Review: The Plain Jane Cafe @ Serangoon

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Even before they’ve opened their doors, I’ve seen the pictures of their beautiful interior and people on Instagram gushing over their swiss rolls, I wondered what’s the deal with this cafe? I learned that The Plain Jane was just a 2km+ walk away from my place, and of course, I was excited to pay them a visit!

I wanted to get some swiss rolls for on one December morning, only to find the ENTIRE cafe was packed. PACKED. Like so packed you could see people’s faces squished upon the glass packed. Eh kidding. Haha! But it was REALLY crowded. Hence, I only managed to visit them earlier this year, and have even returned for MORE swiss rolls for myself and my family!

The Place

Located just opposite Serangoon stadium, The Plain Jane stood in stark contrast in the old-ish neighborhood with their clean and whitewashed exterior, it’s almost impossible to miss them. Photo 3-1-16, 12 38 46 PM
I love how they’ve got full length windows for the natural light to flow in for amazing photography, and allows you to people watch from inside the cafe, although the same window also make me feel extra conscious when I walk past the cafe.

The interior is also amazing too. Photo 3-1-16, 11 59 10 AM
They’ve got a table full of retro and random ornaments, and even a cute rocking horse! Perfect for getting props to make your pictures prettier! Photo 3-1-16, 11 58 49 AM
High chairs and one of the better spots for photography. Photo 3-1-16, 11 57 36 AM
The marble table tops were also a draw and a damn good place for some good photography. HEHE!

The Menu

Photo 3-1-16, 11 53 15 AM
For now, they only serve up their bakes like scones and swiss rolls, together with coffee. Photo 3-1-16, 11 53 56 AM
Their swiss rolls are all on display, ranging from $4.90 for the plain jane swiss roll (vanilla), to $5.90 for the flavored ones like Matcha, Thai Milk Tea, Chocolate and Raspberry!

The Food

On my first visit, I tried their Matcha Swiss Roll ($5.90) and their hot mocha ($5.50), because latte art. HAHA!
Photo 3-1-16, 12 05 21 PM
Well.. The swiss roll certainly did live up to the hype that has been created online. Soft, fluffy texture of the cake, and the rich, generous amounts of flavored cream within. Mmm. I heard this cafe is by the same folks behind Rich and Good cake shop on Khandahar Street (Bugis), ah, no wonder. For those who are unfamiliar with them, they are a shop that sells DAMN good swiss rolls apparently. So good, many people swear upon them as serving the best swiss rolls in Singapore.

Photo 3-1-16, 12 02 35 PM
The matcha swiss roll ($5.90). The cream was rich and the matcha flavor was distinct with every mouthful. I would have preferred the matcha flavor to have more bitterness and tea flavor in it, BUT that may not sit in too well with the majority I suppose, so this was still pretty great!

Besides the swiss rolls, Plain Jane also serves up pretty decent coffee, with beans from Gentleman Coffee. I enjoyed my robust cup of mocha. Of course, the latte art was a plus as well.

I got myself a Thai Milk Tea swiss roll to go, as well. I’ve heard how good this roll was, especially since they’ve used the best and most authentic thai milk tea powder – Number One brand cha yen. Photo 3-1-16, 1 37 02 PM
Like the matcha swiss roll, the cake was fluffy and moist, while the filling was OH SO GENEROUS. The thai milk tea flavor shone through the layers of cake, and left us wanting for more.

Indeed, I went back to get some more of these and also a Plain Jane swiss roll for my mum, who also enjoyed it a lot. The Plain Jane rolls are the “normal” flavored ones, with vanilla cream. Perfect for someone who LOVES cream, like my mother. HAHA!

Closing Remarks

The Plain Jane Cafe, like what many say, is not so plain after all, with their amazing swiss rolls and decent cuppa. I thought they provided a refreshing touch to the otherwise old neighborhood. A gem, like that of Ciel Patisserie at Lorong Ah Soo! The people (like me) living in the vicinity of this area need not travel all the way to Serangoon Gardens for their coffee and cake fix any more, YAY!

I wish they would get on to work on their brunch menu though, and also a lot of work on the free wifi provided. THE WIFI IS LIKE NON-EXISTENT. Haha! Otherwise, a real good place to chill and have a cuppa or two!

How to get there?
Blk 211 Serangoon Ave 4
Singapore 550211

Opening hours
Monday to Thursday: 12pm to 8pm
Friday: 12pm to 10pm
Saturday: 10am to 10pm
Sunday: 10am to 8pm
Closed on Wednesdays (OMG SO CONFUSING. I KNOW.)

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