1-for-1 deals with LOCO @ Pie Face NEX

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As some of you may know, I’m trying to save up furiously so that I can head for more trips before I start my life as an adult, a working adult. Boohoo.

I have recently found an app that not only helps me to save money, it gives me a chance to win an $88 cash ang bao weekly this CNY season by just doing what I do best – POSTING A PICTURE ON INSTAGRAM. WHAT. Got so good deal meh?! Have, once in a while lah, especially CNY, people like to give ang bao! WE NEED TO TAKE ADVANTAGE.

What you can do is:

1. Download the app: LOCO Search on your smart phones
2. Visit a merchant from the list and enjoy the different deals, like 1 for 1 combos at Pie Face (which was what I chose!), Baja Fresh, or Free sides at Hungry Heroes, or even 15% off your tea break at EighteenChefs (Cineleisure)!
3. Snap a picture of your food and post it on Instagram (as per your usual routine HAHA), and then hashtag #LOCOforhuat, and you stand a chance to win the weekly angbao!

It is THAT easy!

If you’re spoilt for choice from the deals of the app, I hope my review on Pie Face might help you make a quick decision! I visited the Pie Face outlet at NEX!
Photo 14-1-16, 5 12 27 PM
I’ve had pies from there before because they are SO CUTE with the quirky faces, but I’ve never had the chance to try out their really good looking Pie Combos, such as that of the Mash potato with pie ($7). Each combo comes with a Pepsi too! Photo 14-1-16, 5 07 00 PM
Look! Doesn’t this just look AMAZING?! I don’t know that the green thing is actually, cause I mixed everything and ate it. My tutee said it tasted like peas though.

There are 3 types of combo you can choose from Pie Face: Mashed potato with a pie of your choice ($7), 3 small pies of your choice ($7.50), and a large pie of your at $5. With the LOCO app, you get ANOTHER of the same combo, but you could choose a different pie! HOW SHIOK!
Photo 14-1-16, 5 10 54 PM
I got a beef rendang pie for myself, and a chicken rendang for my tutee for JUST $7! Now I can act like a good and caring tutor for free! 😀 Photo 14-1-16, 5 12 14 PM
These are all the pies available at Pie Face, with the beef and Chicken Rendang being the latest creations.Photo 14-1-16, 5 09 54 PM
Beware though,the rendang flavors were CRAZY SPICY. It’s pretty hot, but if you ordered it with the mash, it kinda offsets the heat, so it wasn’t too bad I THINK. Haha! I really enjoyed the combo from Pie Face, and so did my tutee!

$7 for 2 pies and 2 drinks? I think i could get my lunch and dinner settled when I’m in my full force saving mode (HOPE I WILL NEVER NEED TO GET THERE), with the LOCO APP! PLEASE GIVE ME $88 ANGBAO. I’ll take pretty pictures! #LOCOforhuat!

This post is brought to you by LOCO. 

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