Review: Butter My Buns by The Tiramisu Hero @ NUS

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AT NUS?! Yes, you heard me LOUD AND CLEAR – NUS. National University of Singapore. Are we the hippest university in Singapore yet?

I think so.

By the same awesome people behind the well-known The Tiramisu Hero comes Butter My Buns, and guess where they are buttering our buns? At the hippest place in NUS, of course – UTown! That name though, so kinky. But I honestly can’t believe we actually have a LEGIT cafe in school! Okay okay, I know we’ve got Late Plate, Humble Origins, Royals Cafe, but.. But… This is just.. DIFFERENT. It is by The Tiramisu Hero you know. It’s legit. HAHA!

Now, we don’t have to cafe hop outside leh, in between lessons also can cafe hop. Wait.. Don’t I do that already?

The Place

Photo 25-1-16, 5 40 27 PMWith such a kinky name, Butter My Buns has to be located at somewhere more kinky-ish right? They chose Book Haven. Hmm I didn’t know they so sneaky one. They’ve replaced Bing Bing Ice Cream and are situated WITHIN Book Haven, just next to Fairprice, overlooking the UTown green!

For visitors, they are located at the building OPPOSITE Starbucks, in a bookshop!

The design of the place was a little of a disappointment because I expected it to look sexier. Probably because it’s a shared area with book haven and they do not have much space to work with, the cafe had a minimalist flair to its design, with a couple of communal tables (with power points) to maximize the space. Definitely not a good place for dates, I suppose. Photo 25-1-16, 3 50 45 PM
The tables and power points available also means you’d find the Metapod-s of NUS – pests and buggers who hog on to the space to do their work even when the cafe is running high on occupancy. Hmmph.

The Menu
Photo 25-1-16, 3 37 27 PM
Unlike how most of the cafes have got your All Day Breakfasts planned for you, Butter My Buns has got a “make your own” breakfast concept, which was really awesome, because now I can choose to have my all day breakfast without any eeky bitter greens, and have things like Mac and Cheese or some portobello mushrooms instead! Perfect for fussy eaters eh!

You may also realize that they have overlapping items on the Light Bites menu and All Day Breakfast, but the light bites are higher priced because of its greater portion!

The Food

1. Drinks

Iced Latte ($6), Creme Brulee Latte ($7)

Iced Latte ($6), Creme Brulee Latte ($7)

Their coffee was okay, I ordered an iced mocha ($7) to try for myself, of course. My friend preferred her Latte to be more full-bodied, while I thought my iced mocha was pretty good except they could probably do better with the type of chocolate used especially with that $7 price tag.

Baileys Chocolate ($6)

Baileys Chocolate ($6)

They also offer a variety of alcoholic beverages, and I heard the Vanilla Bourbon ($7) is one of the best sellers, and you even have a choice to UP the amount of Bourbon. Stressed kids ah.

2. All Day Breakfast

Scrambled Eggs, Portobello Mushroom, Mac and Cheese

Scrambled Eggs, Portobello Mushroom, Mac and Cheese

Scrambled eggs, waffle hash, broccoli and cheese sausage

Scrambled eggs, waffle hash, broccoli and cheese sausage

It’s crazy how the latter set costs only $10, and it kept me full for the entire day! That sausage is HUGE, and the cheese was really… SHIOK. The scrambled eggs could be more buttery, but the rest was pretty satisfying.

I don’t think you’d be able to find breakfasts as wholesome as this at just $10. I seriously love NUS. You could even get a sausage roll with that jumbo hot dog at just $3! What even..

3. Mac and Cheese($4.50)
Photo 25-1-16, 4 18 02 PM
We wished this could be less watery and be of a thicker and cheesier (gao-er) consistency. Its taste was a tad too milky unfortunately, ah if only I could do a cheese pull with that good looking pot of mac and cheese.

They should probably find a way to make these more cheesy at a price tag of $4.50. Perhaps baking it might give the mac and cheese a satisfying cheesy crust on top? I don’t know.. I don’t know how to cook one. HAHA!

4. Gourmet Baked Potato($5.50)
Photo 25-1-16, 4 43 26 PM
We ordered this because my friend is weird and just wants baked potato for lunch. Weird. Baked potato with a generous amounts of cheese drizzle. I had nibbles of this and we thought the potato could do with more seasoning as it was rather bland within.

Perhaps it could be buttered and baked within? Or add cheese and melt it within the potato instead of drizzling the sauce above, which does not give the satisfying cheesy feel and taste – JUST LIKE THE ONES FROM TAIWAN! Mmmmmmmmmmm.

5. Honey Truffle Belgian Waffles ($12 + $1.50 for strawberries)Photo 25-1-16, 4 45 37 PM
This was… The best tasting waffle I’ve ever eaten. Okay that vanilla soft serve was rather tasteless, I’m sorry. BUT. The TRUFFLE HONEY was the best part of this entire dish.

When this was first served to us, the whiff of truffle just knocked us out with its aroma. Cutting into the not-overly-crisp waffle (the texture that I LOVE) drenched with truffle honey, with a little vanilla soft serve, and simply popping it into your mouth was.. HEAVEN. Seriously. If you’re having a bad day at school, just swing by Butter Your Buns for this dish. THIS DISH. I swear, it’d make your day because it definitely made ours. SO GOOD. I almost finished everything on my own when I’m so sick of having waffles. CRAY CRAY.

Closing Remarks


Like most budding cafes, there were hits and misses at Butter My Buns. While they are from the same people behind The Tiramisu Hero, the menu here varies for both cafes, and hence time and suggestions from you guys would be really appreciated by them so that they can tweak their recipe to serve you guys SOLID food at UTown!

The price point and DESSERTS are the biggest draw factor for me! I don’t think we would ever find any cafe that serves food that are this affordable, not even on the budget cafe list that I compiled here! As you can tell, I was, in fact, WE WERE all blown away by the truffle honey waffle, and peeping over at what the couple ordered opposite us, that chocolate lava cake was also damn nicely plated and looks delish too. Ah, who can resist desserts? They even have Bingsus at like $3.50, but of course, it’s a single pax portion. I CANNOT.

I’m so glad we all can finally have our affordable brunch fix and pretty decent coffee all at one place in NUS. The day I’ve been waiting for has finally come, but I graduate already. Life. So.. Humans of NUS and WESTIES, please enjoy while this lasts!

How to get there?
2 College Avenue West
Stephen Riady Centre
Inside Book Have

Opening Hours
Sunday to Thursday: 10.30am to 10.30pm
Friday and Saturday: 10.30am to 9pm


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  1. Jeje Jeje
    January 26, 2016    

    Sorry to say but this cafe was very disappointing, we tried the bingsus and it did not look like a bingsu nor did it taste like one!

    • Clara Clara
      January 26, 2016    


      I’m so sorry to hear that you didn’t enjoy your experience at Butter My Buns! I saw the bingsu served in a plastic cup like of thing right? Haha!

      Perhaps you’d like to give their other items a try because we ordered different items so that’s no basis for comparison! I’ll try to help you feedback this to the owners and thank you for reading the post! (:

  2. nuskid nuskid
    January 29, 2016    

    I have to say after reading your review which made me super excited to try this place, I was left rather disappointed :( Perhaps it’s because it’s new

    • Clara Clara
      January 29, 2016    

      Ah, really sorry that your experience wasn’t as good as mine! Some of their items definitely have some teething issues! Perhaps they might require some time to get them sorted out!

      Get the waffles with truffle honey, we enjoyed that a lot!

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