Reason Why You Should Visit JB On Mondays – KSL Pasar Malam

Photo 4-1-16, 6 00 24 PM

I can feel the wrath of everyone, cursing me in your heads and thinking, WALAO EH. YOU THINK PEOPLE DON’T NEED TO WORK OR GO TO SCHOOL ONE AH.

I know, I know. BUT. if you ever have the chance to choose a day to go in like choose the day you want to take mc and chao keng, or a day to head in to pump petrol, why not choose a Monday evening?

Pasar Malams (Night markets) are not so much of a common place here in Singapore these days. I miss the days of my childhood (not too long ago HAHA) where I see these pasar malams being set up in my neighborhood once every month or so. These days I see them like once in 3 months. Don’t we all get really excited for night markets, some of us even traveling all the way to Taiwan for that, because of the hot and sticky experience, a feast for the eyes, as well as the amazing, cheap (sometimes quite unhygienic) food!

We can relive the experience on every Monday at the bazaar located just outside KSL mall and resort! These stalls open as early as 4.30pm and closes at 10pm, and it stretches from KSL City to Grand Paragon. Now, you kinda get a workout in as well, just walking to and fro the entire stretch.

What would you expect from this Pasar Malam?

Besides the throngs of crowds from locals and visitors alike, the draw of this market is their FOOD. Wide variety, CHEAP and most importantly, DELICIOUS food you won’t be able to get in Singapore, usually. Here’s a short visual tour for all of you who are thirsting to know how it’s like:

1. It’s a market for the locals as well! You could see poultry, seafood, fruits and vegetables all sold in this area!Photo 4-1-16, 5 58 16 PM

2. Which explains the crowd. This place also sells the usual pasar malam stuff like bags, clothes, toys, even TCM herbs and stuff! Photo 4-1-16, 6 00 24 PM

3. Of course, the best part would be the pictures that follow. FOOD, FOOD and MORE FOOD. I didn’t manage to capture everything because my phone died on me, but here’s most of the things you can find!Photo 4-1-16, 6 00 34 PM
Salt baked chicken, which looks amazing, but we didn’t try because we were too full!Photo 4-1-16, 6 01 45 PM
Roast duck and meats galore!Photo 4-1-16, 6 02 18 PM
Pan Fried dumplings (guo tie) which comes in chicken or pork fillings. We’ve had one box of those, which comes in 6, at only RM 5. Don’t expect din tai fung standard of course. Too much skin, too little fillings. Would have been better when it was hot and crispy though! Photo 4-1-16, 6 02 53 PM
Just beside it is this Thai pork cutlet, duck with bacon, and sausages. We got one of each, and they were AMAZING. If you had to choose one, GO FOR THE THAI PORK CUTLET.Photo 4-1-16, 6 56 09 PM
THIS IS IT. It’s so amazingly flavorful and TENDER. Wow. Just WOW. Photo 4-1-16, 6 04 30 PM
They’ve got dimsum as well! We didn’t try this, BUT look at that pau, it’s bigger than my face. Photo 4-1-16, 6 04 38 PM
It’s so big, this picture doesn’t do it justice. Also, wow I have such slender feet. HAHAHAHAHAHHA!Photo 4-1-16, 6 05 35 PM
Corn. We didn’t try cause hard to eat lah. Photo 4-1-16, 6 07 20 PM
Scallops with cheese. They’ve also got bbq marinated sticks of chicken, and bulgogi chicken just beside it. It’s a HUGE stick of chicken, with fatty meat, but amazingly flavorful for just RM6 per stick. It’s crazy. The chunk of meat was WOW. Sorry I seem to have forgotten to snap a picture of it though, but let me put it in perspective. It’s like 2.5 the length of the meat on a satay stick, and twice the width all around. THAT MUCH MEAT.Photo 4-1-16, 6 08 22 PM
Look at that array of cakes they have as well. A little unhygienic but let’s not be anal here. Haha! GO early, maybe will be cleaner. Photo 4-1-16, 6 09 51 PM
I would have loved to try this, because it smelt so good, and it was like a show just watching this uncle cook his carrot cake! Photo 4-1-16, 6 11 22 PM
They even make their dough fritters on the spot too!Photo 4-1-16, 6 12 25 PM
This is the one and only Japanese stall in the whole bazaar. Freshly fried okonomiyaki, and their sushis and onigiri. Photo 4-1-16, 6 12 28 PM
Wait.. Am I in Japan? HAHA!

Right at the other end of the market (away from Grand Paragon, closer to KSL Resort) lies my favorite stall:
Photo 5-1-16, 10 36 07 PM (2)
Okay I was only on a look out for the sotong. Photo 5-1-16, 10 36 05 PM (2)
Photo 4-1-16, 6 46 41 PM
We were pleasantly surprised that they have helped us to cut it up and placed it in a very convenient container to eat on the go! These were so tender and succulent I LOVED IT, and the chili sauce gave it an extra kick! The tentacles were slightly overcharred though. A pity but at RM8, I CANNOT COMPLAIN LAH SIA.

They also have stores selling tea rice and penang laksa, as well as the fried beehoon and sorts! The only difficulty we had was trying to eat our food on the go as it was CRAZILY packed and crowded, I couldn’t even lift a stick of meat up without poking someone in the eye. True story.

We shopped for all our food and headed to the mall to devour them in the comforts of the aircon. We saw a couple of people doing that as well, but don’t say I teach one ah.

This market even sells FISHES! SO CUTE. Photo 4-1-16, 6 15 08 PM Photo 4-1-16, 6 15 13 PM    Bloop bloop.

Have fun eating your way through JB, and this place makes a pretty decent and affordable dinner option eh? A quick note though, the food may be slightly less hygienic than what you get in Singapore, but we are fine after feasting there! Also, do look after your own valuables like how you should in any kind of crowded places! It’s not THAT dangerous in JB, really.

Stay safe, eat LOADS, and I hope this is the cure to your Monday blues!

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