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Montana Brew Bar has recently rebranded themselves to Montana Singapore following their massive success with their affordable waffles, injecting life into the otherwise unheard of POMO. If you’ve found the name REALLY familiar, yes, I’ve blogged about them before and their waffles before!

The rebranding comes with several changes – the slight rise in the prices of their waffles on the menu (don’t worry still quite affordable), TWO other new food concepts under the brand and a much larger space spanning across 2 levels.

Whilst Montana Singapore specializes in their UNIQUE waffle offerings, their other 2 concepts – South Bronx Burgers and Fabulous Dough, served up burgers and instagram-worthy doughnuts respectively. Some of you may have caught the really pretty doughnuts from Fabulous Dough on Instagram – the uniquely flavored ones with the syringe injected into the balls of dough, we unfortunately did not get to try those doughnuts as they were still in the midst of tweaking their recipe on our visit.

This review focuses on the menu from Montana. A separate post will be published for South Bronx burgers.

The Place

All 3 food concepts are under Montana Singapore and share a single space, which is 2 storeys high. South Bronx Burgers located on the ground level with walls brightly littered with graffiti, probably to mimic the streets of the Bronx in NYC, while Montana and Fabulous Dough are located on the second level, with a much bigger space, yet with a cosier ambience.

Montana (2nd Level of POMO)Photo 17-1-16, 6 15 57 PM   Photo 17-1-16, 6 14 01 PM  The sleek interior of Montana is definitely a draw for most of the foodies hanging around in the area, and it is definitely a HUGE upgrade from their previous space.

Photo 17-1-16, 6 13 41 PMWhile the doughnuts from Fabulous Dough are available for takeout, its location seems to be less than strategic as people craving for a snack have to walk through all these diners to get their doughnuts. So paiseh, I cannot. We heard that some couldn’t even locate them as they are hidden within Montana!

The Menu

Here are the menus for 2 different concepts on the 2nd level

1. Fabulous Dough
Photo 17-1-16, 6 14 34 PM
2. Montana
Photo 17-1-16, 6 19 03 PMPhoto 17-1-16, 6 19 30 PM

The Food

Montana takes pride in their coffee as you can see from the HUGE coffee counter occupying a part of the space. There are several interesting offerings on their current menu, and they are possibly the only ones in Singapore to serve them right now. With a focus on using what they think is the local’s favorite flavor – coconut, Montana has came up with several Coconut Cold Brews. Interesting. We love coconut!

1. Regular Coconut Cold Brew ($6.50)
Photo 17-1-16, 6 31 21 PM
Coconut cold brew served with a coconut ice sphere, which never seemed to melt away. Haha!Photo 17-1-16, 6 41 59 PM
The coconut cold brew is less acidic as the usual ones that we have, it also has a light touch of sweetness and aroma of coconut in the drink. If you’re not an espresso kind of person, but have always wanted to try cold brew, this might just be a good modification. Really easy and light to drink!

2. Gula Meleka Coconut Cold Brew ($6.80)
Photo 17-1-16, 6 35 26 PM
This is similar to the above, but laced with gula meleka. I liked it especially with the subtle finish of the taste of coconut. The boy didn’t like it though, cause he just doesn’t do black coffee in general.

As we all know, Montana specializes in waffles; and they have added a greater repertoire of both sweet and savory waffles on the menu, with some leaving you smacking your lips in delight just by reading the description.

We tried 2 of their newest and highly recommended creations for the savory department:

1. Bulgogi Beef Waffle ($16)
Photo 17-1-16, 6 59 13 PM (1) A Korean inspired dish, this waffle was topped with Sous vide Bulgogi Beef, kimchi slaw, and what’s even more special? The waffle itself is made with Gochujang rice, this is finally finished off with a nicely poached egg. Photo 17-1-16, 7 08 11 PM
The sous vide bulgogi beef was oh so flavorful and GOOD, especially when eaten together with the kimchi slaw. Sweet, savory, spicy and slightly tangy flavors dancing on your palate in one mouthful.

However, for those who are looking for a crisp waffle, you may not find it in this one as the batter is made with gochujang rice, it tended towards the more cake-ish texture. I actually thought  that was great as it managed to soak up the juices from the protein and kimchi altogether, a very wholesome experience.

2. Assam Crab Waffle ($18)
Photo 17-1-16, 7 02 45 PM
This dish is inspired by the Kedah laksa, and the team behind montana had spent months perfecting the taste of Assam to complement the crab and waffles. I thought their efforts may have came to a naught as we didn’t think there was anything to shout about. Perhaps it’s because we shared it and did not pour the sauce thoroughly on the waffles, hence making it a really underwhelming dish.

I liked dipping the fries from South Bronx into the sauce though. Haha!


3. Black Velvet Waffle ($14)

We also had one other waffle for dessert, and it was their latest creation – Black Velvet Waffle. As misleading as it sounds, black velvet waffle isn’t even anything chocolatey like what we are used to. Photo 17-1-16, 8 08 56 PM (1)This would be a hit with most people I suppose as it is a BLACK SESAME WAFFLE – and everyone I know loves black sesame, except me. Ugh. There is also a choice of black sesame ice cream or matcha ice cream. I’d think the matcha ice cream will look more photogenic as it stands out against the black waffles, but oh well.

You also have a choice of how you want your waffle to be done – Crispy or Fluffy! I’d think the fluffy one sounded more appealing to me, crisp on the exterior while fluffy within. However, we tried the crispy version, and it was not too bad as well.

You may find certain mouthfuls a little salty because this waffle is laced with black miso caramel, giving the entire dish a sweet-savory combination. I didn’t take too well to the miso though as it was a weird kind of salty. I’d rather have the safer option of a salted caramel drizzle with black sesame.

Closing Remarks

Montana Singapore never fails to surprise us with their innovative dishes since they first opened their doors at POMO last year. Mac and Cheese WITHIN waffles? Who’d have thought of that?

Their fusion take on their waffles were also pretty daring, yet was well worth the risk. While I am kind of immune to being wow-ed away by waffles, or even being enticed by the thought of having waffles, Montana has got my attention with their innovative take on the otherwise over-used dish of a waffle.

Well.. I’d think if you’re looking for a place for a gathering, the new Montana concept may be a good place to be, as the menu is extensive enough to cater to the different palates and their dishes are pretty well worth sharing the calories for! Stay tuned for the review on South Bronx Burgers next!

How to get there?
1 Selegie Road
#02-25 PoMo

Opening Hours:
Daily: 8am – 10pm



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