!

9. CUTE BUYS from Cat Socrates Photo 19-9-15, 9 47 45 PM
Lastly, I’d love to introduce this place to you guys for your Christmas shopping! It may not be the most accessible but it has a CAT in the store, and check out the cute items they have! Perfect gifts for any occasion like the PUG MUG, pretzel coaster and “support bras” card. HAHA! They also have books, handmade leather goods and even some umm.. air plants is it?

Good things must share. Their address is: 448 Joo Chiat Rd, Singapore 427661

Yes, and we’ve come to the end of the XMAS list, and I hope I’ve given you some inspiration or ideas on where and what to get for your loved ones this Christmas! Have fun shopping and happy holidays everyone!

This post is brought to you by EB and Modgam. 

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