Review: Joo Bar @ Tan Quee Lan Street – NEW MENU

Photo 5-1-16, 1 54 51 PM

I believe Joo Bar is the place where I’ve reviewed the most times on my blog, and this is the third update I have for you guys on their menu! You can find the previous posts here and here!

This is the thing I love about Joo Bar, they are constantly refreshing their menu and at the same time preserving the classic dishes we all love over some Makgeoli. There is always something new to look forward to!

The new introductions into their dinner menu include:

1. Seafood Ceviche and Tofu Chips ($20)
Photo 5-1-16, 1 38 00 PMServed so atas-ly. Within the shot glass consists of Shrimp, Black Mussel, Clam, Squid, Lime, crushed pepper and kimchi jus, and then accompanied by a side of amazingly crispy tofu chips. Photo 5-1-16, 1 38 33 PM (1)This is perfect as an appetizer especially for its tanginess and a hint of spice! Honestly I thought this was just an average dish, nothing much to shout about, but it makes a great snack to along with some beers, and that price tag though.. Good to share, good to share.

2. Tuna Tartare ($18)
Photo 5-1-16, 1 39 02 PM
This is made up of a nice patty of smashed avocado, horseradish, lime, cilantro, onion, cucumber, chili and tobiko. It’s such a sight to behold, but it might not exactly be the dish you’d want to go for unless you’re trying to watch your diet while you’re out for some drinks with your friends.

3. Dak Kang Jung ($18)
Photo 5-1-16, 1 52 12 PM If you’re looking for something more satisfying and delicious for the same price tag of $18, I’d highly recommend their chicken tenders. Firstly, because it is CHICKEN TENDERS. SO CONVENIENT TO EAT.

Secondly, because they are all so well-seasoned, I just couldn’t stop popping one after the other into my mouth. The one in the foreground is seasoned with gochujang, honey, garlic and chopped nuts – you can totally taste the sweet, savory, slightly spicy combination, and the tenders are crisp and oh so juicy, everything just went so harmoniously well together, I think these were the best damn tenders I’ve ever had so far.

4. Honey Butter Chick ($18)
Photo 5-1-16, 1 52 22 PMThis honey butter chick ($18) was the crowd’s favorite. For those who do not take spicy, or are not a fan of gochujang, GO FOR THIS HONEY BUTTER CHICK. This chick is HOT DAMN. The same crisp and juicy tenders seasoned with honey and butter, you can just imagine the fragrance. It’s like eating popcorn, but it’s CHICKEN.

There are also Toppokki served together with these tenders, and THEY WERE CRISP ON THE OUTSIDE AND CHEWY WITHIN. OMG. THAT WAS MY FIRST TIME HAVING TOPPOKKI OF SUCH AMAZING TEXTURES. Go for the tenders, guys. You wouldn’t regret.

5. Kimchi and Mushroom Roulade ($16)
Photo 5-1-16, 1 27 09 PMThe breaded crust wraps around some chicken breasts, tomato sauce, kimchi and shiitake mushrooms. A great concept, and I thought it sounded more satisfying than it really is. Perhaps thinner crust with more chunky and juicy meats and mushrooms for a greater bite. If you have to have chicken at Joo, go for the tenders instead!

6. Sizzling Mushroom Trio ($15)
Photo 5-1-16, 1 25 51 PMThis was THE dish that excited me the most because I LOVE MUSHROOMS. It is my favorite food in the world. You know when I was younger, I’d keep the last mushroom in the pockets of my cheek just to savor it slowly over the hour. I think I was a hamster then. BUT THIS IS HOW MUCH I LOVE MUSHROOMS.

In this sizzling plate, you can expect a trio of mushrooms – Enoki, Shiitake, and king oyster, with housemade garlic butter. Everything was great except that this was unfortunately a little bland, as there was simply just too little butter added to it! We’ve since gave them the feedback and I hope it is better on my return visit!

7. Seafood Rapokki ($22)Photo 5-1-16, 1 52 47 PMRapokki is the amalgamation of Ramyeon and Toppokki, best suited for for people like me WHO LOVE RAMYEON AND TOPPOKI. It’s amazing how they could read my mind and made a dish like this up.Photo 5-1-16, 1 54 51 PMWithin which, there are also a generous myriad of seafood like mussels, clams, shrimp, squid, and of course MOZZARELLA. A sinful, sinful dish, but they made it so good to share as it is so satisfying to simply pick on some toppokki or a clam or 2 over a conversation! Really shiok! And anything with cheese goes!

8. Bangers and Mash ($24)
Photo 5-1-16, 1 47 31 PMKorean bar goes angmoh style. Bangers and Mash, the classic English dish with a Joo Bar twist. How? Instead of using protein from a random pig, Joo Bar uses their SPECIALTY MANGALITSA PORK (THE WAGYU OF PIGS), and glazed it with honey-soy, which gives the amazing taste to fit the juicy texture of this atas pork. My friends took a bite of this sausage, and never want to eat any other sausages again (umm sounds wrong is it?). I ain’t a fan of mash, but my friends loved it, so I guess.. IT MUST BE GREAT!

9. Kimchi Chili Cheese Hot Dog ($14)
Photo 5-1-16, 2 01 17 PMAlso available for lunch, this easy to grab and go bun is not just your usual hotdog bun. THIS HAS HANDCHOPPED MANGALITSA PORK SAUSAGES – seriously any pork dishes in Joo Bar would be ON POINT. TRUST ME. Besides the pork, it is also dressed with a honey soy marinade, kimchi wagyu chili, and mozzarella, and finally wrapped with a brioche bun. If I’m not afraid of being fat and broke, I would happily have this for lunch ALL DAY. Everything just worked so well together in this one, and the mangalitsa is TO DIE FOR.

Closing Remarks

I hope you’re hungry now. These are the NEW items on Joo Bar’s menu, and if the pictures don’t entice you, I don’t know what does. While you’re there, grab a Makgeoli or two – the only kind of alcoholic drink I LOVE.

How to get there?
5 Tan Quee Lan Street
Singapore 188094
(Bugis Downtown line exit)

Opening Hours
Daily: 11:30 am-2:30 pm;
5:30 pm-12:00 am



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