Review: Sweet Monster Singapore

Photo 18-12-15, 3 22 51 PM

Korean dessert franchise – Sweet Monster has invaded our shores, after having a stronghold of a whooping 26 stores in Korea, as well as stores in UAE, Saudi Arabia, China, Hong Kong, and Thailand. Within the span of a month, they’ve set up TWO outlets in Singapore – one in Plaza Singapura and the other at Bugis Junction. They even have a couple more stores in the pipeline, with the next one being at Novena Square. What voracious appetite this monster has.

When I first heard of their aggressive expansion, the first thought struck me – WOW this guys are really confident of their product huh? I definitely got to try them.
Photo 18-12-15, 3 20 57 PMSweet Monster brands themselves with their cute funky little monsters, which are really very cute to me honestly, because I love doodles, monsters and dinosaurs. Besides the striking monster creatures, they have seemingly captured the eyes of many with their super instagram-worthy popcorn soft serve ice cream, which is the creation they’ve claimed ownership of. All these looked really enticing and promising to me, and hence when I heard of their opening at Bugis Junction, I decided to head over to check it out.

The Place

Occupying the open space in between Nando’s chicken and Ajisen Ramen, and right in front of TCC, they’ve got a rather prime spot because everyone has to have desserts after a meal. (What do you mean by sweeping statement?) HAHA!
Photo 18-12-15, 2 56 11 PM
Despite it being its first day of opening, I observed that MANY people stopped in their tracks while passing through because of the striking kiosk Sweet Monster occupies. They are also located just in front of the exit of Bugis Junction leading towards Bugis Plus, and almost every one who came in just stood around the counter just to check them out. Photo 18-12-15, 3 02 39 PM
It’s really hard to miss them, and look at those adorable monsters. Photo 18-12-15, 3 04 04 PM
They even have super adorable stationery of these monsters for sale. You can find things like post-it notes in a milk carton with. HOW CUTE?!Photo 18-12-15, 2 56 22 PM (1)
Here’s their range of popcorn flavors! And they have really really limited seating at the back of the counter! Half of it catered to kids and half for adults. No too sure who’s their target audience here cause the ratio of adults to children were like 30:1, causing the space to be ridiculously cramped during peak periods.

The Menu

I really should’ve taken from the physical menu instead of the reflective tv screen. HAHA!
Photo 18-12-15, 3 03 02 PM (1) Photo 18-12-15, 3 03 09 PM (1) Photo 18-12-15, 3 03 18 PM (1)

Besides their popular soft serves, they’ve got milkshakes, cakes and tiramisus as well.

The Food

1. Strawberry Cake Milkshake ($7.50 R/ $8.50L)
Photo 18-12-15, 3 36 32 PM
This was highly recommended to us. I couldn’t manage more than 2 sips of this because it was so sweet and ugh. Nah, I can’t. You’d like it if you’re not to health conscious or you really like strawberry-flavored food!

2. Pistachio Almond Cake ($7.80)

This comes in a super cute paper bag, which looks like this:
Photo 18-12-15, 3 30 51 PM
So how did this fare? Photo 18-12-15, 3 29 15 PM
Wow. I didn’t like this as well. The crust was so crumbly, and everything was basically crumbling into pieces. When I hear cheesecake, I expected it to be firmer with a crunchy crust. This was just a sad mess.

The pistachio sauce drizzled atop was overwhelming and drowned the taste of everything. A fail in textures and flavors. I can’t imagine anyone enjoying such a cake.

3. Banana Nutella Monster Cake X Ice Cream ($8.80)Photo 18-12-15, 3 53 33 PM
This fared just slightly better but the texture remained pathetic. The soft serve melted really quickly as well, as you can see from the picture. We took less than a minute to snap this. Hmm..

4. Cookie Mountain ($6)Photo 18-12-15, 3 19 57 PM
Since their soft serve boasts of more than 75% of milk content, this soft serve was indeed extremely milky and sweet. Coupled with the chocolate drizzle and cookie bits, this was diabetes in a cup.

On to their signature item – the popcorn soft serve, fingers crossed that they’d be better than the above items.

4. Cheese and Caramel Mix ($6.80)Photo 18-12-15, 3 27 20 PM
While the soft serve on its own melted really quickly, the one with the popcorn studded to it held up pretty well. FOR A PRETTY LONG WHILE, I daresay more than 15 minutes. It stayed intact like this despite the long time taken for photography. I guess the popcorns were able to soak up the melting mess.

This was the best item I’ve tried in the menu on that day. The salted cheese popcorn was a VERY welcome addition for all of us as it really complemented the sweetness of the ice cream. The popcorn were laohong though. Not sure if it was intended like this, but I didn’t quite like the texture and hoped that it was crunchier.

5. Strawberry ($6.80)Photo 18-12-15, 3 21 49 PM
I couldn’t say the same for the strawberry popcorn soft serve though, because it was also diabetes in a cup.

Closing Remarks

I didn’t quite enjoy my experience at Sweet Monster as you guys can see. Everything was overwhelmingly sweet, and it was really quite disturbing. Gosh. Maybe they should modify the recipe to suit the Singaporean tastebuds, since everyone at the stall that day thought the same about the levels of sweetness of the soft serve and everything. While it’s one thing to call yourselves SWEET monster, it’s another to satisfy the tastebuds of the population.

It’s also really crazy to see how the Korean food culture is slowly invading our scene with the popping up of many other Korean places with much fanfare, from korean fried chicken (here, here and here) to bingsus (here, here, here, and here and many more) to churros and then now, this.

Sweet Monster will definitely still sell in the short run because of its BOOMZ appearance, but their rapid expansion and below average taste makes me really doubtful of their sustainability.

How to get there?

68 Orchard Road
B2-49 Plaza Singapura
Singapore 238839

200 Victoria Street
#M01-K01 Bugis Junction
Singapore 188021

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