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Long Chim – Celebrity Chef̵...

Photo 10-3-16 8 05 55 pm

If you need any last minute plans, like this last minute post I thought I should share before you say I bojio, here’s something you could do TOMORROW (30th March 2016). To celebrate their 1st anniversary, they have decided to let the entire menu of their selected dishes and cocktails go for just $9++ for […]


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I thought the salted egg craze was on its decline when I wrote up my Ultimate List of Salted Egg Dishes (trust me, it’s ultimate), and was still even worried that everyone would get bored of salted egg soon. Guess what, it looks like the trend is not dying off any single bit, and seems […]

Travelogue (#explodingbennybkk): Bang...

Photo 16-2-16 2 39 25 pm

Here’s the not too long awaited sequel to my Bangkok travelogue! If you’ve missed the first one here it is: Travelogue (#explodingbennybkk): Bangkok Day 1 So, on the first day, we went to several places around the Ekkamai area, and barely took the BTS! On day 2, it was the day when I’ve planned for […]

Hidden Gem on Orchard Central Level 1...

Photo 18-3-16 1 39 34 pm

Yes, we all know that Orchard Central is a food haven in town, and this is supplemented by the evidences here! Haha! Even though I’ve been to Orchard Central COUNTLESS of times for food, I have never been to their top most level – Level 12. Amongst the lush greenery and space lies 2 restaurants […]

The Cheapest Chirashi Don in Singapor...

Photo 20-3-16 6 56 17 pm

You just have to add a few coins to that red note ($10) to get yourself a bowl of chirashi don topped with generous cubes of sashimi and ikura. It’s rare, isn’t it? It’s too good to be true, and that also explains the crazy line at the back of Thomson Plaza, the once neglected […]

Review: Five and Dime Brunch Menu

Photo 20-3-16 12 21 59 pm

Ah, Five and Dime, we meet again. A place which has encapsulated most of my dating memories – we celebrated his very first birthday here, and we had our first date at this very space as well! If you’re curious, here’s the previous review and story written by me, before I was Explodingbelly. Actually I think […]

Bangkok: On Lok Yun [Review]

Photo 15-2-16 1 00 43 pm (2)

Wow, thanks for tuning in to my day 1 travelogue and boy, am I surprised that so many of you have read it within a day! I stalking your readership heh heh, no lah happened to see it only! So here’s the review of On Lok Yun as promised! On Lok Yun, as most of […]

Travelogue (#explodingbennybkk): Bang...

Photo 15-2-16 8 00 05 pm

Possibly the most difficult post for me to write, ironically, especially since this was possibly the trip I had the most fun with one of my favorite persons in the world. It’s difficult because good memories are always tough to look back upon, when you know that you will never experience it the same again! But this entire 4 […]

Japan: Totoro Cream Puffs – For...

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I guess most of us are no strangers to this furry little… Thing (?) – Totoro. Even if you didn’t know what it was called (now you know), you might have seen it somehow or somewhere! Totoro is a character from Studio Ghilbi’s film – My Neighbor, Totoro and this place (白髭のシュークリーム工房, a.k.a Shirohige’s Cream […]

$3 DURIAN CAKE and other cheap treats...

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I mean, seriously, it’s so annoying that cakes and pastries are priced more and more exorbitantly these days. Yes, yes I know the ingredients are of quality and the amount of effort in making these good looking and tasting goodies are immense. But don’t we all have times where we miss the good old days […]