The Guide to PasarBella @ Suntec City!

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Fun Fact: PasarBella is the embodiment of our colloquial term for Market (Pasar) and the Italian term “Beautiful” (Bella). It is also one name that has always excited me ever since its opening at Grandstand a couple of years ago. I remembered I made my first trip to Pasarbella because I saw that they offered Shirako – Fish semen. FISH SEMEN?! I definitely need to try that. Anything exotic.. Explodingbelly WILL BE THERE.

Although I don’t usually get anything from Pasarbella, its inconvenient location – Grandstand has always made it an elusive place for me to visit, and I get really excited as it seems like I’m going to somewhere exciting and foreign!

Of course, I was elated when I found out that Pasarbella has expanded to Suntec City, even though it kinda lost its mysterious charm with its newfound convenience. As we all know, Pasarbella prides itself with its gourmet offerings and diverse options, combining food with retail – a one stop food and retail destination, the outlet at Suntec City retains the charm.

Photo 21-1-16, 5 52 20 PMThis outlet houses 14 gourmet concept stalls and 1 retail stall in an area that takes up about 2-3 units at Suntec City. The only difference I noticed was the fact that the Suntec outlet did not have any fresh ingredients for sale, unlike that of the Grandstand outlet.

With their official opening on 21st January, here’s a rundown of the stalls that they have at Suntec City, together with the type of food they offer. Oh they also have ample seating within the outlet, just like a food court! Only more atas!

Fresh Food to go

1. Pimp My Salad
Photo 21-1-16, 5 59 53 PMRevolutionizing the fast food concept with their healthy offerings, diners will be able to customize their own salads here, with their preferred combination of greens, proteins and grains!

2. Pita and Olives
Photo 21-1-16, 5 57 11 PM
A mediterranean style bistro that uses pita bread and hearty ingredients like olives, tahini and chickpeas to create kebabs, falafels etc. Not something you can find commonly find outside – that’s what makes Pasarbella great, in my opinion.

3. Porsena Deli
Photo 21-1-16, 5 58 29 PM
Located near the end of the market, Porsena serves up sandwiches inspired by New York, with its spread of pastrami and smoked meats. A good way to get your meals done on the go!

4. Cajun on Wheels
True to its food truck concept, Cajun on Wheels even has an entire truck within Pasarbella. Serving up Louisiana Style seafood with buckets of crabs, mussels, clams and prawns, alongside with your choice of fries and cajun sauce.

They have even taken a Singaporean twist to their otherwise angmoh concept with sauces like Chili Crab and Salted Egg Yolk sauce!Photo 21-1-16, 7 35 51 PM
Give their truffle fries ($4) a miss though, because there was no hint of truffle at all! The sweet potato fries might be a better option! Photo 21-1-16, 7 42 27 PM

Meats and Burgers

Here comes my favorite part.

5. Wolf Burgers
Photo 21-1-16, 5 57 59 PM (1)
From the same people behind Carvers & Co., you know their offerings is gonna be GREAT. Wolf Burgers debuts at Pasarbella Suntec, and this is one of the main reasons why you should come over to the new Pasarbella outlet! Photo 21-1-16, 7 07 50 PM (2)Quality burgers at just half the price. You can even watch your burgers being made fresh off the grill!Photo 21-1-16, 7 03 50 PM
Basic Wolf Burger ($9.90) – medium rare beef patty with their signature sauce. Simple but damn tasty. 
Photo 21-1-16, 7 00 55 PM
You can expect nothing less than a big, fat, juicy and satisfying burger. Look at that huge chunk of buttermilk chicken slathered with SALTED EGG MAYO ($9.90). I could have that for lunch everyday, and get fat with no regrets.

Check out their amazing sides too.
Photo 21-1-16, 7 06 15 PM
This was ONE unusual combination. I’ve probably never heard of it before but this is the SMORES fries – toasted marshmallows atop of sweet potato fries. It was CRAZY good. I couldn’t stop picking one after the other. Photo 21-1-16, 7 02 23 PM
The Kimchi Cheese Fries were also equally amazing. Savory, spicy, tangy all in a mouthful. Wow.

6. Mad Dogs Grill
Photo 21-1-16, 5 58 18 PM
For all meat lovers and carnivores.. This one is for you. Mad Dogs Grill prepares your finest cuts of protein cooked to your preference upon order. Go on. FEAST AWAY YOU MEAT LOVERS.

