Salted Egg Croissants @ Seven Oaks – a bakery near(er) to you

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I wonder why it has taken so long for this idea of a Salted Egg Croissant to come closer to our shores. Ever since we’ve been blown away by the pictures of salted egg croissants created first (or so I thought) by Urban bakery in Hong Kong (which has been featured on my ultimate list of salted egg dishes here), I’ve never seemed to be able to find a similar creation that is more accessible for us in Singapore.

In the recent weeks, I’ve seen how bakeries in KL, Malaysia have been upping their game with this invention, and just a few days ago, the latest outlet of Seven Oaks Bakery Cafe opened in Jalan Serampang has got me really excited with the feature of their very own SALTED EGG CROISSANTS. FINALLY. Some where NEAR-ish to US.

I’m sorry, this isn’t in Singapore, but definitely a more accessible part of Johor Bahru!

The PlacePhoto 4-1-16, 1 43 08 PM
I tried taking its shop front but…  I failed terribly. Photo 4-1-16, 1 49 46 PMWhen we first passed by this place when it was under renovation, I thought it was a hotel because this was SO, SO, SO GRAND LOOKING. It’s crazy. I couldn’t even capture the entire building from the same side of the road and had to resort to snapping pictures while on the bike. Just look at this!
Photo 4-1-16, 5 45 09 PM
The interior of the bakery-cafe is equally posh.
Photo 4-1-16, 1 44 32 PM
Marbled tiles and tables, with the most comfortable high chair I’ve ever sat on. And those displays of their fluffy bakes. They’d require better flies control I’d think as we caught some IN the display. I was a little disturbed.
Photo 4-1-16, 1 48 26 PM
The first level of this palace houses their kitchen, as well as their bakery, while the upper levels serves as a cafe. Also, their salted egg croissants are not made in this kitchen apparently, and are delivered over to the bakery. Hence, you may have to wait for the delivery if you happen to miss out on the freshly delivered batch. We got ours at 3pm.

The (Cafe) Menu
Photo 4-1-16, 2 46 07 PM Photo 4-1-16, 2 46 21 PM Photo 4-1-16, 2 46 28 PM Photo 4-1-16, 2 46 38 PM

The Food

Photo 4-1-16, 3 20 12 PMNow, let’s get to the point. THE Salted Egg Croissants. How did they fare? I was honestly not expecting anything much because I wasn’t exactly impressed by the ones at Urban Bakery, and the salted egg flavors in pastries tend to be cloyingly sweet. I was also half expecting the meagre salted egg sauce stuffing just like the bakeries in Singapore… *scoffs*. Boy, I was wrong. So very wrong.

Photo 4-1-16, 3 27 32 PMThis looks like just an unassuming croissant, I KNOW.

Photo 4-1-16, 3 31 05 PMWait till Benny rips this apart…While ripping, the salted egg sauce started flowing from the top of the croissant, leaving me a little disappointed because I thought that was just it. BUT NO. Digging further into the middle left this pool of magic golden sand pouring out profusely.
Photo 4-1-16, 3 31 17 PM (1)
When I said profusely, I meant PROFUSELY.

Visually-stunning, as what Gordon Ramsey would say. I took a taste of the salted egg sauce on its own. Wow. Perfectly balanced sweet-savory combination, and NO it wasn’t overwhelmingly sweet. It even has that slight sandy texture to it, just as I LOVE in my salted egg dishes. The croissant was CRISP (even after phototaking), and not overly buttery. I liked how this wasn’t as heavy as I thought it would be, we were even fighting for the last piece even though we just had a super heavy lunch. I really liked the crisp crumbs atop of the croissant as well, which gave it an added bite. I’m sold.

Oh have I mentioned? This beautiful gold mess would set you back just RM5.90 (S$2). Crazy. I know.

How to get there?
Seven Oaks Bakery Cafe
134Jalan Serampang
Taman Pelangi, 80400 Johor Bahru, Malaysia

For those of you who are not driving, you can get there by a short taxi ride to Jalan Serampang. There are a few cafes in the area too – stay tuned for my list to ease your cafehopping adventures in this area!

Opening Hours:
Daily; 9am to 9.30pm


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  1. Izreen Izreen
    January 7, 2016    

    Hi there, do you happen to know if this place is halal certified? (:

    • Bean Bean
      January 8, 2016    

      HI Izreen!

      I’ve clarified with seven oaks and they are currently waiting to be certified! However, they do not serve any pork or lard! I hope this helps! (:

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