Review: Pacamara Boutique Coffee Roasters @ Upper Thomson

Photo 15-12-15, 3 29 17 PM

Pacamara is one cafe which we’ve always wanted to visit ever since they’ve opened their doors, but were 1.5 years late to it. HAHA! Pacamara is ran by the same team behind the now defunct OZ Specialty Coffee, with their Thailand partners, Pacamara Coffee Roasters. Although we were late to the party, Pacamara was one place we knew we would visit because we actually went on the last night of OZ Specialty’s operations. This visit was particularly memorable for us, for me at least (cause Ben’s memory is SHIT), because it was an impromptu decision to head there after one training for dinner, and we thought they were already closed for the night, and they weren’t! We took a super long time to find them, by the way, because it was our first time at Thomson V2, the mad rush made it exceptionally memorable. HAHA!

I felt like it was a huge pity that this place was closing because the food was pretty awesome, and hence we vowed to pay them a visit when the new premises opened! We have been putting off this plan because I heard about the crazy queues during the weekends, also I got distracted by the opening of other new cafes lah.

The Place

It’s almost impossible to miss Pacamara when you’re in the Upper Thomson area, as the white washed exterior just stands out in stark contrast from its counterparts, and the entire building as well. It’s like those dramatic heaven places in cartoons, you know? Photo 15-12-15, 4 21 19 PM
I just recalled that we’ve actually stood outside of this very cafe to peep at it at night after our meal some where in the area, but I refused to eat inside there because “WA I THINK IN THE DAY COME, THE LIGHTING WILL BE VERY GOOD”. That partly explains the delay of our visit.

The interior may seem familiar to some of your guys because EVERYONE is taking their pretentious OOTD shots in the cafe. We also witnessed a lady posing with an empty cup and angling the shot for one of the servers to ask them to help her snap a picture. I CANNOT. Like OMG. CANNOT. Explains why I’m a food blogger, I suppose. Skin is not thick enough.

Photo 15-12-15, 3 07 44 PM
This glass window is a savior because that amount of natural light flooding into the cafe in the day – Perfect. And a lot of people take pictures here also. Photo 15-12-15, 3 01 24 PM
The cafe does not exactly have a lot of seats, in my opinion. One large communal table and a couple of SMALLER, but still communal, tables at the back of the cafe. Then again, as compared to the OZ Specialty’s old space, this is a HUGE upgrade. HAHA!
Photo 15-12-15, 3 08 08 PM
For people who want to have a view of the barista at work, you can have the bar seats as well.

The MenuPhoto 15-12-15, 3 02 28 PM
Photo 15-12-15, 3 02 51 PM

This is the extensive food and drinks menu of Pacamara, and all the prices are NETT. I’m not too sure if the prices were revised because when they first opened, I’ve been told that their food is pretty expensive. Yet, looking at this menu, I didn’t think so. In fact I thought it was pretty affordable, relative to the prices that cafes are charging these days.

The combination of ingredients in their dishes have also left us spoilt for choice, because everything just looked so enticing and different! Oh by the way, this is their latest menu as they’ve revamped their menu recently!

The Food

1. Iced Mocha ($6.50) and Iced Chocolate ($6.50)Photo 15-12-15, 3 15 14 PM
The fact that Pacamara has positioned themselves as a space promoting specialty coffee, and with the shelves of coffee beans and drips and what not, you can see that they value their coffee highly. Of course, I had high expectations of the coffee here. They did not fail. My Iced Mocha was nutty and was well-balanced, with the right amounts of bitterness from the espresso and sweetness from the chocolate.

2. Truffle Fries ($8)
Photo 15-12-15, 3 19 11 PM
Honestly, it’s not easy to find truffle fries at just $8 NETT these days, what’s more in epic proportions. This bowl was so generously filled, we couldn’t even finish it! A good option to satisfy those truffle cravings. You could taste the truffle, but it’s just… Not the best we’ve had. Not all the fries are infused with truffle but at $8.. I’ve no qualms. Really.

3. Duck Confit Hash ($20.90)
Photo 15-12-15, 3 21 29 PM
This caught my eye immediately as I was a fan of duck confit! I had my doubts when I saw “SHREDDED duck leg confit” because I was afraid that the serving portion of the duck would be pathetic. But as you can see, it’s NOT! Photo 15-12-15, 3 33 40 PM
Moreover, this plate was really generous with not just its duck confit. It was served with a base of potato rosti, mushrooms, kenya beans, poached eggs and amazing fluffy brioche toasts! It’s like an eggs benedict but 10x better and more value for money! I loved the flavor profile in this dish, as it was really a different experience with every mouthful!

4. Pork Belly ($21.90)
Photo 15-12-15, 3 26 09 PM
The boy and I LOVE pork belly. We’ve had really EXPENSIVE pork bellies in cafes, like $20 for 2 pathetic pieces IN A CAFE. Hence we usually have our reservations when ordering pork belly dishes in cafes. The one from Pacamara impressed us with its generous proportions, again, and also the accompanying ingredients on the plate, which made a familiar dish, feel like an entirely different experience!Photo 15-12-15, 3 25 40 PM
2 slabs of THICK JUICY pork belly, together with apple puree, kale leaf, nuts, poached egg and a cob of corn! While I didn’t understand where the corn fitted in this equation, I guess a little veggies wouldn’t hurt. Haha!

Photo 15-12-15, 3 31 03 PMWe were really tempted to get their pancakes and french toast as well, but FAT, so never. However, I’ve seen posts on instagram commenting about how sweet they were, so.. Try at your own diabetic risk!

Closing Remarks

We were really impressed with the offerings that Pacamara had for us! Even though it may be a little inaccessible by public transport as some walking is required, I thought it was very well worth the visit! A cafe with a good ambience has always been able to win my heart over, and together with their unique take on the otherwise common dishes, we were sold!

I am already looking forward to my next visit here, and it’s pretty peaceful on weekday afternoons as well! Do take note of their kitchen closing hours to avoid disappointment though!

How to get there?

185 Upper Thomson Road
Singapore 574833
(Beside Shell Station)

Opening Hours:

Daily; 9am to 11pm


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