7. Choo Choo Chicken
Photo 21-1-16, 5 56 55 PM
The newest kids on the block is Choo Choo Chicken, the popular Korean chicken chain besides Chir Chir. I believe this is their 3rd outlet in Singapore, and my first time trying them out. Photo 21-1-16, 7 51 59 PM
Their Korean fried chickens were well marinated and extremely crisp and juicy. BUT YOU KNOW WHAT IS BETTER? THAT “BURGER”. You have a choice of various stuffings within your burger, and it is basically a clump of rice, sandwiching your choice of fillings – the beef and kimchi combo was DAEBAK. I don’t even eat rice but I finished that entire pile of carbs.

Asian Fare

8. Rollie Ollie
Photo 21-1-16, 5 57 44 PM
Sushi, aloha poke bowls – their take on chirashi bowls, using Asian inspired ingredients like kimchi, spicy crab meat and sauces like sirarcha or yuzu amongst others!Photo 21-1-16, 7 27 35 PM
This is their aloha poke bowl. Photo 21-1-16, 7 29 16 PM
Torching the shiok maki. Photo 21-1-16, 7 30 55 PM
This is their second outlet in Singapore, with the first being at Star Vista! Sushi rolls were decent but I just thought they are slightly overpriced, averaging about $17 per roll. I know there are shiok makis that are in the $20 range but this did not seem like it was worth the $17 in my opinion!

9. An-An
Photo 21-1-16, 5 59 01 PM
You’ve got the Mediterranean, Japanese, Western, now with An An, you can get your Vietnamese fix here!Photo 21-1-16, 8 20 10 PM
Small dishes like Beef Pho, Spring Rolls and salads are all hand prepared by a veteran chef with 25 years of experience. I’m pretty sure this is as authentic as it gets!

10. Grillo
Photo 21-1-16, 5 59 24 PM
Specializing in skewers dipped in their tantalizing house blended sauces is Grillo. Besides their take on yakitori, you can also get your truffle yakiniku fix at just $15 here!

Coffees, juices and more!

 Photo 21-1-16, 5 56 35 PM
from its name, you can probably expect fruits and juices. And yes, they do a combination of cold pressed juices, a good and healthier alternative to your choice of beverages at Pasarbella!
Photo 21-1-16, 7 57 56 PM

But you know what’s better at Squeezed?Photo 12-1-16, 3 19 35 PM
Their unhealthier offering – the UFO bun. Brioche bun stuffed with Yogurt and nutella.Photo 12-1-16, 3 16 45 PM
Look at this UFO machine. Photo 12-1-16, 3 24 19 PM
SOFT FLUFFEH WARM BRIOCHE, with the frozen yogurt and nutella spread within! OOOOOH I’M IN LOVE!Photo 21-1-16, 7 59 09 PM
I came back a week later for their UFO buns and found out that they now have MORE flavors to it, like this TRUFFLE MAC AND CHEESE + BACON BITS UFO BUN. I even saw a teriyaki chicken rendition of it. Now, JUST TAKE MY MONEY. SQUEEZE(D) ME DRY!

12. Sarnies
Photo 21-1-16, 6 00 24 PM
I was wondering which specialty coffee chain would appear in the outlet at Suntec since the one at Grandstand has Dutch Colony! To my excitement, it is SARNIES! They are my to go coffee place whenever I’m in the CBD area, and I was just really glad that they were there where I needed them to be. HEHE because I happen to frequent suntec a lot these days. Photo 12-1-16, 3 34 26 PM
Here’s my regular cup of Iced Mocha. For those who are interested, they have bulletproof coffee here too (black + butter).Photo 21-1-16, 8 44 06 PM
They also have their COCOWHIP – the world’s first vegan soft serve, made with coconut water! Highly nutritious, but… Not quite palatable, as well as not too wallet friendly.

Photo 21-1-16, 5 58 51 PM
Drinks is what it is. CRAFT BEERS, LEMON JUICES, SODAS, any beverage you want, you got it all here at DRINKS!

They also have a small retail space in the center of Pasarbella Suntec – GIFTED, which carries handcrafted items to eco-conscious and modern goods!

While it seems like Pasarbella Suntec houses a lot of merchants and may sound like a huge place to you, I’d say it’s probably half the size of the one at Grandstand, just so you know and don’t feel too disappointed when you pop by to visit them here at Suntec City! I’m so glad PasarBella has been made more accessible with its expansion closer to the heart of our city!

While you are at Suntec City checking PasarBella out, you could also head on to Artisan C,which is the art space just opposite Pasarbella, and get your Salted Egg Chips fix from Emporium just a few doors away!

How to get there?
Suntec City
3 Temasek Blvd
#01-455 to 461 North Wing

Opening Hours
Daily; 10am to 10pm
Sarnies opens at 8am!

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