Review: BoCHINche @ Martin Road (NEW Brunch Menu)

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I don’t know about you guys, but I’m getting a little sick of the usual Weekend Brunches consisting of eggs made 10 ways, and them hollandaise sauce. When I heard that BoCHINche has launched a new brunch menu, it immediately caught my attention. Why? Cause I was honestly curious what kind of magic could happen when you bring Argentinean food to match the Singaporean taste buds!

Even though they’ve been around from a while, I’ve always been putting the idea of visiting them back because of the NEW cafes springing up every now and then. Now, with their turn to spring up something new, I knew it was THE time for me to visit them!

BoCHINche now offers FIVE new offerings for their brunch from 11am to 4.30pm on Saturdays and Sundays, as well as a couple of NEW small plate offerings available during the brunch and dinner as well.

The Place

Located just diagonally opposite Studio M, and above the ever popular and ALWAYS packed Common Man Coffee Roasters, BoCHINche with its dim lighting and open kitchen & bar concept feels like a secret dining hideout from the hustle and bustle of Clarke Quay. Got atas feel. 

I especially liked seating right in front of the open kitchen. Don’t worry you won’t stink from the smoke and all. Good ventilation. Photo 20-2-16 1 28 04 pmIt was really exciting to watch the skilled chefs and of course, their head chef, Fabrice in action. He was quite a looker as well. 😉 Sorry no picture, go there and see for yourself (live show). HAHA!

The Menu

Photo 20-2-16, 12 46 51 PM
Photo 20-2-16, 12 46 55 PM
Photo 20-2-16, 12 47 11 PM

The above only features their brunch menu and small plates!

The Food

Latte ($6)Photo 20-2-16 1 07 37 pm They’ve got their beans from Common Man, so… IT’S GOOD LAH. Enough said.

Hot plates

1. Classic Provoleta, Almonds and Oregano Honey ($17) – Vegetarian Photo 20-2-16 12 56 36 pm Usually when I see a (V) beside a dish’s name, I’d skip it because I’m a total CARNIVORE. BoCHINche has changed my mind with this Provoleta. Using the popular Argentinean Provolone cheese, this simple-ish dish is served like how it always is – soft and melted, perfected with the toppings of almonds (which gave it an amazing fragrance and crunch) and oregano honey. Wow.

This is also served together with some breads, which were oh so soft and fluffy and even had the wine fragrance to it. Haha try not to look stupid sniffing at your bread like we did. Photo 20-2-16 12 57 13 pmJust look at this. If this doesn’t entice you, I don’t know what would. Sure. It is a pretty pricey dish at $17, but to me, that was the main reason for me to come back to BoCHINche again. Yes. It’s THAT good. Try to have this dish while it’s still hot though, because it would harden and get pretty difficult to eat after it’s left aside for a while.

If you ever had this, and don’t think it’s nice…. You can scold me here. I bet my name on it.

2. Grilled Pumpkin, Braised Kale, Yogurt and House Salad Seeds ($16)Photo 20-2-16 12 55 46 pm This is the new addition to their hot plates repertoire. I would think this would appeal to pumpkin lovers out there, unfortunately we were not. But we still thought the kale was the saving grace of the dish, but well… Pumpkin wasn’t really our thing. Too Argentinean for me. HAHA.

Cold Plates

3. Sea Bass Cerviche, Lemon Curd, Coriander and Pickled Radishes ($16)Photo 20-2-16 1 06 05 pm THIS. Drove my partner mad. She says she could eat this all her life. For me, I thought it was good but NOT THAT GREAT LAH. It’s good. Haha!

I loved the addition of the lemon curd within these chunky bits of cerviche as it would really help to whet your appetite to get you ready for the mains. It’s not bad.. Really. I’d recommend this for the cold plate, and the provoleta for the hot one.

4. Watermelon Salad, Mozzarella Cream, Tomatoes and Pumpkin Seeds ($14)Photo 20-2-16 1 03 39 pm (1)For the more adventurous people, this may appeal to you. We seldom get watermelons as our appetizers, right?

