A Healthier Alternative to Your CNY Bakkwa Fix: Ocean King HALAL Gourmet Fish Bakkwa

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Even though bakkwa is available all year round, we see long queues everywhere for these amazing slices of barbecued pork only during CNY because… We all know it, CNY is the best excuse for us to stuff our faces silly with calorie laden, artery-clogging food.

Let me break it down for you guys, ONE slice of your regular bakkwa has about 270kcal, and since we OBVIOUSLY won’t just stop at 1, two slices would set you back as much as a plate of chicken rice would. And the best part? Most of these calories come from fat in the meat and honey from the flavoring. It’s unhealthy but WE DON’T CARE because it’s NEW YEAR. But.. What about for the people who are more health conscious? People who have health issues or your muslim friends who want to visit? HOW?

Ocean King, the company that provides sushi grade tuna and salmon for SOGO restaurant chains in Asia Pacific and a source for PREMIUM fish products, has came up with the idea of using their premium seafood and technology to meet your cravings of having bakkwa PLUS enjoying all the nutritional benefits from their fishes, like Omega 3 fatty acids! They are certified one hor!

Honestly if it isn’t pork, it isn’t bakkwa, like how if it isn’t pork, it just isn’t bacon. I know this because I recently tried a fish version of SPAM, and it was DISGUSTING. So when Ocean King approached me one day and told me that they’ve got FISH bakkwa, I was honestly really skeptical. I really didn’t know what to expect despite their constant persuasion of how good these would taste.

Sold in an exquisite looking box at $68, you can expect 10 snack-friendly packets of EACH of the 3 flavors available – Emperor Seaweed Salmon, Tropic Chili Tuna and Seared BBQ Marlin, i.e. 30 packets altogether. Quite a worthy investment and this makes a pretty good gift too!Photo 21-1-16, 10 15 13 PM
Okay sorry I take until it doesn’t look very appetizing. But.. BAKKWA IS THIS COLOR ONE RIGHT? HAHA!Photo 21-1-16, 10 18 00 PM
All of these fish bakkwas were as addictive as the usual ones that I used to have as I popped packets after packets into my mouth. So much for the healthy portioning. Haha! While they honestly did not taste like the pork bakkwa, the texture was still crisp (YUM) and it was also more breakable than the usual bakkwa.

This tasted amazing I tell you! It had none of those smelly fishy taste, but was just very nice lor. I especially loved the slight hint of spiciness in the tuna as well! It was refreshing and you know the best part? These have NO preservatives, and they have all the healthy fats you need from your tuna, salmon, marlin etc.

Perfect for those watching their diet, especially with the friendly packets at just 70-80 kcal per packet, and those who have health conditions, as well as your Muslim friends coming over to visit!Photo 21-1-16, 10 18 52 PM

Before trying these, I wouldn’t have seen myself doing up a blogpost recommending and falling head over heels these fish bakkwas. These were really, really impressive for me and like what Ocean King has promised, they are definitely reinventing the CNY scene by allowing us to enjoy the timeless tradition without the guilt! I’m now a convert and I don’t think I’d reach out for the barbecued pork this CNY. I swear.

Now.. Means I can stuff my face with more pineapple tarts right?

You can order these at just $68/box from or visit their facebook page here!

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