Review: Froth @ BIG Hotel

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I’ve first heard of Froth for its TARO WAFFLES, and I’m sure most of you foodies too! That purple sauce over the very overused dessert item – waffles, was a hit with many instagrammers because they are just so different and instagram-worthy!

I didn’t visit them then, because the thought of heading to a hotel for food was just a little intimidating for me. Haha! I’m weird like that and also because my schema tells me that, oh hotels equals to expensive and atas food. I finally did when the good people over at Froth invited me over to try out the new items on their brunch menu! It was only then I realized that, actually.. Their prices are pretty okay, cafe prices lor! Haha!

The Place

Located at the basement of BIG hotel, Froth occupies a HUGE space that looks incredibly amazing with its industrial interior. Photo 31-10-15, 11 45 48 AM Simplicity at its best, really. Photo 31-10-15, 11 45 24 AMIf you were to sit right below the glass panes, you may be able to accidentally upskirt some people, so.. Don’t look up (or look up) if you’re sitting in that area. And for girls, try not too walk too close to the glass of BIG hotel okay? Haha!

The Menu
Photo 31-10-15, 11 47 55 AM Photo 31-10-15, 11 52 23 AMYou’d realize that they have an incredibly extensive brunch menu, and are reasonably priced, except for the plus plus. Even so, that didn’t deter the cafehopping crowd on a weekend as the place was PACKED on a Saturday!

The Food

1. Drinks

We had a couple of drinks, and here’s featuring the new Matcha White Chocolate Latte. Photo 31-10-15, 12 24 59 PM I just had to show off my ever growing gudetama collection..Photo 31-10-15, 12 21 38 PM Umm, this tasted just like an average cup of over milky matcha latte. I think there were little bits of white chocolate within. I think. But nope, we weren’t too impressed by this exciting sounding drink!

And so kiwi soda thingy that was pretty refreshing! Photo 31-10-15, 12 05 12 PM
We also had their Coffee Jelly ($7.50++) Photo 31-10-15, 2 04 28 PMThink grass jelly like drink but it’s coffee jelly with milk!Photo 31-10-15, 2 05 19 PM But if you’re looking for something with a greater caffeine kick, this is probably not it!

The iced mocha ($6.50++) was pretty okay, but was overly milky in my opinion. Photo 31-10-15, 2 06 54 PMIS IT THEIR MILK ALL FREE ONE THAT’S WHY SPAM MILK IN ALL THEIR DRINKS?

2. Roast Duck Salad ($11.90++) Photo 31-10-15, 12 17 44 PM This dish got all of us squealing in excitement when it was served because it was not only really pretty, the truffle foam emitted an amazing aroma that promised of its truffly taste.

To our dismay, this tasted nothing like truffle, and the tangy bits of oranges overwhelmed the entire dish of raw greens, together with a meagre serving of what seemed like pre-packaged smoked duck from the nearest NTUC. No. Just no.

2. Escargot Vol Au Vents ($12.90++)Photo 31-10-15, 12 39 55 PM This is definitely an art piece on a plate. Seriously, the prettiest dish I’ve ever seen and well.. Escargots are escargots! I’m not very experienced with escargots but I thought this was quite good! There’s about 5 to 6 of them in this garden, a dish good for sharing!

3. Pork Belly Eggs Benedict ($20.90++)Photo 31-10-15, 1 01 45 PM Coconut braised pork belly, poached eggs, english muffins and salted egg hollandaise. Sounds amazing huh!Photo 31-10-15, 1 05 14 PM Honestly I couldn’t tell if this were coconut braised or what, but one thing I know for sure was that the pork belly was forking tender. As for the salted egg hollandaise, the taste of salted egg was rather absent in flavor, but I think it is added a little bit of saltiness to the entire dish. Just saying that so I could justify the presence of salted egg. If I weren’t told about the salted egg hollandaise, I probably wouldn’t notice its presence!

The english muffins were definitely a great complement to the tender pork belly! Soft, fluffy, just like a mini pancake! This was easily my favorite dish of the afternoon!

4. Rosti and Fried Chicken ($20.90++)Photo 31-10-15, 1 32 01 PM We all have had fried chicken with waffles, but nope, not with rosti. This is made with salted egg battered fried chicken sitting atop of a slightly soggy rosti, and finished with homemade potato jam!Photo 31-10-15, 1 36 21 PMAgain, can’t taste any salted egg. I guess they should probably remove the words from the menu to avoid raising one’s expectations and then slamming it to the ground. They explained that the chicken was SALTED EGG BATTERED, but coated with salted egg and that was why it was absent in flavor. Uhh if you cannot taste it then you write down in the menu for what?

Sorry for being a bitch, but I really dislike such a defensive reactions when we are asked for suggestions. Yeahhhh. Anyway, the lack of salted egg aside, I quite like the sweet-savory combination from the potato jam on the fried chicken! And hey, they used a rosti, that’s pretty innovative!

5. Taro Pancake ($16.90++)Photo 31-10-15, 2 08 24 PM Riding on the popularity of their taro waffles, they came up with taro pancakes this time round! This stack is drenched with taro sauce, served with candied yam on top and studded within the pancakes as well!Photo 31-10-15, 2 17 11 PMThe texture of the pancakes were unfortunately flat, tastes and feels like those failed homemade attempts using the premix batter. However, the taro bits studded within the pancakes gave it a surprising crunch, and we absolutely loved those placed above the pancakes! This dish is definitely one to share as it can get overwhelming after just a few bites. Y’know.. Taro… It gets a little too filling at times!

6. French Toast Cube ($19.90++)Photo 31-10-15, 2 49 21 PM Was contemplating if I should include this in my Shibuya toast list! Maybe I should! This is really exciting and sinful! You can have your choice of ice cream stuffed within the thick brioche toast and accompanying this monster toast are fried strawberries with STUFFED nutella, strawberries, fried bananas, fried mars bar, and fried oreo if I’m not wrong! Photo 31-10-15, 2 55 54 PMThis is then finished off with a speculoos drizzle! SO GOOD. SO SINFUL. Nothing much to shout about because it’s just toast with a bunch of fried stuff, but this definitely makes a satisfying dessert to share!

Closing Remarks

The conclusion of our entire visit to Froth was that their menu description overpromised and they undelivered. Everything sounded really enticing on the menu, however, when they were served to us, they were not too impressive. Really unfortunate, but okay lah, the saving grace was they tasted okay, and hey, really good looking presentation too!

I thought the pricing might be a little more expensive as compared to the other cafes because of the ++, but the portions were rather generous for most of the items! Besides, the place makes a good place to chill and their offerings are rather unorthodox. A cafe within a hotel? Pretty cool I’d say!

How to get there?
200 Middle Road
Singapore 188980

Opening Hours
Breakfast: 7.30am to 10.30am
Lunch and dinner: 11.30am to 10pm
Closed on first Monday of every month

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