Since I have been raving about my Japan trip earlier this month, and will be heading over for yet another one in March, I’ve been keeping track of the food news in Japan and in case you guys haven’t seen it yet… McDonald’s JAPAN has recently launched a new product – McChcolate Potato.

This is not just fries. It’s FRIES WITH 2 different kinds of Chocolate sauce – Milk and White. Can you just imagine the sweet, savory and creamy flavors all in a mouthful? I thought Royce Chocolate Potato Chips were already genius, but THIS, simply tops that creation. McDonald_s_Chocolate_Fries.0.0
(Source: McDonald’s Japan)

No way. NO WAY. What’s this Truffle fries in McDonald’s Singapore? CAN WE HAVE THIS HERE ALREADY? For just ¥330 (~$4), you can get an ala carte McChocolate Potato, and you have to top up ¥60 (~$0.70) to change your normal fries in a meal to this! I CANNOT.

Here’s a video to make you guys hungry.

Now, now don’t we wish they’d bring this over to Singapore? Oh wait, MAYBE, just MAYBE I should try doing this at home with my McDonald’s fries!

The only depressing thing about this news, besides it being only available in Japan is that it’s on sale for just a LIMITED TIME – From NOW till Mid February, slightly after Valentine’s Day. NOOOOOOOO!

Can someone bring this pack of chocolate back here for my Valentine’s gift? Please? 

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