Thinking of what to get for Valentine’s? The Carvery’s Pink Valentine’s menu may just be the answer!

Photo 13-1-16, 8 27 41 PM

The Carvery at the relatively new Park Hotel Alexandra is my favorite place for buffet. Why? Because I LOVE MEATS. And I simply just can’t do without them. The Carvery, unlike your usual buffet places, is not a jack of all trades and master of none.

They pride themselves with serving PREMIUM roasts and meats, as you’d be able to smell and see it when you first step on to Level 7 of Park Hotel Alexandra. The large ovens with meats within and the HUGE chopping blocks greets you right at the entrance, you can’t help but to take in another whiff of the aroma. You won’t be able to find things like free flow sushi or sashimi, because the buffet spread is prepared so that they complement the different roasts you go for. NOBODY EAT SALMON SASHIMI WITH ANGUS BEEF ONE LAH. You can expect a salad selection, soups, proteins, breads, a pasta counter and a huge array of amazing tasting desserts on a regular buffet night.

Just for this Valentine’s Day, The Carvery has curated a Pink Valentine’s day menu (valid on 13 and 14 feb 2016) at just $188++ per couple. This includes 2 classes of Veuve Clicquot champagne and 2 cocktails from their Aqua Luna bar, the amazing poolside bar just outside The Carvery. The vday menu is a semi-buffet menu, where starters would be served at the table, and you can help yourselves to the AMAZING roasts at the carving station and DESSERTS from the dessert table. Think free flow salmon wellington, US black angus ribeye, Yorkshire pudding, and TRUFFLE butter. I cannot. If you book as a double date, you’d even get a complimentary bottle of  Victoria Park Shiraz or Victoria Park Chardonnay! Pretty worth it I’d say!

Here’s a run down of the Vday menu:


1.Yin Yang Soup Photo 13-1-16, 7 23 35 PM
Oh just like your blossoming relationship, when a stranger meets another and falls in love, when yin and yang co-exists, it becomes a soup. Uhh I tried. I obviously am not a literature person. 

This soup is creatively plated with a duo of tangy oven roasted tomato soup and creamy leek and potato soup all on one plate, and then finished off with a smoky manchego cheese fritter. The cheese fritter was DA BOMB I tell you.

You could choose to sip on the soups separately or mix them up for a surprising taste! We personally preferred the tangy tomato soup because it really whets your appetite, leaving you craving for MORE.

2. Seafood PlatterPhoto 13-1-16, 7 45 34 PM
This seafood platter consists of freshly shucked oysters with ponzu dressing, crayfish, juicy tiger prawns and a home cured salmon sashimi.  Photo 13-1-16, 7 52 24 PM
(the usual set comes with salmon sashimi (not sure how many pieces), 2 crayfishes, 4 prawns and 2 oysters)

This cold platter also comes with shallot oil, Maldon sea salt, horseraddish and chili cream, and ponzu sauce. SUPER YUMMY and the seafood was super fresh. I loved the sashimi most because of its texture, way better than the ones we get at a usual buffet line!

Now for the BUFFET,

3. Salmon Wellington  Photo 13-1-16, 8 23 19 PM
Head on to the carving table to get your serving of salmon wellington. FREE FLOW HOR. Fresh Norwegian salmon sandwiched between a button mushroom and swiss chard filling, and then encased in puff pastry. Gordon Ramsey much? HAHA!Photo 13-1-16, 8 27 41 PM
The wellington is then baked to perfection, and would be carved upon order. This is also served with a creamy leek and mustard cream sauce. You just can’t go wrong with PUFF PASTRY AND SALMON. MMMMMM. I WISH I TOOK MORE THE OTHER DAY!

4. US Black Angus RibeyePhoto 13-1-16, 9 06 31 PM
I LOVED THIS. The black angus ribeye is a highly marbled cut with a super rich flavor. SO JUICY AND GOOD. MMMMMM. I’m so hungry just recalling about this, you can just imagine how good this is.

How Carvery has prepared it would make you drool right in front of the screen, the ribeye is first lightly seasoned with salt and pepper, then slow roasted in the oven. Just before serving, this ribeye is quickly roasted at a high temperature in the wood fired oven, which gives the smoky flavor to the roast. I CANNOT. After grabbing your plate of heaven, you can proceed to add the various condiments to it like a pinch of sea salt or house made TRUFFLE BUTTER. I had it on its own, and IT WAS AWESOME.

There will also be a buffet line of tantalizing sides for you to accompany your proteins, like yorkshire pudding, creamy  mashed mash potatoes laced with butter, spicy corn on cob, cauliflower gratin, caramelized sweet potatoes are just SOME of the options.


The desserts will also be served on a buffet table, so… GRAB AS MANY AS YOU WHICH. Seriously, $188++ per pax is so WORTH IT.

Cake PopsPhoto 13-1-16, 9 15 47 PM
Instead of a bouquet of flowers, just surprise your date with a handful of these cake pops. Not sure if she would have diabetes from your gesture or from the cake pops though. Haha!Photo 13-1-16, 9 16 55 PM
Flamingo cake – This was the winner of the night. Edible hearts placed on this delectable rich chocolate cake, and it comes with a surprise center of a RASPBERRY CREAM CORE. Oops. I think I just spoilt your surprise..Photo 13-1-16, 9 17 25 PM
These cranberry cheese tarts are a great way to end of your meal. Easy to pop them into your mouth and the tangy-ness from the fruits is a palate pleaser!

They also have churros with blush shooters, I’ve no idea what is that but GIVE ME ANYTHING CHURROS, BLUSHING OR NOT.

Lastly, you will also be entitled to 2 cocktails from the Aqua Luna bar. The “For Him” and “For Her” cocktails, which were YUM. I don’t even drink BUT I LOVED THEM. Photo 13-1-16, 7 32 04 PMThe “For Him” (green) is a refreshing concoction of Hendricks gin, elderflower liqueur, cucumber and a squeeze of lime; while the “For Her” cocktail consists of Belvedere vodka, pineapple and mango juice, violette liqueur, Bols yogurt liqueur and grenadine! Both tasted amazing, but I liked the For Her one MORE!

Now, now you won’t have to stress over what to get your partner for Valentine’s because when in doubt, food is always the answer. RIGHT? Or else you wouldn’t be reading this also! HEHE! Honestly, I think this is an absolutely value for money deal! Every where is gonna have their overpriced valentine’s sets, but why go for those when you can just pay a fixed price and go for rounds and rounds and rounds of quality food? Also, since Park Hotel Alexandra is located just beside IKEA, after the meal you all still can go shop for furniture to build your love nest. PERFECT. HAHA!

To add a little more UMPH to your valentine’s day celebration, Park Hotel Alexandra is running a promotion for their Valentine’s Staycation! At just $388++ a night on 13 or 14 Feb in their Premier or Deluxe rooms, you can get the Pink Valentine’s dinner at The Carvery (worth $188++), pink rose petals scattered on bed upon arrival (squeals), late checkout till 2pm and complimentary wifi! Bookings can be made online (here) or call 6828 8888.

How to get there?

Park Hotel Alexandra
323 Alexandra Road
Singapore 159972
Level 7 (The Carvery)

Opening Hours (The Carvery)
Monday to Sunday: 12pm to 3pm, 6pm to 10pm
Valentine’s day menu only available during dinner!

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