This was pretty refreshing and the addition of the dollops of mozzarella cream atop of each juicy cube of watermelon blew us away!

Brunch Classics

5. Smoked salmon and scrambled eggs, grilled peppers salad and sea black pudding ($26)

Look at those fluffy scrambled eggs!

Look at those fluffy scrambled eggs!

Okay I lied about being sick of the usual brunches and eggs. We ordered this because I wanted scrambled eggs and smoked salmon (YES THE USUAL SUSPECTS). HAHA! I also thought it was pretty interesting to try out their Sea Black Pudding!

What sea black pudding? This was exactly what I thought when i ordered as well. This was served in the form of a “black looking sausage” (hmm). It is composed of a mix of fish, squid, coriander, lemon juice, aji molido and squid ink.

Photo 20-2-16 1 42 44 pmWell.. I’d say it is an acquired taste. Not a bad taste, but it just didn’t keep me going in for more. Especially since the slabs of smoked salmon were so HUGE and fresh. I was happy with just stuffing my face with the yummy sourdough bread with horseradish, and everything else. Definitely a good change from the usual. It’s like same same, but different!

6. Organic poached eggs, mushrooms and potato ragout, iberico shoulder ($25)Photo 20-2-16 1 43 55 pm Mmm.. Iberico shoulder 30 months? Much effort. MUST try for me. Haha! Photo 20-2-16 1 45 32 pm Actually.. I only enjoyed how flavorful when the mushrooms and potato ragout were put together atop of the sourdough bread. While the iberico shoulder sounded really enticing, I didn’t think too much of it. It was just like any other brunch dish to me. A pity though, but it could be due to my lack of appreciation of meats like these.

7. Faina, fried eggs, crushed avocado, coriander and aji molido cream, cream fraiche ($22)Photo 20-2-16 1 23 28 pm This would be a dream come true for anyone who’s watching their diet and are dragged out for a meal with their friends, and also, for the avocado lovers.

What’s a faina? Faina is a chickpea flour pancake, which was surprisingly yummy, and we loved how the guacamole had bits of avocado in it which added to the much needed crunch! A unique brunch offering! We all approve!


8. Dulce de leche pancakes, caramelized banana, basil and baked ricotta ($19)Photo 20-2-16 2 12 54 pmI LOVE THE CARAMELIZED SURFACE OF THE BANANAS. SO NICE and crunchy! The ricotta crumbles atop of the pancakes gave it an additional fragrant punch!

THAT DULCE DE LECHE though. Dulce de leche is basically made from heating and stirring sweetened milk to make it like a syrupy thingy. Pardon me if I’m wrong, because I am very inexperienced at this. But I could tell you how much we enjoyed the taste! It was delightfully rich and pleasantly sweet! I LOVE.

9. Milk Cake, passion fruit sorbet and toasted almonds ($14)Photo 20-2-16 2 20 53 pmA pretty rich dessert, but I love how moist and fragrant the milk cake was. Have a forkful of the milk cake and then the passionfruit sorbet, the acidity of the passionfruit would cut through the sweetness, and it really refreshes your palates after the savory food you’ve been having before that!

Closing Remarks

We were left incredibly satisfied after our meal at BoCHINche. A good change from the usual brunches we have on weekends, and everything here was made with quality. You can simply taste it! Even though I’m a creature of habit, the twist to the brunch dishes made me very very excited before each of the dishes were served!

Prices are a little steep as compared to your usual cafes, but their offerings are definitely above that of any cafes. If you’re willing to spend that amount at Common Man, why not take a lift to the left of CMCR to BoCHINche one day to try them out? It’d be an exciting change!

And why bochinche with a capitalized CHIN? I don’t know man. Maybe cause double chin after you go there?

How to get there?
22 Martin Road
Singapore 239058

Opening Hours
Closed on Mondays
Tuesday to Thursday: 5.30pm to 12am
Friday: 5.30pm to 1am
Saturday: 11.30am to 4.30pm, 5.30pm to 1am
Sunday: 11.30am to 4.30pm, 5.30pm to 12am

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