Japan: Luke’s Lobster @ Omotesando/Harajuku

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This was probably THE best “stumbled upon” find we’ve ever had in our lives. If you’ve read my travelogue – here, we were just walking around the omotesando/harajuku area when my mother spotted her favorite word – LOBSTER, followed by a ridiculously long queue.

Here's my gong cha (because I was surprised that Japan has gong cha) against the backdrop of the queue.

Here’s my gong cha (because I was surprised that Japan has gong cha) against the backdrop of the queue.

A short history of Luke’s Lobster, which would give you an insight on how this roll is going to taste.Photo 27-12-15, 3 55 14 PMThe brand is founded by Luke Holden and his father in New York because they simply can’t take how New York was serving up their lobster rolls – slathered with mayo and diluted by celery and cost a whoooping $30 (ripoff!). Hence, they called for a revolution. They decided to sell their own rolls, in their way – pure, without toppings, and FRESH, as well as to serve them AFFORDABLY.

Each of these Luke’s Lobster Rolls is made up of the CLAWS of FIVE TO SIX MAINE LOBSTERS. Damn… THANK YOU LUKE AND DAD.

The Place

Photo 27-12-15, 3 56 56 PMLuke’s Lobster has recently arrived in Tokyo, Japan in late 2015. Located on Cat Street, Harajuku (closer to the Omotesando area), they are a stand alone food stall with crazy queues and random seats in front of their counter – more of a take out concept.

You queue..

You queue..

And queue..

And queue..

And finally order.. But you'll have to wait for 10-15 minutes for your order to be ready.

And finally order.. But you’ll have to wait for 10-15 minutes for your order to be ready. Sigh.

The Menu
Photo 27-12-15, 2 47 11 PMA simple but solid menu – lobsters, crab, shrimp, and anything lobster, crab shrimp.

The US sized lobster roll would set you back about S$19.50. I don’t think we are able to even get any at that price in Singapore.

The Food

We endured the hour long queue in the winter of December.. Just to order ONE roll, because we thought the US size would be huge.
Photo 27-12-15, 3 09 16 PM It came out to be rather small, unlike the usual sizes we see in Singapore (e.g. platypus or pince and pints), about a size of a hot dog bun. We regretted immediately because this tasted SO DAMN HEAVENLY.

When they promised the taste of Maine, they definitely did, because a mouthful of that fresh, sweet lobster meat together with the slightly buttered bun made me feel like I was at the dock where the fishermen capture these lobsters (please imagine like the background of crashing waves, strong winds, and that smell of the sea). IT WAS THAT FRESH. Wow. THE best lobster roll we’ve ever had, and I’m not even exaggerating. The freshness and natural sweetness of the lobster was UNREAL.

However, if you are someone who might not like the taste of lobsters too much, and are used to the ones with mayo or other sauces, this may not be of your liking! These rolls from Luke’s are seriously, naked. Like STARK NAKED. It is served slightly chilled and okay, okay also a dash of lemon butter to it (not exactly naked then)!

It was so good, we took the time out from the LAST day of our trip just to pay them a visit again. This time, at 11am when Luke’s opened for business! Still, there was a slight queue, and it took us about 30 minutes to have our meal! This time, we ordered more. A LOT MORE.

Lobster chowder, lobster mac and cheese, and US lobster roll

Lobster chowder, lobster mac and cheese, and US lobster roll

Damn. That lobster chowder had CHUNKS. I mean CHUNKS of lobsters within. I didn’t get an individual picture of it because it just looks.. RED. BUT trust me. CHUNKS within the sweet and tangy soup. I could just tear while having it, especially during the winter.

Photo 29-12-15, 11 39 07 AM (1) The lobster roll yet again. This time, I made sure I shoved these lobster meat in front of your screen. Gosh. Photo 29-12-15, 11 40 28 AMI also ordered a lobster mac and cheese for myself. Well. I’d say skip this if you can! It was sweet, savory and tangy, but it was just not cheesy enough, neither was it lobster-y enough. There weren’t as much chunks of lobsters within, and the mac and cheese could do with more cheese! Skip this, GET ANOTHER DAMN LOBSTER ROLL, WILL YOU?

Closing Remarks

As you can tell, I’m crazy over Luke’s. So was my mum. Guess which is our first stop on our trip to Tokyo next week? Yes. Luke’s.

Enough said.

How to get there?

Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 6-7-1
Just enter Luke’s Lobster into Google Map when you are in the area

Opening Hours

Daily; 11am to 8pm



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