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I swear Suntec City is becoming a food lovers’ paradise, and probably the most mentioned mall in my reviews thus far. From the opening of Pasarbella, new cafe Artisan C, salted egg chips at Mporium, to pizzas and steaks, I’ve covered them all. While there are many more options like Eat at Seven (7 Japanese dining concepts under one roof) on the Sky Garden, Dallas Restaurant and Bar SHOULD NOT be missed when you’re at Suntec City! Seems like you have to make many return trips to Suntec City!

The outlet at Suntec City Sky Garden is Dallas’ 2nd outlet in Singapore, with its first, well-established at Boat Quay!

The Place

Located at Suntec City Sky Garden, you can expect the nice and chill ambience, as well as a breezy environment!Photo 27-1-16, 6 29 43 PM Dallas at Suntec City takes on a glass house-style design which the food bloggers love, because natural lighting. Besides, the glass panes also allow you to take a paranomic view of the Suntec City area – very beautiful.Photo 27-1-16, 6 29 52 PMOccupying the center of the restaurant is their “island bar” as seen above. That ceiling to floor bottle display though. Mmm.

The restaurant and bar can hold up to 250-300 guests for cocktail parties or any sort of parties you want, if you’re considering a place to hold one. Besides, being so strategically located and designed, I suppose Dallas would be fully booked when the F1 night race comes along, as it happens just a stone’s throw away. I think can hear the vroom vroom. Even if you can’t catch the action live, Dallas has large TV screens at the bar and their alfresco dining area for you to catch the race! Man, I should’ve went there for the Arsenal-Manchester game last night.

The Menu

Dallas provides an extensive food and a even more extensive drinks menu! The star of its menu would definitely be its indulgent MEAT PLATTER, which I’d cover later.
12719305_10153492408588553_6061192597523130367_oPhoto 27-1-16, 6 32 26 PM Photo 27-1-16, 6 31 25 PM

The Food

StartersPhoto 27-1-16, 6 42 43 PM

1. Snapper Fish Tacos ($8++)
Photo 27-1-16, 6 37 42 PM Oooh LOOK AT THAT. For $8++, you’d receive a platter of 3 mini tacos, with chunky pieces of snapper and pineapple chutney on mini tortillas, and finished off with Spanish onions, cabbage and a drizzle of Chipotle mayonnaise. Photo 27-1-16, 6 38 56 PMDoesn’t that already sound super appetizing? These fish tacos were the best I’ve had so far. Hands down. The snapper fish was so fresh and chunky, and had no hint of any fishy taste. Combined with the pineapple chutney, chipotle mayo, together with a sprinkle of lime, the acidity and the slight heat was enough to bring about a refreshing taste to the palate.

I don’t usually say I highly recommend anything, but I highly recommend this starter. HAHA!

2. Crispy Pork Belly Tacos ($7++)
Photo 27-1-16, 6 41 57 PM These tacos are made with a piece of crackling roast pork belly placed atop of guacamole and tortilla, and then finished off with pickled Spanish onions, jalapeno and aioli.Photo 27-1-16, 6 43 27 PMA relatively light pork belly dish. Probably because I’ve had more good pork bellies than fish tacos, I didn’t think much of this dish! I thought it was decent but just not mindblowingly good. While the taste of crackling was distinct, I thought the texture and the “melt in the mouth” component was not really evident.

3. Jalapeno Croquettes ($15++)
Photo 27-1-16, 6 46 25 PM Perfectly battered nuggets of mashed potatoes mixed with bechamel sauce, shredded cheddar and chopped pickled jalapeno peppers.  Photo 27-1-16, 7 16 20 PMI enjoyed the texture of this – crisp on the exterior and the warm and mushy interior. You HAVE to dip it into the green chilli mayo because the heat seriously turns things up on your palate, and gives flavor to entire dish!

4. Grilled Corn ($6++)
Photo 27-1-16, 6 48 18 PMThere’s no other way I’m going to describe this, other than, corn lor. Perfect for corn lovers, except that a toothpick should be provided with every cob of corn served. Just in case you’re wondering that are those things scattered on top of the corn, they are Chipotle mayo, and parmesan cheese.

MAINS – okay just MEATS.

1. Prime Rib Steak – 250g ($40++)Photo 27-1-16, 6 52 44 PMLooking at this just makes my stomach rumble. This is their 100-day grain fed Aussie beef, which have been just lightly seasoned and slow roasted for 15 hours, then grilled to medium rare.

This is 250g of goodness. The meat was oh so tender and juicy, I think I teared a little while having it. AND YOU KNOW WHAT’S THE BEST PART? On weekends, you get to enjoy FREE FLOW, I repeat, FREE FLOW of this premium cut at only $35++ per person. No way. NO WAY. NOOOO WAY. But yes. Soccer with drinks and prime rib anyone?

2. Dallas Meat Platter ($70 for 2/ $130 for 4)Photo 27-1-16, 6 58 43 PM Crazily affordable. What does this platter consist of?

Here’s a closer look. 4 different meats are served. In the picture, this is the 4 pax serving.
Photo 27-1-16, 6 59 06 PM
Grilled Australian Lamb Cutlets  (2pax got 2, 4 pax got 4): I don’t even eat lamb but this was some good lamb. Great bite to it, and the best part? NO GAMEY TASTE AT ALL. I didn’t even had to dip it into any sauce to mask the taste!

Pork Ribs (2 pax got 4 ribs, 4 pax got 8 ribs) – Slow cooked for 2 hours, these were seriously SLIDE OFF THE BONE kinda ribs. So tender so good, I couldn’t help but to go rib after rib before eating anything else.

Rotisserie Chicken (2 pax got quarter chicken, 4 pax got half chicken) – The Rotisserie chicken have been immersed in a special sauce overnight and finished off with a dry chili rub before it is being roasted. Very fragrant, but I thought it tended on the slightly dry side though. Bad day perhaps!

Prime Rib Steak (2 pax 250g, 4 pax 300g) – guess who can eat the 300g all by herself? These were so damn good. When you’re bored of having the prime rib on its own, DIP IT WITH THE MUSHROOM SAUCE. It has REAL CHUNKY MUSHROOMS WITHIN, and I wish I dabao-ed some of that sauce home.

The other sauces include the Mint and  black pepper sauce. Roasted potatoes, tomatoes and salads are served together with the platter. PRETTY DAMN WORTH IT.

Closing Remarks

This is crazy, I think after writing this and reminding myself of how good Dallas is, I’m actually gonna head down for a meal after I come back from Japan. The Prime Rib Steak is a MUST order. Dallas is THE perfect place for meat lovers, and I thought the meat platter was pretty affordable considering the quality and quantity of protein used in that one.

And if I ever have any craving for fish tacos, Dallas will be at the top of my list, and I really see no reason why you guys wouldn’t visit Dallas after reading this, because wow. Haha! Great place for a date, and in times when you need to find a place to impress. Otherwise, this place is heaven for all sports fans because they broadcast games ALL DAY.

How to get there?
Suntec City Sky Garden (go up from the escalator from Pasarbella on the outside)
3 Temasek Boulevard
Singapore 038983 (between Tower 1 and 5)

Opening Hours
Monday to Wednesday and Saturday: 11.30am to 12am (last order 10.30pm)
Thursday and Friday: 11.30 am to 1am (last order 11pm)
Sunday: 11.30am to 11pm (last order 10pm)

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