Salted Egg, Thai Milk Tea or Matcha LAVA Thick Toast for you? Only at CODE Cafe of Dessert Enthusiast

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So what comes after salted egg croissants, salted egg french toasts, and the many other unique creations from this list? Just as I thought there would be no other salted egg  creations that would wow me, CODE Cafe of Dessert Enthusiasts (Bangkok) proved otherwise with their SALTED EGG LAVA THICK TOAST.

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We all know how Bangkok is known for their After You’s Shibuya Toasts, my experience at CODE left me so satisfied, I wasn’t even enticed by After You throughout the trip even though they seemed to be everywhere now.

CODE looks and sounds amazing already, I know. However, the downside? It’s in Bangkok. The “down-er” side? It’s a half an hour cab ride from Mo Chit BTS station (where Chatuchak Market is), and it’s located in a mall called The Jas Ramintra, which… Has really nothing at all. Its surroundings? Bare. So, you’d really have to really want to try this, and have the luxury of time to go all the way there and bear the possible traffic jams for their really innovative toasts. Perhaps you should read on and look at more pictures to decide if you really want to!

The Place

First, let me explain how you should get there in the cheapest way (actually already mentioned above).
1. Take the BTS to Mo Chit station
2. Hail a cab and show him the address – รามอินทรา, Bangkok, Thailand 10220
– We realized that most cab drivers usually have difficulties even with the address in Thai!
– Alternatively, show them the place on Google Map – The Jas Ramintra
– And say, Ladplakhao, the area where the mall is
3. It cost us about 150 baht (S$6) to get from Mo Chit to here, with relatively smooth traffic.
4. Tip: In my opinion, try to go at around 2 or 3pm and leave before 4.30 or 5pm to avoid any massive jams. Then again, the traffic in Bangkok is unpredictable so…

Photo 16-2-16 5 56 27 pmDue to its ulu location, CODE Cafe has the luxury of space and this was certainly one of those grand looking cafes, which exudes a sense of homeliness! The wood, the whitewashed walls, warm hues and comfortable seats. It was so difficult to contain my excitement when I first walked through the doors.

Check out space!

Photo 16-2-16 5 07 53 pm

The marbled communal table for a large group of diners and THAT cute wall mount!

Photo 16-2-16 5 07 59 pm
Photo 16-2-16 5 08 21 pm

Photo 16-2-16 5 08 10 pm

They’ve got some take away bakes as well!

Doesn't this give you the ultimate cottage vibes?

Doesn’t this give you the ultimate cottage vibes?

This wall of green belongs to the courtyard in the outdoor seating area which we chose to sit at because. Natural lighting. They've got ceiling mount fans, so it's okay!

This wall of green belongs to the courtyard in the outdoor seating area which we chose to sit at because. Natural lighting.
They’ve got ceiling mount fans, so it’s okay!

The Menu

Here’s a quick look of their menu, we were only interested in the lava toasts though. HEHE!Photo 16-2-16, 6 09 42 PM Photo 16-2-16, 6 10 28 PM Photo 16-2-16, 6 10 20 PM

P.S. Do note that their servers are not too adept with English, so it’s best if you can just point to what you want and try not to ask them too many questions! HAHA!


We ordered 2 toasts – SALTED EGG and THAI MILK TEA. I mean, seriously. Salted egg is okay, because we are so used to them in EVERYTHING. But a Thai Milk Tea toast? Now.. That’s something new!

Salted Egg Lava Toast (145 baht, S$5.70)Photo 16-2-16 5 20 12 pm We were just talking about how the toast itself is crazy enough, but the price of this is seriously one of the best things ever! Singapore would totally sell this at an exorbitant $15 or $18. PFFT.

I already love how it’s half normal and half charcoal on the exterior. And here’s another look at… THAT flow.
File 18-2-16, 11 19 00 PM
We were taken aback by how massively the salted egg sauce flowed, and I was a little disappointed (I’m weird I know) because that meant that the picture was gonna be ugly.
Photo 16-2-16 5 28 41 pmSee what I mean? BUT yay, LOADS OF SALTED EGG SAUCE TO SAVOR!

The toast on its own has not much taste, unlike that of the heavenly buttery ones from After You! It was adequately crisp on the outside which gave it an added crunch, while the interior has a rather mediocre texture. Not as soft and fluffy as I expected.

Proceed to drown it with salted egg sauce. Although the sauce looks really watery and honestly, a lot like pumpkin soup, it retained the great consistency of what I would expect from a good salted egg sauce, and even had the sandy mouthfeel to it! Taste wise, it was great, and I actually had it all to myself. Didn’t really like the side of whipped cream though. I’d say, add a scoop of ice cream for a better experience!

Thai Milk Tea Lava Toast (145 baht, S$5.70)Photo 16-2-16 5 21 17 pm This is an unassuming charcoal toast. Photo 16-2-16 5 21 45 pm No not going to cut open yet. Photo 16-2-16 5 25 36 pm There you go. THAI MILK TEA LAVA TOAST. Fragrant Thai Milk Tea filling, though the filling was not as overly generous as that of the salted egg one – facilitating the photoshoot. Photo 16-2-16 5 26 12 pmThe thai milk tea sauce was yummy, but I just felt that it was a little weird to taste thai milk tea at room temperature. It had the little bit of the sandy mouthfeel like the salted egg sauce which didn’t quite bother me, but the boy did not exactly like it. I would think the sandy feel comes from the tea? 

Otherwise I thought it was pretty decent and EXCITING in fact. If only they have some way to stuff COLD thai milk tea sauce within the toast. That would just be awesome!

Closing Remarks

Did I think this was worth the travel? Yes. Because the place is such a nice little hideout and it was really peaceful as well, away from the usual hustle bustle of the city streets. Besides, I’m one who would be really willing to travel for quirky food like these, while these honestly weren’t MINDBLOWINGLY yummy, it was worth it for the experience and just to satisfy my gastro-curiosity.

If you’re not in a rush to go anywhere and have time to spend in Bangkok, I do recommend adding CODE as one of your destinations, and haiya, cab fare is really affordable! MAKE SURE THAT THE CABBIE SWITCHES ON HIS METER THOUGH. Don’t let him randomly quote you exorbitant prices! If you’re there, HELP ME TRY THE MATCHA PLEASE, and tell me how is it! Hehe!

Check out the hashtag #explodingbennybkk (NOT a typo) on instagram for more of my bangkok pictures!

How to get there?

Monument Road, Bang Khen, Bangkok 10220, Thailand

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday: 11am to 9pm
Saturday and Sunday: 10am to 10pm



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